Immortalized (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

The loss of a loved one is a universal experience. However, the pain and emotion we feel remain deeply personal.

It can be difficult to accept that your friend or family member will no longer be with you, but there are many things you can do to ensure that his or her memory lives on forever:

1. Use Their Ashes to Plant a Tree

The circle of life has a humanly beautiful quality to it. Cremation provides an opportunity to witness this phenomenon firsthand. Plant a tree in your loved one's honor using their ashes.

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Companies such as Bios Urn and Poetree enable you to use the memory of a deceased family member or friend to make a meaningful and environmentally friendly impact on the world.

2. Name a Star in Their Honor

Stars are powerful metaphors for many of us, both metaphorically and literally. If your deceased friend or family member was an astronomy enthusiast or simply had a strong influence in your life, naming a star after them is a wonderful option.

The International Star Registry is a company that will help you beautifully commemorate the name and memory of a loved one.

3. Get a tattoo of their face on your skin

If you enjoy body art, having a portrait of a loved one tattooed on your body can be a very personal way to honor someone.

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To ensure the highest quality work, choose a reputable artist. The last thing you want is a negative experience to be associated with something so important.

4. Keep a journal of your thoughts about that person

When you lose someone, you may be left with unspoken feelings. Other times, it means that positive life experiences lose their luster when they can no longer be shared with a loved one who has passed away. Writing in a journal can be very therapeutic. Writing to the person you've lost and sharing your emotions, dreams, concerns, and thoughts with him or her may help to keep his or her memory alive.

5. Create a collage of old e-mails or texts they sent you and frame it

We tend to forget the little things about the people we lose. Every Friday, your best friend could send you amusing emails. Or perhaps your husband would send you sweet texts throughout the day as he thought of you.

Making a collage or a shadow box with mementos of the person you loved can be a source of inspiration. When you're feeling down, these lovely reminders can help lift your spirits.

6. Launch a charity or advocacy campaign in their honor

Many people find it rewarding to advocate on behalf of friends or family members who died in tragic or unjust circumstances. Pushing for change in the name of a loved one honors the memory of a tragic death.

Kyle Lewis' family launched an amoeba awareness campaign after the four-year-old died from an amoeba contracted while swimming in fresh water. The family raises awareness about freshwater swimming and provides free nose plugs.

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7. Maintain Contact With Their Family

When a loved one dies, it is common for families to become estranged. Keeping in touch not only keeps your loved one's memory alive, but it also honors the loved one's desire to see your families stay together.

It doesn't take much to call or send a card to siblings or cousins on a regular basis. Simply let them know you're thinking about them.

8. Every year, remember their birthday

Birthdays can be particularly difficult for surviving family members and friends. Instead of being sad, many people celebrate their loved one's birthday, visit their loved one's grave, or participate in some other activity in their honor.

9. Compose a Creative Nonfiction Story About What They Meant to You

We treasure special moments shared with loved ones. After the death of a close friend or relative, remembering the good times and shared experiences helps to keep their memory alive.

Write a short story about an inspiring, deep, or positive shared experience. It's a wonderful way to express yourself while also sharing your companion's memory with others.

10. If possible, let them know how much they mean to you right now

One of life's most difficult lessons is learning to show and tell the people you care about that you love and care about them. Make sure they understand how much they mean to you right now. Don't wait until they're gone to enjoy life with them.

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While we all grieve the loss of loved ones (which speaks volumes about the power of love), we can channel our grief into something beautiful by focusing on honoring their lives and memories.

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