Living Your Passion (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Have you ever considered how amazing your life would be if you were able to pursue your passion every day? It seems like only yesterday that you were the kid who wanted to be an astronaut, pilot, or inventor. It probably seems like only yesterday that you finished high school, got your first job, and planned your career path.

Then something surprising happened… you grew up

What, after all, does it mean to mature? And why does the phrase “growing up” seem to imply that you must abandon your dreams and passions?

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While society would have you believe that following your passion is irresponsible and foolish, we will focus on 14 amazing things that happen when you do.

1. Increased Self-Belief

Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, according to a little-known truth. However, not everyone is at ease expressing themselves. When you disregard other people's opinions and pursue your passion, you will become more comfortable expressing yourself.

When you are not living your passion, you often live the life you believe is acceptable to others. When you succumb to the pressures of society, friends, and family, your confidence suffers. This is largely due to the fact that you are forcing yourself to do something that you are uninterested in.

There's probably a reason for this, so if you're not working within your strengths and interests, your performance will suffer.

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2. Reduced Stress Levels

Job stress is the most common source of stress in adults, and it has been linked to “increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, and other disorders.”

Let me begin by dispelling the myth that all stress is bad. Both those who pursue their passions and those who do not will face stress. The distinction is in the type of stress encountered.

Those who pursue their passion have an internal motivation that helps them maintain a sense of balance in their lives. As a result, they will almost certainly experience stressful situations that come and go. Consider the following scenario: you have three important projects that must be completed on the same day. As a result, you are stressed until the end of the day.

Those who are not living their passion are usually dissatisfied with their jobs and find them stressful on a daily basis. They are stressed by the act of waking up, putting on their clothes, and driving to work. They dread Mondays and look forward to Fridays.

3. Workplace Satisfaction

As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing more draining than “working to live.” You are trapped because you have bills to pay and your job pays your bills.

Even if there is some uncertainty surrounding your passion, you cannot underestimate the importance of enjoying what you do.

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You will feel fulfilled in your work if you pursue your passion. You will no longer need to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while working (trying to fill that unfulfilled void). Instead of planning to live your passion, you will have the joy of living it. Nothing beats the satisfaction of doing what you were born to do.

4. Work-Life Balance Mastery

There's an old adage that if you live your passion, you don't need a work-life balance. The premise is that work-life balance is only required when your job is exhausting.

When you follow your passion, your life is always in balance. Because you would do it for free, your work does not feel like a job.

Can you imagine wishing you could work because you genuinely enjoy what you do? That is exactly what will happen if you pursue your passion.

5. Fewer Later-Life Regrets

In the end, most people will regret what they did not do more than what they did.

Consider how your life would be if you pursued all of your dreams and passions. Imagine running into that person and having to explain to him why you didn't pursue your passion. This is the real-life conversation that the majority of people are having when it is almost too late.

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Take a chance and put your money on yourself. Even if things don't go exactly as planned, you'll be better off for it.

6. Personal Development

Most people do not pursue their passion because of the uncertainty that surrounds it. You may have reservations about your ability to succeed financially, professionally, or emotionally.

You are sometimes correct in your thinking. This is not to say that you should accept reality and do nothing about it. Instead, devote some time to honing the skills required to pursue your passion.

If you still want to be an astronaut, you can become a rocket scientist. If you still want to be a pilot, you can practice and get your pilot's license.

Make a list of the skills you'll need to develop in order to live your passion, and then take the necessary steps.

7. Attraction to the Positive

Sometimes you worry that your passion will be misunderstood by others. The problem with living a less-than-authentic life is that you will attract the wrong people.

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When you live your life and pursue your passions, you will attract people who share your values.

To be honest, when you pursue your passion, you will most likely irritate some people. People dislike change, and when you change, it may affect your relationships.

However, do not let this be a hindrance to your progress. Your willingness to pursue the beliefs that will enable you to achieve your goal determines your growth.

8. Broaden Your Comfort Zone

Do not fall into the trap of believing that in order to pursue your passion, you must give up everything. Most people are prevented from embarking on a life-changing journey because of limiting beliefs.

In fact, you don't have to throw everything away to start over. This is why.

Allow yourself to gradually step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. You can continue living your current life while seeking new adventures on the side.

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As you gain confidence in your ability to live your passion, you can gradually devote more time to it. You'll be all-in and living your life to the fullest before you know it.

9. Be Thankful

True, you can and should be grateful all of the time. In your life, there is always something to be thankful for. Even if you have a flat tire on your way home from work, you still have a vehicle.

Similarly, you should always be thankful for your job. However, there is little doubt that if you are doing something you are passionate about every day, you will feel more grateful. You could realistically find yourself looking forward to getting out of bed every morning because you know it is another day closer to fulfilling your life's purpose.

10. Reestablish Contact with Your Inner-Self

There was a time when you were liberated. You had the impression that you could do anything and that anything was possible.

When you begin to pursue your passion, you are most likely reconnecting with things you enjoyed as a child. You can find a lost piece of yourself by taking a moment and remembering the things you loved before society told you what to love.

Reminisce about your childhood delights and make a list of what you enjoyed doing. You may discover, like me, that you enjoy putting puzzles together. This could speak to your analytical nature and help you understand why you enjoy putting things together and solving problems.

Whatever it is, take a moment to rediscover the “real you” that was compelled to “grow up.”

11th. Kind Person

Your passion will most likely benefit a large number of people. There is something wrong with the world, and you believe you can help to fix it. There is little doubt that the world would be a better place if more people followed their dreams.

When you are living your passion, you will experience a sense of peace and joy that will rub off on your interactions with others. You've probably heard the expression “hurt people, hurt people.” This means that the person who is bad at your job is most likely dealing with a personal issue.

When you follow your passion, you will feel fulfilled and at peace with the world, and you will be kinder to others.

12. Let Your Creativity Run Free

The thing about living a life devoid of your passion is that you are most likely following the crowd. In life, security is frequently accompanied by a lack of creativity.

To succeed when you leave the path of least resistance and begin to live your passion, you must unleash your creativity. You will be venturing into uncharted waters in your life, which can be frightening. But that is where the magic takes place.

When an impediment stands between you and your passion, you must have faith in yourself that you will overcome it.

13. Alter the Narrative

You have an inner voice that tells you who you are, what you are capable of, and what you are entitled to. When it comes to pursuing your passion, you may experience conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you are grateful for your life and content with everything it has to offer. Alternatively, you have a strong desire to pursue your passion and take a risk.

You will be better equipped to change your narrative if you understand the limiting narrative you are telling yourself (I am not good enough, I should be happy with the job I have now, etc.).

Your new narrative will be based on the realization that you can pursue your passion without feeling ungrateful or unappreciative of the life you have now.

14. Overcome Your Fears

Fear causes procrastination, and procrastination kills your desire to pursue your passion.

Avoid the temptation to justify keeping things the same until you have more experience, time, and influence. There is always something that could be improved. If you give in to your fears, they will only grow stronger.

You will have put your fears in their proper place by following your passion. Remember, it's okay to be afraid; it's not okay to let that fear stymie your progress.

Final Thoughts

The freedom and ease of burden that comes with following your passion is one of the most fascinating aspects of doing so.

Do not consider what your life would be like if you pursued your passion. Instead, you must get out there and begin living it.

You will begin to see the benefits discussed, no matter how minor the change. Nothing will be able to stop you once you start seeing the benefits.

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