Letting Love Find You (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Love is a strange thing, and most people seek it. Women appear to be especially susceptible to the desire to find someone to spend time with. I can't tell you how many times I've been with a friend and the topic of their need for a life partner has come up in the course of the conversation. People's neediness and desperation often manifests itself through their vulnerability to love. There is only one problem: neediness and desperation are unappealing. Do you want to know why it appears to be so common for people to find a partner when they aren't looking? Continue reading for a couple of related points:

1. Stop viewing everyone as a potential “One.”

My girlfriend is always talking about wanting to settle down with a man. Every time I speak with her, she appears to be evaluating every man she meets as a potential husband. I finally had to say to her, “I hope you don't come across as this desperate on a date.” My point is that a man can detect desperation in a woman, and no one wants to feel judged as a potential life partner, especially on a first date.

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2. Desperation appears to be a sign of weakness.

Desperation and neediness can be misinterpreted as signs of weakness and low self-esteem, which can put a damper on a spark before it ignites. When a person is desperate to find a mate, he or she may fail to notice that conversations with others are becoming too transparent too soon. You are not required to tell someone your life story and personal details the first time you meet them. Someone's mysteriousness contributes to his or her allure.

3. Love appears when you stop looking for it

I wasn't looking for a boyfriend, let alone a husband, when my husband and I met. I hadn't given up on the idea, but I was at a point in my life where it wasn't my primary focus. Because I was preoccupied with my own interests at the time, men approached me and asked me out on dates.

People tend to appear when you are not looking for someone to love. The mere fact that you are concentrating on something else gives others the impression that you are confident. Concentrating on your own personal development not only makes you a better person, but it also makes you a better potential life partner. That is something that emanates from one's personality and exudes attractive confidence.

4. It is more rewarding to not force love

Being in love by “fate,” rather than forcing a match between two people, is far more rewarding and long-lasting than trying to find a partner. Allowing the right person into your life by chance is far less exhausting than considering every person to be the “one” for you. Allowing love to find you will make you feel less stressed and more like a match made in heaven, rather than fake and fabricated.

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5. Don't let overuse make you lose your objectivity

Being constantly on the lookout for love can impair your ability to be objective about the people you meet. How can you tell who is right for you in a relationship if your objectivity wanes? After a while, everyone appears to be a good fit because you want him or her to be, not because they are the best fit. I've seen women make this mistake, and as a result, they lose their ability to make sound, coherent judgments about the character of others.

6. Attraction's Law

The law of attraction is “like attracts like”–not in the sense that you want to attract someone who is exactly like you in terms of personality traits, but rather that you want love to attract itself to you. Furthermore, the idea behind the concept is that the energy you emit is appealing to others. Being positive and relaxed will undoubtedly attract love in its own time.

7. Finding love should not be difficult

Allowing love to happen naturally will almost certainly speed up your search for the right person. When you stop looking, the right person appears to walk in unexpectedly through the door. It is sometimes a psychological concept that if you take your mind off something, it will happen. Finding love should not be a chore, but rather an enjoyable experience. Isn't it more romantic when someone wants to be with you just because? I most emphatically do.

8. Patience will bring you the right person

When you're desperate for love, you're more likely to date any jerk who comes along. Patience is essential for finding the right person and allowing love to find you. Rushing into finding someone exposes you to the risk of falling for the wrong person–for example, someone looking for a fling.

So, the next time you're out with your friends, remember to relax, take a deep breath, have fun, and be yourself. Don't try so hard to persuade someone to like you. Allow love to bloom on its own. You might fall in love sooner than you think.

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