In Desperate Need of Money (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Every one of us has been there. You're between paychecks and running low on cash when disaster strikes and you need money right away. Or you get paid on Friday and are out of money by Monday. You either have too much integrity or are too afraid to rob a bank… However, the thought has occurred to you.

Don't be concerned! I'm here to assist you.

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20 safe and legal ways to get money quickly

Here's a list of 20 perfectly legal and legitimate ways to get some cash in a hurry. Some of the methods are better suited to some people than others, but the list will provide you with options and, more importantly, inspire you to come up with your own creative ideas for increasing your cash flow.

Keep in mind that these are only temporary solutions. Proper money management and planning are the true solutions to your financial problems (a.k.a. budgeting). The keys to financial freedom are learning to live within your means, postponing gratification, eliminating debt, and reducing your reliance on credit.

If you need money right now…

1. Sell or pawn something

If you're really in a bind, you might have to pawn or sell that prized possession you've been hoarding. Your desperate situation may force you to sell your old comic book collection, your grandmother's antique pearls or china, or your coin collection that you've had since childhood. I do recommend that you consider your options carefully before making a decision. Once it's gone, it'll be extremely difficult to get it back, and your desperation will almost certainly ensure that you don't get what the item is actually worth.

Another option is to go through your closets and basement for items that may still be valuable, such as an old DVD or video game collection, your 10-year-baby old's clothes, a toddler bicycle, or that espresso machine (or juicer) you only used once.

There are numerous apps that allow you to take a picture of your belongings and immediately post it online.

2. Dispose of an old cell phone

Almost everyone has an old smartphone that is still functional. Because it was the fashionable thing to do, you decided to upgrade from your perfectly functional phone. The old phone is now just sitting around collecting dust. It must be sold! If you need money right now, go to the ecoATM website. This website allows you to sell and recycle your old phone in a secure manner. They also buy old tablets, iPods, and MP3 players for cash.

3. Consign your clothes at a nearby consignment shop

If you have high-end designer clothing or furniture that you no longer want or need, sell it to a consignment or thrift shop. Many consignment shops will buy your items outright, saving you the consignment fee and the time it takes for your items to sell. You won't get top dollar this way, but you will leave with some cash.

4. Get a loan from a friend or family member

This is the one method that most of us would prefer to avoid. However, using apps like PayPal, you can receive the money the same day. Remember that borrowing from a loved one necessitates humility and sincerity. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT borrow from friends or family if you have no intention of repaying the loan or if you are aware that you will be unable to meet the repayment terms. This is the quickest way to break up with someone. Proceed with extreme caution.

5. You can sell your plasma

You can be compensated for your plasma. Most donation centers will pay you between $25 and $50 for it. The best part about selling plasma is that most stores will let you sell it twice a week.

**Please keep in mind that there is a distinction between selling your plasma and donating blood. You are not compensated for blood donations, so make sure you differentiate between the two and are clear in your request.

6. Obtain A Cash Advance

This is a terrible idea! I would not recommend this unless you are in a life-or-death situation and have a plan in place for immediate repayment. Some credit cards allow you to withdraw cash against your credit limit. Please understand that the repayment terms will be VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE TERMS FOR REGULAR CREDIT CARD PURCHASES. It is not uncommon for you to end up spending $1,000 for a $800 cash advance due to the fees for accessing the money and the inflated interest rate. It's just not worth it.

If you require funds within 7 to 10 days…

7. Sell your clothes on the internet

Selling your clothes is one of the simplest and fastest ways to make money quickly. The clothing resell industry has become very popular and is estimated to be worth $16 billion. There are numerous online apps, websites, and avenues for selling your clothes. Some apps and websites will even cover your shipping costs.

8. Sell your unwanted items on the internet

Websites like Craig's List, Amazon, Ebay, and so on are great and inexpensive ways to sell your junk. Nowadays, you can resell ANYTHING. If you bought it, there is a good chance that someone else will pay you for it. These sites take time because you must ship items, have them verified, and then be paid. Payment on these websites takes seven to ten business days on average.

9. You can sell your unused gift cards

Sites like Cardpool, Raise, and Cardcash allow you to resell your unused gift cards for slightly less than their face value. You can get your money in as little as two days, and e gift cards even faster. It's a quick, simple, and painless procedure.

10.Become an Uber/Lyft driver

If you have some spare time–just a few hours per week–and live in or near a densely populated area, driving for Uber/Lyft is a very lucrative way to make money quickly. It's also a fantastic long-term side hustle. If they work in the right area, Uber drivers can earn as much as some full-time jobs. You could make $100 in as few as five hours per week.

11. Offer your sports/concert tickets for sale

Do you have season or concert tickets? They should be sold. In some cases, you may not receive face value for your tickets, but you can recoup a significant portion of your investment. For extremely popular events, such as playoff games or marquee performances, you can earn far more than the face value of the tickets. Missing a concert or a big game isn't a big deal if you're that desperate for cash.

12. Perform odd jobs

Babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, cutting grass, house cleaning, walking dogs, and other odd jobs around the neighborhood are all excellent ways to make some extra money.

13. Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks are websites that pay you cash (very small amounts of cash) for doing things like watching videos, commenting on ads, taking surveys, shopping, and so on. You will not become wealthy by using these websites, but you can earn a few extra dollars by spending a few minutes (or hours) online. Before you can be paid, you must first deposit $30 into your bank account.

If you require funds within 30 days…

14. Bargain with your creditors

Call your creditors and try to negotiate if you need money to pay bills or debts. Explain your situation and ask for an extension or make plans to pay a portion of what you owe. The majority of creditors will work with you. Their primary goal is to obtain their funds. They are willing to wait a few days or accept a portion of the payment rather than not being paid at all.

15. Take on a part-time job

Look, I understand. You are already overworked, underpaid, and overburdened. However, a part-time job is not permanent. It's only for a short time. You will not be in this situation again if you can work long enough to avert the crisis and then set up an emergency fund. You may have to deliver pizzas in the evenings or work retail on weekends, but anything worthwhile necessitates hard work. We live in the age of the side hustle and multiple sources of income. This is a bandwagon worth jumping on. The more you accomplish now, the less you will have to do later.

16. Become a Mystery Shopper

Secret shopping is an ideal side hustle for those who enjoy shopping, stay-at-home moms, and anyone who appreciates good customer service. Independent contractors who pose as “shoppers” are known as mystery or secret shoppers. You are compensated for visiting your local stores and shops on a regular basis and reporting on various aspects of your experience. A word of warning! Scams abound in this industry. Make sure to read company reviews online or stick with tried-and-true companies.

17. Yard/Garage Sale

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned yard sale for generating extra cash. I'm referring to the kind where you go through every nook and cranny of your home and completely de-clutter and purge everything that isn't absolutely necessary for you to live.

When planning the sale, make sure to advertise in your neighborhood as well as on social media. What's great about these sales is that anything that doesn't sell at the event's physical location can be sold online. The Facebook Yard sale page is a great place to sell leftover items.

18. Conventional

This is an option, but it is not a good one. By taking out a loan, you are exacerbating your financial problems rather than resolving them. However, if you feel you need a loan, experts recommend going to your local credit union. Many local credit unions are entering the short-term loan market and offering rates that are far superior to pay-day and other short-term loans. You must be a current member in good standing of your credit union. Credit unions that offer short-term loans work with people who have bad credit and offer better rates, terms, and conditions than other lenders.

19. Work as a Virtual Assistant or Bookkeeper

Virtual assistants provide a wide range of services to individuals, organizations, and businesses, but they do so virtually rather than in person. It's a fantastic work-from-home opportunity and one of the most cost-effective ways to make money online. Rates for providing virtual services online can range from $10 per hour for simple data entry tasks to hundreds of dollars per hour for highly specialized skills or expertise. You can work as an independent contractor or for a company like Upwork, Elance, or Problogger.

20. Become an Airbnb host or rent out a room

Do you have any extra space? You can rent it out. Getting a roommate is an excellent way to cut costs and save money quickly. When it comes to choosing a roommate, do your research and due diligence as you would with anything else. Working with a service like Airbnb is a great way to get a steady stream of qualified guests if you live in or near a high tourist area. They screen potential guests for you and refer you to others.

Everyone requires money from time to time. The methods listed above are relatively quick and easy ways to obtain some extra cash. The best way to avoid a financial crisis is to live modestly and well below your means, save for emergencies, and stick to a budget.

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