I Hate Living (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It appears that hating life is a bit of a misnomer: we are shown visions of a perfect world, one where everyone is happy and life is a decades-long dream, in the media, in education, and in every aspect of our lives. Regrettably, it isn't.

Life can and often is difficult, difficult, and painful. I have firsthand knowledge of this: Years ago, I was a recent college graduate who was unemployed and aimless. All of this was having a negative impact on my social and mental health—I wasn't sleeping. I wasn't seeing my friends as much as I used to. I was irritable with family members and couldn't get out of bed in the morning…

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That doesn't rule out the possibility of change

Life is full of ebbs and flows, and the key to getting through it all without cutting off your social circle and eating your local grocery store out of Ben & Jerry's is to cultivate some techniques and methods for navigating life with stability and grace. It is not a guarantee against life's difficulties, but if you take the steps you want to take, you will not despise life.

If you want to stop hating your life and start loving it, follow these steps:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Seriously, if you don't get your recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night, you're going to be grumpy and more likely to be miserable.

Begin by tracking how much you sleep, and then take steps to go to bed earlier and sleep longer. It may not solve all of your problems, but you will be well-rested and less likely to nap during the day. If you're having trouble sleeping, try these 10 Best Natural Sleep Aids to Feel Rested.

2. Consume Healthily

For years, I struggled with eating healthily, and it wasn't until I was hospitalized a few years ago (for a condition unrelated to my eating, for the sake of full disclosure) that I really began to consider what I ate and how I viewed my body.

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I'm a big believer in body positivity and loving your body at any size, and while I haven't lost a lot of weight, eating a lot healthier has improved my mood and made me feel better.

In short, it's perfectly fine to have a pizza and a soda as a treat, but do something healthier the next day.

Here are some ideas to get you started: How to Discover a Healthy Eating Plan That Works for You

3. Make a list of everything

Sometimes letting it all out is the best thing you can do. Keeping the things that make you hate life bottled up is neither helpful in breaking the cycle nor healthy for your overall well-being.

Grab a notebook, a journal, a diary, a scrap of paper, whatever, and start writing down how you're feeling. As soon as you've done that, consider what you could do in theory to prevent this from happening or to stop you from feeling this way.

4. Breathe Some New Air

It's underappreciated, and we all take it for granted, but getting out of the house and going for a walk can be extremely beneficial. It gets you outside in the (hopefully) sun, and seeing the entirety of life as you walk around can be very grounding and calming.

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If you're stuck inside, ruminating on the negative aspects of your life, put on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk. It's also completely free. You can't get any better than that, can you?

5. Get Some Physical Activity

This is essentially a continuation of the previous step, but as someone who used to think of going to the gym as something people did when they were feeling particularly masochistic, I can now say I enjoy it.

You don't even need to join a fancy gym—just go for a run around the block with your headphones on or lift some heavy boxes to tone your muscles.

Bonus: All that heavy lifting of boxes and incorporating exercise into chores will make your house cleaner and look even better, as well as make you look and feel better.

6. Take Care of Yourself

I mean it literally when I say that hating your life can be exhausting. It drains your energy until all you want to do is lie in bed with a pint of ice cream and the last five seasons of a Netflix TV show.

As a result, treating yourself can be a good way to lift your spirits.

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After all, life is too short to deny yourself some treats. Go see that movie that looks awesome in the theater, grab some gelato with a friend, paint your nails, do whatever makes you happy. You've earned it.

Here are some more ideas to get you started: 30 Ways to Take Care of Yourself, No Matter What

7. Eliminate Negative Triggers

If you despise life, it's likely that something is triggering those triggers in your mind. Until you're able to deal with them without becoming enraged, the best thing you can do is eliminate all of the negative triggers.

Stop using Facebook and Twitter if you have what AllGroanUp refers to as “Obsessive Comparison Disorder” (i.e. obsessively checking out the lifestyles of all your “successful” friends).

Social media can be a wonderful way to connect, but it can also be a toxic environment where neuroses and comparisons thrive.

I can assure you that I am well-versed in this subject. If it irritates you, remove it.

How to Stop Using Social Media for a Happier and More Focused Life

8. Dance

You can, in fact, dance. You can, in fact, do so. Everyone can dance, regardless of whether they are a breakdancing dynamo or a ballroom extraordinaire. The ultimate expression of emotion is hardwired into the human race.

Dance as if no one is watching, as if you don't care. Tap your feet, sway your hips, and go as crazy or wild as you want to your favorite songs. Nothing beats losing yourself in rhythm and dancing to your favorite song for shaking off the cobwebs.

9. Organize Yourself

Getting organized is a great way to start moving forward and thinking about what you can change in your life to make it better.

Spend a weekend going through your house and getting rid of unnecessary items. Get rid of anything you don't need or want and start giving everything a place.

It doesn't have to look like it came straight from the pages of Good Housekeeping, but making a lot of space and ensuring that your home has some harmony can do wonders for your mental health.

10. Pay It Forward

Life is a mystery, and navigating it can be difficult. You stumble and fall from time to time. The important thing is to get back up and keep walking forward.

Paying it forward is simply the act of assisting others. Charity is frequently used as an excuse for bad behavior—how many celebrities have you read about who have done something heinous but are defended by the phrase “but [they] do charity work”?

Get out there and volunteer! If you believe you have reached your breaking point, go help others.

People in the world will be going through the same things that you are, and while you may not come across someone who is going through the same circumstances as you, you will be helping people who need it.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen, a church bake sale, a homeless shelter, or anywhere else that needs assistance can make a significant difference in the lives of those involved. And believe me, it will do wonders for your mental state.

Audrey Hepburn, a great idol of mine, once said that we have two hands: one for helping ourselves and one for helping others. That's a fantastic sentiment, and I believe it will help people who are unhappy with their lives.

If you go out and help other people, you are having such a positive ripple effect on the world that some of it will come back to you in some way, and things will improve.

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