Lofty Goals (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Nothing you set out to do in your life will be impossible to accomplish if you have the power of imagination. Setting lofty goals encourages you to use your creative abilities and pushes you to achieve great things.

Success begins in the mind, and if your thinking is not limited, you will always enjoy setting lofty goals.

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“If you can imagine it, you can make it a reality.” If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” – Ward, William Arthur

Many people are too afraid to set lofty goals. Perhaps they don't want to be disappointed, or they believe that the bigger things aren't meant for them.

In this article, I've discussed how setting lofty goals can help you achieve unprecedented success in your life.

What Are Lofty Objectives?

A lofty goal is one that aspires to something big, of a high standard, and often necessitates significant, if not overwhelming, effort to achieve.

High-level objectives are advantageous because they can help you raise your standards and change your status. Lofty goals may appear to the fainthearted to be out of reach at times, but to the brave, they are the kind of goals that help people accelerate their success.

When you set lofty goals, your creative juices start to flow, and your entire being is set in motion to generate ideas on how to achieve your objectives. Achieving these objectives will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and a better life than you could have imagined.

Lofty goals have their own quirks. For example, while it is a general rule in goal setting to only set realistic goals, lofty goals do not always follow this rule.

This is due to the fact that lofty goals rely heavily on your imagination and determination to achieve them. You can achieve your goals if you can visualize them and have the courage to pursue them.

Here are some examples of lofty objectives:

  • 180 pound weight loss in ten months
  • At 40, you can achieve financial independence.
  • Create an international best-seller.
  • Climb Mt. Everest
  • Set an Olympic record.
  • Reconnect with an ex-spouse
  • Obtain family harmony
  • Overcome terminal disease
  • Travel to every country in the world before the age of 55.
  • Purchase the home of your dreams without incurring debt.
  • Before you die, feed two million homeless people.
  • Dare to Dream Big and Set High Goals

You can achieve unprecedented success in your life if you break free from your cocoon and start dreaming big. Setting lofty goals as a habit will lead you to dream bigger and bigger.

Never be satisfied with mediocre results; always strive for something bigger, bigger, and better!

To dream big, practice using your most recent accomplishments as benchmarks for the next goals you want to achieve. Ascend from one level of achievement to the next.

Three Steps to Big Dreams

Motivate Yourself

Spend time with people who have bigger dreams, and who are also succeeding in their own. Being around these types of people will change your mindset and open your eyes to the possibilities of dreaming big.

Make dreaming a priority on your to-do list

Set aside a specific time and location to dream. Take a pen and a writing pad with you.

Allow yourself to enter the world of imagination and take a broad look at your life: where you are now, where you should be, and how far you can go if there are no constraints.

Stay away from negative people

It goes without saying that you should avoid people who are negative in their outlook. Simply conversing with a negative person can quickly deplete your motivation.

Once you've completed these three steps and written down your dreams (hopefully big ones), you can start setting lofty goals to make them a reality.

The 10 Most Important Factors in Achieving Ambitious Goals

To make your lofty goals a reality, you must treat them as such and not as mere wishful thinking. You must be willing to pursue them with everything you have.

Here are ten factors that will help you see your lofty goals more clearly and ensure that you can achieve them:

1. Link Your Objectives to a Greater Purpose

Allow your lofty goals to fall in line with your life's larger purpose if you want to succeed.

Your life should always be oriented toward a larger goal. When your goals are linked to a larger purpose, your approach to achieving them will make more sense to you.

2. Make goals your number one priority

If you truly want to achieve your objectives, they must become your top priority.

You will be able to give them the attention they require once you have prioritized them. Failure to prioritize may result in you focusing on the “easy” things while procrastinating on actions related to your lofty goals.

You may be wondering what happens when competing interests arise. There will always be conflicts of interest in life, but if you have prioritized your goal, you will be able to give it the attention it deserves.

3. Make plans to get you there

You must first determine what it will take to achieve your lofty goals and then devise a strategy to achieve them. Planning demonstrates that you believe in your goals and are charting a course to achieve them.

Even if you don't have the necessary resources right now, you must plan as if you do. You'll be surprised at how much energy you'll have to pursue your goals if you do this.

Furthermore, you may begin to notice the necessary resources appearing from unexpected places.

“When you want something, the entire universe works together to make it happen.” Paulo Coelho

4. Make your goals attainable and scalable

Break down the larger goals into milestones in your planning. Instead of focusing on the big picture, your mind will focus on one milestone at a time.

This makes your goals feel much more attainable and less overwhelming.

Accomplishing each milestone will motivate you to do more, and you will find that you have completed your big goal in no time.

5. Keep it hidden under your hat

Take care who you tell about your lofty ambitions. It is best not to tell anyone unless they are trusted accountability partners in achieving your goals, especially when you are just getting started.

Skepticism, pessimism, and discouragement from others can kill your dream before it even begins.

6. Recognize and Face Your Fears

Accept the fear challenge and come to terms with it.

Fears are thoughts about the possibility of failure or anxiety about not knowing how things will turn out. If possible, write down your fears one at a time and look for alternative facts for each one.

More on overcoming fears can be found at: How to Overcome Your Fear and Achieve Greatness.

7. Only think in terms of success

Look for more reasons to succeed than reasons to fail.

While it is useful to consider what might cause your goals to fail, it is far more important to focus on how you want them to succeed. This necessitates focusing solely on achieving the goal and becoming “deaf and dumb” to other voices.

8. Get Ready for Opposition

People may tell you that your goals are unrealistic. Others may even try to prevent you from succeeding.

To defeat the opposition, you must plan ahead of time and be tactical with your goals. Many successful people have had to debunk the skeptics.

You must be able to silence your opponents and demonstrate that your goal is truly worthwhile.

9. Make a contingency plan

There will unavoidable roadblocks along the way to achieving your objectives. They don't necessarily mean to stop you, but they appear nonetheless.

Make sure to leave room for contingencies in your planning. Most importantly, make a conscious decision to never give up on your lofty goals, no matter what obstacles you face.

10. Seek Assistance If Necessary

Learn to ask for assistance when you require it. Someone out there may be willing to assist you or provide a critical idea that will propel you forward toward your goal.

You may have seen the viral video depicting a scenario in which a massive tree fell across a major road, causing major traffic congestion. A small boy approached the downed tree and attempted to push it.

People didn't take him seriously at first. When they saw how determined he was, they joined him in pushing the tree, and the road became clear for everyone.

The lesson in this video is that if you take the necessary steps, you will always find someone who will support your dream.

Final Thoughts

High goals are necessary, and anyone who is determined to live a better life can achieve them. Do not be satisfied with minor or medium-level accomplishments.

Make it a habit to set a lofty goal for yourself each time, and you will find yourself stretching towards unprecedented success.

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