I’ve Lost My Mojo (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

“If you look at the world in one way, what does it take from you – it is a thief of time, energy, and your creative mojo?” However, if you look at the world in a different light, it provides an endless supply of motivation.” Julianna Baggott's formal name is Julianna Baggott.

When you have your mojo, you see the world in a positive, optimistic, and hopeful light. You are bursting with energy and a never-ending supply of motivation. People are drawn to you because you have a spark in your life.

The reality is that you will lose your mojo at some point in your life. The length of time you lose your mojo depends on how long it takes you to figure out how to regain it. It may take a few days for some of us, while it may take months or years for others.

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The reason it takes so long for many of us to reclaim our mojo is that we don't know how or even where to begin.

You must be willing to change your way of thinking and doing things in order to reclaim your mojo. This all takes energy and motivation, which you don't have when your spark in life has gone out.

I know this to be true because this is how I felt about three years ago when I lost my mojo. When I lost my job for the third time in 18 months, I was completely depleted of energy, self-belief, and self-confidence. I was unhappy for about 6 months and isolated myself from the rest of the world. I was still going through the motions of life, but my “spark” had vanished. I didn't feel alive on the inside.

I like to think of myself as an optimist, and I enjoy the feeling of being energized and optimistic about life. After six months of feeling the polar opposite, I realized that if I didn't get my mojo back, my quality of life would suffer.

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I decided to take action in order to reclaim my mojo in my life. I knew it would be difficult because the most difficult obstacle I would face on this journey would be myself.

I have a history of giving up when things get tough, so I decided to focus on reintroducing six positive feelings into my life that I had lost along with my mojo. These five actions restored energy, a positive attitude, hope, optimism, a sense of purpose, and joy to my life. This is what I did to reclaim my mojo.

1. I Became More Active – This Generates Energy

I've always been an active person who went to the gym on a regular basis. When I lost my mojo, I stopped doing anything physical.

I read once that the key to maintaining motivation with any type of physical activity is to focus on doing something you enjoy. The article went on to say that once you've identified an activity you enjoy, write down and memorize the five benefits/feelings you get when you do it.

Then, as you are about to begin this particular activity, you say, “I am going to____ and I feel_______________.” Describe five feelings/benefits.

When you finish the activity, recite the same five benefits/feelings, beginning with “I have finished my and I feel .” I'm looking forward to doing on (You specify the specific day and time when you will perform the activity.)

This is what I did to reintroduce myself to the gym and yoga. I needed a strategy to get started, and this one worked. I've never looked back, and yoga was a huge help in regaining my mojo.

2. I Have Modified My Thoughts – This Produces A Positive Attitude

At different levels, the conscious and subconscious minds work. The conscious mind is responsible for your logic and reasoning. It governs your present-day actions and intentions. Your subconscious mind, on the other hand, controls your emotions and stores all of your beliefs and memories.

My conscious mind knew I needed to reclaim my mojo, but my subconscious mind had stored the beliefs and emotions that supported the notion that I had lost my mojo. To reclaim my mojo, I needed to align my conscious and subconscious minds, because if I didn't, my mojo would never return.

Again, I decided not to overcomplicate things, so I devised a practical method for beginning to work toward having alignment with my thoughts and actions.

Every time I had to choose between doing or thinking something that would help me regain my mojo and something that would prevent me from regaining my mojo, I asked myself one question:

“Will this decision/choice/action/thought/attitude move me closer or further away from my goal of regaining my mojo?”

This was a powerful question for me because it helped me to align my conscious and subconscious minds so that they were on the same page. As a result, I felt more optimistic about life, and my thoughts and attitude reflected this. This, without a doubt, was crucial in my believing that I could reclaim my mojo and keep it for the rest of my life.

3. I Interacted With People Who Had Mojo – This Instilled Hope and Optimism

I consider myself very fortunate in my life because I have wonderful friends and family who I know love and support me. I realized, however, that in order for me to reclaim my mojo, I needed to surround myself with people who lived their lives embracing their mojo.

I set myself a challenge of engaging with someone I didn't know but felt had mojo twice a week. I looked for mojo qualities in people such as energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and motivation, as well as a positive outlook on life.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I met some amazing people who led truly inspiring lives. They were drawn from all walks of life. I discovered the importance of gratitude and the gift of life. The more I came into contact with people who were embracing their mojo, the more energized, optimistic, and hopeful I felt about my future.

4. I Identified My Life Priorities – This Gives Me A Sense Of Purpose

Writing down what is important to you in your life can help you gain clarity about how you want to live. When I wrote down my life priorities, I wrote down one feeling that I felt belonged with that life priority next to each one. For example, one of my top priorities in life is FAMILY, and the feeling I associate with it is LOVE.

I looked at my list every day and, over time, I realized that the more I focused on what was important in my life, the easier it was for me to commit to regaining my mojo – my spark. This action was crucial when I decided to take on the challenge of regaining my mojo because it provided me with a sense of purpose in my life as well as clarity and focus.

5. I Went And Had A Good Time – This Produces Feelings Of Joy And Happiness

When you've lost your mojo, it's all too easy to spend days feeling sorry for yourself. Doing any activity, even if you enjoy it, is frequently too difficult. Laughter and fun are quickly removed from your life.

When I lost my mojo, I certainly felt like this. Even though I didn't like how I was living my life, I didn't have the energy to do anything about it for a long time. It hit me out of nowhere one morning. I realized that unless I took action to improve my life, I would have to accept that living a joyful and happy life would be impossible. At that point, I decided to do something that made me happy: go out for coffee with my best friend. I called her and went out for coffee that afternoon.

When I got home, I jotted down a list of 30 activities that I enjoyed and brought me joy. I worked my way through my list every day for the next 30 days, and guess what came back into my life? Joy and happiness are feelings. I learned to appreciate the gift of joy and happiness in the present moment over the course of a month. The more I became aware of the joyful, fun, and happy moments in my life, the more joy and happiness entered my life. That's when I realized I'd regained my mojo!

Regaining your mojo is critical to your overall well-being. Your physical and emotional well-being are jeopardized if you do not begin to take action to reclaim your mojo. These five actions helped me reclaim my mojo, and I hope that in some small way, they inspire you to take action to reclaim your mojo for good.

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