Inspiring Ideas (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We all want to come up with truly amazing ideas, but it can be difficult to find inspiration at times. When you're stuck for ideas, try one of these ten methods for coming up with truly awesome ones.

1. Surround Yourself with People Who Are Great

The old adage goes that you are the sum of your five closest friends. Surround yourself with great thinkers if you want to be inspired with truly awesome ideas. They will motivate you and elicit your best ideas.

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2. Experiment with Your Creativity

We are all creative in our own way. Get creative and see where it takes you, whether it's drawing, painting, poetry, crafting, or something completely different. You don't need a master plan to get started; simply gather your materials and begin experimenting. You may be surprised at how quickly inspiration can strike.

3. Pay attention and keep an eye out

When you're looking for a great idea, it's easy to get caught up in your own thoughts. Take some time to relax, listen to others, and observe your surroundings. If you will only take in what the world and everyone in it have to offer, you will find an endless source of inspiration.

4. Change Up Your Environment

If you stay in the same place for an extended period of time, your ideas may become stale. Get out of the house this weekend, or go for a walk during your work lunch break. Change up your surroundings and be inspired by everything new in them.

5. Work Together with a Friend

Two heads are better than one, and new people bring with them their own unique experiences and perspectives. When two different ways of thinking collide, it can spark ideas that are beyond the scope of any single person. Collaborate with a friend to realize the incredible creative potential of two people working together.

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6. Try Something Different

If you always do the same things, you will most likely get the same results. To generate truly great ideas, you'll need to do something different. Fill your days with new experiences, such as new places, music, people, and books.

7. Investigate the Anatomy of Great Ideas

You can learn a lot from our time's great thinkers, so start researching their great ideas and their origins. How did Einstein get his best ideas? What was Steve Jobs‘ strategy? How did Beethoven create his most famous work? Examine the greats and learn everything you can from them.

8. Consider a Different Point of View

Consider things from a different angle to gain a fresh perspective. It can be difficult to do because we are often so set in our ways of approaching situations, but if you can, it is a powerful tool. If you're having trouble seeing things from a different perspective, ask a friend to assist you by challenging your current assumptions. By changing your perspective, you'll be able to see things with new eyes and be ready to soak up the inspiration.

9. Quiet Your Inner Dialogue

Your inner mind chatter is racing through your head at a million miles per hour, constantly distracting you from the real gold – truly amazing ideas. By quieting your inner mind chatter, you create space for inspiration to enter and inspire ideas. A daily meditation practice is an excellent way to accomplish this.

10. Release Yourself from Self-Sufficiency

Last but not least, relieve the stress! You can sometimes push yourself so hard for an amazing idea that you enter a creatively blocked zone where nothing seems to flow. Take your time and accept that truly brilliant ideas do not always come to fruition overnight. How do you generate brilliant ideas? And what will you do today to get inspired?

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