I Love Rain (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Do you get excited when raindrops start to fall from the sky? Does a rainy day forecast make you want to curl up in a cozy blanket with a hot beverage and a good book? If so, you belong to a unique group of people known as pluviophiles. People who enjoy rain are known as pluviophiles. You're probably used to hearing people complain about being wet and cold all the time. Meanwhile, you fantasize about those delectable drops and wonder how anyone could not enjoy a gloriously gloomy day. If you're a pluviophile, you're not only happy when it rains, but you're probably also a happier person the rest of the time. Here are seven reasons why rain lovers are happier in life:

1. They focus on their senses in order to have a more complete experience of life

People who enjoy rain revel in their experiences. They can vividly describe the rain, from the hypnotic pitter-patter sound to the hypnotic way each drop magnifies and changes the scenery on the other side of the window pane. Pluviophiles enjoy the aroma of a fresh storm and the delicious sensation of water dripping down their skin. They can even taste fresh drops as they look up with their arms outstretched, anticipating a cool drink from the clouds.

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2. They are completely immersed in the present

Dr. Matt Killingsworth, a happiness researcher, used a smartphone app called “Track Your Happiness” to have people report their level of happiness during specific activities in real time. He discovered a direct link between happiness and being completely present in whatever one is doing. What better way to lose yourself in the moment than splashing through puddles?

3. They have more self-assurance

Let's be honest: if you're an adult running around like a four-year-old in the rain, you probably don't care what others think. People who enjoy the rain are proud of it. They are the cool ones, and everyone who is unhappy inside is missing out. A pluviophile doesn't mind if their hair gets wet or their makeup runs. They're still in good shape.

4. They are more resilient during adversity

Pluviophiles understand that it takes a little rain for the flowers to grow. When life gets tough, these are the people who will remind you that “this, too, shall pass.” In fact, they understand that challenges are necessary in order to capitalize on the best opportunities. Rainbows do not appear unless there is also rain.

5. They understand how to keep things in context

A true rain lover would never be concerned about the weather. It's just a few raindrops, not a zombie apocalypse. Pluviophiles understand how to put the mundane realities of life into context. Find someone who enjoys the rain if you ever need someone to talk you down from a ledge. They'll have you in a zen state in no time.

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6. They can see the beauty in adversity

Rain lovers appreciate the cleansing renewal of a good cry, just as rain brings a fresh scent and new life. One of the pluviophiles' favorite ways to spend a rainy day is to curl up on the couch or in bed and watch a tearjerker.

7. They are acutely aware of their own mortality

Knowing how fleeting life can be inspires people to live it to the fullest. Rain lovers can be deeply introspective as well as enjoy dancing between raindrops and singing every “rain” song they can think of. A stormy day is an excellent time to reflect on life. They reflect on their own passing days as they observe swiftly moving clouds and wet leaves falling from trees.

Rain lovers understand the true meaning of the adage, “You only live once.”

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