If It Doesn’t Make You Happy (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

With every cliché about happiness that has been said, as well as the handful of films and literary works that have been inspired by it, it is clear that it is something that people yearn for and go to great lengths to achieve. Some take things one day at a time, while others embark on full-fledged transformations that are synonymous with their definition of happiness.

Many people, however, see happiness as a goal that not everyone is fortunate enough to achieve. They don't realize that happiness isn't always about the journey. More often than not, it is during the journey that you will find what you are looking for, and anyone can get there.

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But here's the catch. Sometimes, before we get to the first step on our path to happiness, we are confronted with major building blocks that we can confuse with happiness. For example, having a job may make you feel content, but if it's a job you don't particularly enjoy, is it truly a source of happiness? The difficult part is that it is difficult to label things as futile, let alone let them go completely, especially if they have become an integral part of your comfort zone. But, don't they also say that life begins just outside the door?

So, to get you started on your journey to happiness, here are five reasons why you should let go of the things that aren't making you happy right now, because guess what? They are unlikely to make you happy in the future.

1. You will be healthier.
Think again if you believe that your unhappiness has no effect on your well-being. According to a study conducted by Harvard University's School of Public Health, constant exposure to stress, especially as early as childhood, can have negative effects on a person's brain and other body systems. This can cause stress hormones to spike faster than usual. Worse yet, he or she may develop heart problems. Stress caused by negative emotions can impair bodily functions and aggravate pre-existing diseases, such as the common cold.

Stress, on the other hand, is almost always unavoidable, but it pays to channel it constructively. Begin by being enthusiastic and positive about a stressful situation. You should also seek help from family and friends so that you do not bear the entire burden alone. If you prefer to spend time alone, you can channel your stress through activities such as meditation, yoga, or even painting.

2. Improved relationships.

Most of the time, those closest to us can tell if we are upset or in a good mood. However, some people prefer to deal with their problems alone, and as a result, they tend to push others away. While isolating yourself for a while can be beneficial, refusing comfort or help from others, such as your partner or a close sibling, can strain your relationships.

Instead of attempting to solve the problem on your own, consider reaching out to a loved one or a trusted family member. You don't have to seek advice; if all you need is a sympathetic ear, those who truly know and care about you will respect your decision. If your relationship is suffering from the negative effects of negative emotions, you can always seek professional help, such as marriage counselling.

3. A successful career.
One of the most common but underappreciated symptoms of workplace unhappiness is mentally clinging to the weekend and wishing Monday would never come. Such a scenario may be easy for some to dismiss and just get on with their work, but if you have a serious case of procrastination, it's time to take action.

It's fine to be stressed at work as long as you still get the satisfaction of doing your job the way you did when you first started. Whether you chose to climb the corporate ladder, start your own business, or pursue your passion in the arts, it is critical that you are genuinely happy with your work. Otherwise, you risk performing half-baked tasks and recording a poor performance, both of which can have a negative impact on your career.

Find ways to reorganize your workday so that you can complete more tasks faster and smarter. If all else fails, you may want to consider quitting because there is no point in staying in a job that you dislike.

4. A strong connection with your children.
Your children are a close second to your partner on the front lines of your domestic stress absorption committee. For example, after a long day at work, you are greeted by your son, who begs you to play with him. While it is possible that you will give in the first few times, it is also possible that you will not as you become increasingly tired at work. On the other hand, if you suspect that your unhappiness is affecting your relationship with your children, take some time to investigate the situation and see what you can do to avert a potential crisis.

Stress can cause children to develop anxieties at a young age and have a conflicted relationship with you. Worse, they may develop an unhealthy attitude toward having their own children in the future. So, before you put your children in danger of engaging in such behavior, take the time to cultivate a loving bond between you and them.

5. Life is fleeting.
Not everyone gets a second chance, let alone a second chance at things like literally and metaphorically having a life. When you consider the reasons listed above as well as your future, you have more than enough reasons to abandon the things that make you unhappy and pursue what your heart is telling you to do. Besides, fighting for something that doesn't make you happy only adds to your misery.

But here's the thing: you never know how much time you have on your hands. The question is, are you willing to let whatever you have pass you by because you're too preoccupied with things that don't even make living worthwhile?

It can be difficult to let go of things you've grown accustomed to. However, in order to be truly happy, you must let go of the good things in order to make room for the better ones. Consider this: if you don't see yourself doing something in the next five years, why do it? But if you're looking for happiness with your loved ones, don't settle for things you know are holding you back.

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You have heard it all before: "Live life to the fullest", "follow your dreams", "be who you are" and "if it is meant to be, it will be". These are all wonderful quotes that are meant to help you live a happy life but they miss the point. Our lives are interconnected with each other and with the world.

No matter how hard you think you try, there’s always going to be a certain level of stress in your life. And when stress gets out of hand, it can start to negatively affect your life. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are some easy steps you can take to improve your life in the long run, and we’ve found a few that can help you enjoy a better life and get rid of stress.

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