I Have No Passion (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

There's a lot written about finding your passion and doing work you enjoy. But, for the time being, enough of that. What if you don't know what you want to do with your life?

I'm here to tell you that everything is fine. It's time to let go of the reins. I'm here to assist you in more ways than just “finding your passion.” I'm here to assist you in living your life the way it should be. To live life in the present moment and completely crush it. Period.

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Life is not a journey. Life is an adventure. Some people take ten years to discover their life's purpose, while others never do. Do you want to be stressed out for the next ten years? Or do you want to try something crazy, challenge yourself, break up with your monotonous daily routine, and kick some butt? And perhaps, at the same time, you'll discover your passion?

It's time to realize that your life can be just as exciting without a single burning desire.

Let's get started!

The 30-Day Experiment (extended for a whole year)

You've probably heard about the benefits of these challenges: it takes about 30 days to develop a new habit, whether it's an addition or a subtraction. But it's not just a matter of habits. It's all about pushing yourself, getting uncomfortable, and growing a lot. You'll realize how much life has to offer, whether or not you have a passion.

And you'll have a great time doing it!

Please keep in mind that these challenges were designed for the average 9–5 employee, so “no time” is not an excuse. Make time for it!

Month 1: Form a new habit

  • Don't roll your eyes because we're just getting started. As you progress, the difficulty of the challenges increases.
  • Consider a bad habit you want to break or a good habit you want to develop. Do not underestimate the power of habit because, as Aristotle said, you become what you repeatedly do.
  • Making the right things a habit is the best way to start doing them consistently and easily.
  • “Good habits are worth obsessing over.” ‘John Irving'
  • That is something I firmly believe in.
  • I have a plan to assist you. Cross off the days when you successfully perform your act on the calendar. Now concentrate on not breaking the chain of crosses. Life is like a game. Life is enjoyable.

Month 2: A grateful attitude

  • Every day, message (or call if you're up for the challenge) two people and thank them for something. It can literally be anything as long as you are sincere and genuine about it.
  • The outcome will take you by surprise.
  • Some will be pleased, others will think you're insane, and still others will dismiss it. You could also use this opportunity to network and reconnect with old friends. Just keep in mind that their reaction reflects their personality and personal development, not yours.
  • You would have thanked 60 people by the end of the 30th day. Take care here, because you might be overjoyed this month.
  • Did you know that psychologists have scientifically proven that how much gratitude you show is one of the most important factors in your overall happiness?

Month 3: Go cold turkey—no Facebook for 30 days

“Status update: I'm quitting smoking for 30 days. Please contact me via another method.”

  • Do that and you'll be surprised at how much free time you have to crush life. You don't have to look through photos of hot girls and ripped men. It is not necessary for you to know what your friends are eating in real time.
  • It's time to start appreciating genuine interactions with the people you care about. Begin learning about what it takes to form genuine relationships.
  • Don't be concerned. I promise you'll make it.
  • Do you require assistance? Get ready to go cold turkey!

Month 4: Pass it on

  • Did you know that if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, and a place to sleep, you are wealthier than 75% of the world's population?
  • It's time to give something back. It's time to pay it forward.
  • Make an offer to pay for a couple's dinner. Offer to pay for the person in the car in front of you in the drive-through. Offer to cover the cost of someone's entire grocery list. Do this once a day.
  • You'll be surprised, and you may even set off a chain reaction. This is extremely potent. A simple, yet powerful gesture.
  • Take a cue from these guys.

Month 5: Inspire yourself by reading

  • Here's your chance to discover something you're interested in and develop a passion for.
  • For the next 30 days, ask a friend to recommend the most powerful and inspiring article he or she has ever read on the internet to you.
  • Inquire with your most enlightened friends. Consult with people you know who read.
  • Print or bookmark any articles that strike a chord with you so you can refer to them later. Something might just click one day, and you'll be well on your way to “doing the work you love,” as personal development bloggers like to say.
  • The best part is that you get to open yourself up to the world and learn a ton of new things that will blow your mind.
  • Knowledge is a form of power.

Month 6: Pick up a new skill

Commit to learning a new skill on a regular basis for 30 days. Pick up a musical instrument. A game. Sign up for a dance class. Discover more about psychology and entrepreneurship.

  • This is your second chance to find something about which you are passionate.
  • Always be learning and growing. After graduation, real education begins. Don't just stop there.
  • “The most powerful weapon you can use to change the world is education.” Nelson Mandela was a South African politician.

Month 7: Double your savings and cut back on your spending

It's getting more difficult here…

  • “Financial freedom comes to the person who saves 10% or more of his income over the course of his life.” You know who said it, don't you? Brian Tracy is a businessman. It's number ten on his list of the 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Money Laws.
  • If you aren't already living within 90 percent of your income, I recommend you start now. Whether you have been or have not been, begin saving at least 20% of your income for the next 30 days.
  • Reduce any unnecessary expenses you may have. Put yourself to the test. You may discover that there are some things you never really needed. It's also a plus that you're investing in your future while you're at it.
  • Always take care of yourself first.

Month 8: Complimentary hugs!

When you hug someone, your body produces oxytocin, a hormone known colloquially as the “love drug.” The only thing you need to know is that this increases positive emotions. It's all the warm and fuzzy feelings you're experiencing.

  • Everyone enjoys being hugged. Consider being cuddled by your best friend or soul mate.
  • Carry it out. I'm standing by.
  • Does it make you happy? What isn't to love? Your level of happiness is immediately increased.
  • “Hugs should be available at medical stores 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are sometimes the best healers for almost everything.” Minhal Mehdi's formal name is Minhal Mehdi.
  • This month, your job is to go out into the streets and give out free hugs for 15 minutes every day. Show the world some affection. And while you're at it, feel good about yourself.
  • Month 9: Perform a bizarre act in public
  • Go somewhere where at least five strangers can see you this month. Now begin dancing as if no one is watching. You know, like when you do it at home. Don't be concerned about what others think of you. Because, believe me, there will be some who wish they could just let loose on their lives and be awesome like you.
  • Be courageous. Have some fun. There really isn't anything to it.
  • As an added bonus, how about scaring some people along the way?

Month 10: Make self-promotional videos

What skills do you have? Do you play the piano or the guitar? Do you have a ripped physique? Are you a fantastic kisser? Maybe you can type a thousand words in less than 30 minutes on a regular basis.

  • Whatever you have, if you think it's a talent, make a video and flaunt it. It's a good idea to practice speaking in front of a camera.
  • And be obnoxious with your self-promotion: it can be funny, serious, or anything in between.
  • Every day, record something and upload it to YouTube. Share your videos on all of your social media platforms. Make certain that all of your friends are aware.
  • Don't worry; you've made it this far, and the year is nearly over. This is a fantastic chance for self-discovery. You're going to gain a ton of monster confidence, and this is where you're going to really crush life.
  • As with the previous month, some of your friends will wish they were having as much fun as you are.

Month 11: The strategy

This month's exercise is probably best left to the singles out there!

  • Every day, men, approach five (ten if you're up for the challenge) women. Choose the most beautiful ladies. The people you think you'd like to get to know. You think you'll never have them and are too afraid to approach them.
  • Choose her and go get her.
  • Ladies, this is also for you. The average woman waits for men to approach her. You're already ahead of most ladies in terms of getting the man you want if you start approaching men. In fact, many men will find your confidence extremely appealing.
  • Mind you, this isn't just about picking up (though I'm sure you'll get some numbers). It's all about gaining confidence. This is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing your fears.

Keep an eye on this dude as he kicks some butt. Take notes from him. You're going to grow a lot (if you take action). And remember to have fun while you're at it!

Month 12: Compose your story

That's all there is to it, guys. We're almost finished!

  • I'm sure the last 11 months have been a roller coaster ride.
  • Choose an interesting event and write 300 words about it for each day of the month. Learn to express yourself by writing down your thoughts and getting your creative juices flowing. You'll learn a lot about yourself here, and you might even discover a love of writing.
  • This is the time to reflect on your achievements. There will be no more crazy stunts. Simply unwind. Write about that hottie's phone number!
  • Can I assure you that you will discover your passion by the end of the year? Certainly not!
  • But if you don't take action, I guarantee your life will be the same as it was before. Even if you only choose one 30-day challenge to complete, that is sufficient. The idea is that you are branching out and challenging yourself.
  • What I can guarantee is that you will make several new connections and be massively inspired. This could be the year you grow the most.
  • Have some fun with your newfound monster self-assurance!

“Today, live fully, love openly, and make a difference.” Brendon Burchard, The Millionaire Messenger author

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