INFP Relationship Problems (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who seemed to be your polar opposite? Yes, I have. It's also aggravating. I'm sure you understand what I mean!

Sometimes you just want to smack your head against a wall because you don't understand why someone does what they do. What happens as a result of this?

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Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not inherently negative. While most people dislike it and/or try to avoid it, how you deal with it will undoubtedly make or break a relationship.

One of the reasons we have so many relationship problems is due to our different personality types. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test is one of the most popular personality tests. If you've never heard of it, is a good place to start.

The INFP is one of the sixteen personality types. It is an acronym that stands for Introversion – Intuition – Feeling – Perception. People with this personality type, like those with other types, have characteristics that can cause problems in relationships.

So, let's look at a few of them and then figure out how to overcome them.

The INFP Personality Type Has 8 Potentially Dangerous Characteristics
Before we get into some of these seemingly negative personality traits, I'd like to point out that INFPs also have some very redeeming qualities. But that's not what we're here to discuss.

So, let's look inside the mind of an INFP to see how we can have successful relationships with them

1. They are prone to procrastination

Yes, I am aware. Most people procrastinate at some point in their lives, especially when they don't want to do something. INFPs, on the other hand, procrastinate a little more than the average person. They aren't very good at managing their time, so they tend to put things off for longer than they should.

If you are the type of person who despises procrastination, you must accept that it is a reality for the majority of INFPs. Perhaps you could gently remind them of the tasks that must be completed ahead of time.

Alternatively, if you are in charge of telling them when the “due date” is, you could simply tell them that it is a little earlier than it is.

2. They are prone to laziness

The term “lazy” has a negative connotation. It's okay to be lazy when you're on vacation and can spend all day lying on a beach. However, if it's the weekend and you need to get some housework done or simply want to go out and have some fun, the INFP may not agree with you.

For a while, I was married to an INFP, and it was like pulling teeth to get him out of bed, off the couch, and out the door to do anything on weekends.

However, the key is to inspire, encourage, and plan activities that will naturally interest them. They may resist if they feel pressed to do something. So, refrain from calling people names or nagging them. Because it may result in the opposite of what you desire.

3. They enjoy isolating themselves

Introverts require a lot of alone time. This is due to the fact that this is how they recharge. It is exhausting for them to be around people for an extended period of time. So it's understandable that an extrovert would be perplexed by this need, given that they are the polar opposite. In fact, many extroverts regard the introvert's desire to spend “too much time” alone as a personal insult.

If you are an introvert, this will not be a problem for you. However, for us extroverts, it can be upsetting at times. We believe that if someone likes or loves us, they should want to spend as much time with us as possible.

So, extroverts must accept that INFPs require a lot of alone time, but it is not because of you. It's just who they are.

4. They enjoy being spontaneous

Spontaneity can be beneficial or detrimental depending on who you are and what you are doing. Some people, including myself, despise spontaneity (unless someone surprises me with an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii and has already cleared my schedule!). It is impolite to me if someone does not plan something with me ahead of time.

However, INFPs dislike being pushed into a corner. They prefer to have a variety of options. I know a few INFPs, and almost none of them keep a calendar (which baffles me!).

So, if you're like me, sit down with them and discuss your need to plan. Inform them that you recognize their desire to be spontaneous. And then request that you both meet in the middle from time to time.

5. They can be reserved and quiet

Not all introverts are reserved and quiet. However, on average, they are more reserved than extroverts. Again, if you are an introvert, this may not bother you – in fact, you may prefer it. However, it may pose some difficulties for extroverts.

I know a lot of couples where one person is an extrovert and the other is an introvert. And they're all going through the same thing. Extroverts, for example, are usually the ones attempting to coax introverts into some sort of social situation. Introverts, on the other hand, will usually refuse to go. Even if they do, they are more quiet in these situations, which irritates extroverts. They are perplexed as to why the introvert refuses to speak up more!

What they must remember is that introverts are not doing it on purpose. That's just the way they are. Once you accept that, their quiet nature ceases to be a “problem.”

6. They despise conflict to the extreme

As I previously stated, conflict is not always a bad thing. It's unavoidable in any relationship, and it can sometimes help you grow and better understand each other. If you handle things correctly, the two of you can become closer than ever.

The INFP, on the other hand, despises conflict. For example, I once dated an INFP guy who completely “ghosted” me for two months. I thought we were having a good time, but then I didn't hear from him again. He obviously didn't want to face me and break up with me, so he decided it would be easier to slink away into the night and hope I forgot about him.

This was a problem for me because I am an extrovert. I value open communication and honesty in all situations. However, INFPs do not. That's perfectly fine. However, not everyone is a good match for an INFP (myself included).

For other personality types who aren't bothered by this behavior, just keep reminding your INFP that conflict isn't always a bad thing. It can actually be a very fruitful way to strengthen your relationship.

7. They prefer to travel at a leisurely pace

If you start a romantic relationship with an INFP, you may not know whether he or she likes you or not.

When we finally find someone we like, many extroverts, including myself, dive headfirst into a relationship. We abandon all caution and pour our hearts and souls into the other person. And we make it clear that we like them and want to advance the relationship.

That is not the way INFPs are. They prefer to take things at their own pace. They don't open up easily to other people, so getting to know them takes some time. It has nothing to do with the other person; it is simply their personality.

It won't be a problem if you're like that as well. But, if you're anything like me, you might be disappointed or perplexed because that's not how extroverts typically operate.

8. They have difficulty with self-examination

Self-examination is natural and normal for some people. Others, such as INFPs, do not.

I've met a few INFPs before, and whenever I asked them, “Why do you feel this way?” or “Why did you do this?” (in a non-accusatory tone), they usually replied, “I don't know.” And I used to think to myself, “How can he not know?!?” If he doesn't know… who does?!”

I used to believe they were just being difficult because they didn't want to tell me. And it took a while for me to realize that they truly didn't know.

As difficult as it was for me to accept that someone could not understand why they think or act the way they do, I simply had to accept that that is how some people are. And that's fine. Trying to force them to figure it out will not work. Some people simply aren't built for it, and an INFP is one of them.

Final Thoughts
I don't like to say that these eight traits are inherently negative because they aren't. Everything is a matter of perspective. For every person who despises spontaneity, there is someone who adores it. Some people enjoy socializing, while others do not. It does not imply that they are “bad people.” It simply distinguishes them.

So, whether it's about INFPs or any other personality type, the important thing to remember is that you have two options. First and foremost, accept and love the person for who they are (because you will never change them). Second, if these differences are causing you undue stress, find someone else with whom you are more compatible.

We must all learn to accept people who are different from us and to work through the issues that arise as a result of those differences. It's certainly a possibility. And now that you know a little bit more about the INFP personality and the potential issues that can arise as a result of it, hopefully you will be able to work through your issues a little bit better in the future.

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