7 Great Tips on Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you are lucky enough to experience a unique and interesting way of love. But many would believe that such relationships don’t last and discourage them. Yet we cannot deny that the extra distance sweetens the relationship even more.

Long distance relationship is totally worth it but you should know that when it comes to long-distance relationships, nothing is clear-cut. You will face some challenges and difficulties, but they aren’t exclusive to only long-distance relationships. Some studies prove that you can get higher levels of strong communication, intimacy, and satisfaction from such relationships and can succeed if you really try to.

The best long distance relationship rule is staying virtually connected while leaving each other room. When you have finally found your special other, miles of distance in between can be tough. In the rest of the article, I will talk about everything you need to know about long distance relationships including some long distance relationship tips to spice things up.

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Long-distance relationships are now pretty common these days. There are more than enough opportunities for people to find love even thousands of miles away from home. Thanks to the internet, it’s super easy to date someone even before seeing them in real life. But in such relationships, it’s hard not to get lonely from time to time.

This statistic shows the results of a survey conducted in the United States in 2015 which shows the longest time period people have been in a long distance relationship. Results show that 38 percent of respondents state to never have been in a long distance relationship. 11 percent of respondents have been in a long distance relationship of 5 years or more.

Long-distance relationships are not easy. You may have found someone special and are in a relationship with them. But a new career opportunity or important family obligations can easily bring in miles of distance between. Living months or even years apart can feel overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean every long-distance relationship is bound to fail.

According to Dr. Joshua Klapow, a clinical psychologist, in Elite Daily, no matter how tough long-distance relationships may be, they can still succeed. Healthy relationships are built on a strong emotional bond, trust, effort, and dedication towards each other. When you are dating your special other, they should feel independent, connected, and safe around you.

If your relationship has all these qualities, any long-distance relationship can last for a long time. Even statistics will show you an encouraging side of long-distance relationships. A 2013 study from the Journal of Communication says approximately 75% of college students have experience of being in a successful long-distance relationship.

Three million Americans have lived away from their spouse at a point in their marriage. Some researches prove long-distance relationships have equal or more satisfaction than geographically close ones. With a higher dedication to each other in the relationship, there are fewer chances of either person feeling trapped.

You have more time to talk and learn about each other than when you are constantly together. You get the extra benefit of cultivating your interests and friendship. There’s much more time for yourself. So when you finally meet again, you get excited and value the time you can spend with one another.

7 Tips on Surviving Long Distance Relationships

It’s not easy to find someone you wish to hold onto. When you finally meet someone special and makes you happy, it’s only natural to want to stay together with them at all times. But there might be times when you find each other separated due to special circumstances.

During such moments, if you still want to make your long-distance relationship work without any problem, you will need to put in much effort. I have a few useful tips for you that can prove to be helpful:

1. Communicate Is Key

Communication is super important in any relationship. And this is especially the case for long distance ones. You both can establish expectations for how much you want to communicate with each other because providing some personal space is also important.

Some couples may want to feel connected every hour or find it troublesome to communicate every day. So be open about it and continue your communications through phone calls or texting accordingly.

2. Be There When Your Partner Needs You

When you are in a relationship, both parties need to connect. Be a partner who your lover can rely on without a problem. Whenever your partner may be having a hard time, you must be there for them.

But this doesn’t mean you have to be physically there for them. Just remember to stay connected with them so they know no matter how far apart you may be, you will always be there when they may need you.

3. Support Each Other’s Interests

In a long-distance relationship, two different individuals are trying to find a constant balance between their time and special time with their partner. Because there’s much time to grow as a person, your partner may continue to grow as a person and find new interests.

As a good partner, you need to stay connected with your partner’s interests and push them forward. In a healthy relationship, personal growth and change are something both parties encourage and appreciate.

4. Stay Committed to Your Relationship

For anyone in a relationship, staying committed is a must. But for people pursuing a long-distance relationship, this is all the more so.

You cannot expect to see your relationship work if you are not faithful to your partner just because you are away from their sight. If you want your relationship to work out, it’s a must you are committed to your significant other.

5. Make Regular Fun Plans Together

Long-distance relationships make it incredibly fun to plan the next time you guys meet. Every time you meet should be more refreshing and exciting than the last time.

So make it a ritual and plan all the fun things you could do. You could also plant a surprise from time to time to spice it all up. This creates an event both of you are looking forward to every time.

6. Do Activities Together Even When You’re Apart

I don’t think you have to be physically present all the time to take part in fun activities. Thanks to technology, you have all the opportunity to enjoy a date night via Skype at any time you want. There are many things to do in long-distance relationships.

You can watch movies together, cook with each other or even just share a drink. Just because there are miles of distance between you two, it shouldn’t stop you from taking part in all the fun and enjoyable activities.

7. Set Clear Boundaries and Rules

You should make sure that both of you are open about what you and your partner are not comfortable about. Avoid doing anything that makes your partner uncomfortable and worried miles of distance away.

You don’t need to ask each other for permission for every little social interaction in real life or on social media. But there should be a clear conversation to set boundaries and rules for both of you.

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Fun?

Long-distance relationships can take some effort to work. You are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from your loved one and that can be tough. Both physically and mentally, it can take a toll on both parties. But even though you are not physically there 24/7, that doesn’t mean your relationship needs to suffer.

No doubt, it’s important that you spend a significant amount of time with your partner. But how can you keep the spark alive even when you are miles away from each other? With the right amount of effort and creativity, I’d say there should be no problem. Let’s look at some simple and fun ways you can keep your loved one entertained despite the distance:

1. Start a New Show on Netflix Together

You may not be next to each other, but you can still enjoy some sweet time watching Netflix. Pick a day and set aside some time every week to sit down and watch some episodes at the same time.
You can choose a show you both might love and FaceTime, talk on the phone or message the reactions while you are watching. It will feel just as enjoyable as when you would spend the evening together.

2. Talk about Food and Cooking

Just because you are physically apart does not mean you cannot cook together. Does your partner love your cooking? Just pick a date and send them your special recipe to cook it together.

You can discuss any improvements that could be made or wine pairings that might go well with the dish. You can even make this a monthly thing to spend more fun and exciting time together.

3. Send Special Deliveries to Each Other

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good surprise? I bet your loved one would love it as well. Be it an awesome dinner, or some handy gadgets, or a lovely care package, you can surprise your partner with anything they might love.

Just make sure to think of them when you send anything to their place and send a sweet message inside the box.

4. Try Sending Each Other a Snail Mail

Technology has made long-distance relationships easier than ever. But that doesn’t mean a good old-fashioned love letter can’t be sweet once in a while. You don’t necessarily have to become pen-pals with each other. But who won’t be happy to find sweet handwritten notes by their lover? So why not try sending snail mail?

You can send real letters, cute postcards, cute greeting cards, or even sketch doodles. Anything you find funny, cute, or sweet will work. This is a great opportunity to look forward to something special from your partner whenever you check the mail. For some extra points, you can spray your usual perfume or cologne to make the letter smell like you.

5. Play Some Good Video Games Together

There are many fun online games available these days. Pick any you both are interested in and play with each other.

It can be an extremely fun and exciting activity for both of you. If you both are gamers, you guys may do this already. And if you are not then now is better than never. There are plenty of free multiplayer games on all platforms.

6. Play Drinking Games via Zoom or Skype

After a long day at work, all we need is a drink and a let out some steam over a conversation with our partner.

They may be miles away, but you can easily set up a drinking date over Zoom or Skype. Play some fun drinking games and it’s bound to lead to a lot of laughs and tipsy conversations.

7. Make a Special Spotify Playlist

In high school, wooing your love interest was all about mixtapes. But now, a good Spotify playlist works just as much if not better.
Select all your lover’s favorite music, songs that remind you of them, and the new tracks you want them to listen to. Both of you can listen to it whenever you think of the other.

8. Make Plans For Your Next Date

It can be tough whenever you think of the many months you won’t be seeing each other for. But you can start planning the next date and look forward to the day more than ever.

In a long-distance relationship, the most special feeling can be that you have something to look forward to all the time. Plan and make a list of all the things you want to do when you guys finally meet.

9. Surprise Them with a Surprise Visit

Without a doubt, planned trips are a great way to spend some time together. But a surprise one might just be a more needed visit sometimes. If you find out your loved one has something big you guys can celebrate or is having a rough time at work, a surprise visit can be the best gift they could ask for.

You can ask a couple of close friends to know your partner’s schedule and plan a surprise visit. But don’t tell too many people in advance so that the secret won’t get leaked.

Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Will Last

After a long time searching, you may have found someone you wish to hold onto forever. Both of you share a special bond and are happy with each other. But special circumstances can arise at any time and you guys may end up hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other.

You may be in a healthy and happy relationship, but a part of you can be worried about it. No matter how much we wish to deny, the long-distance in-between can affect a relationship. So how do you understand whether you guys will stay together in the future? The following are a few signs that your relationship will last for a long time:

1. You Guys Have Regular Date Nights

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you have more time to focus on your own life. Be it work, managing your home, or your own family, you hardly have much time for your relationship. But if it still hasn’t lessened how much you are looking forward to your date night with your boo, that can mean your relationship is still strong as ever.

It may not be possible to set aside something special every week when you have to travel hundreds of miles to visit each other. But once a month or two can work just fine and both of you can enjoy an evening all for yourselves. Set up the table, put out some candles, and enjoy some delicious dinner together. If you still enjoy such activities together, you guys are on the right track.

2. You Are Happy When You are Together

The beginning of all relationships will happen when we are burning with passion and excitement. But such an infatuation period will eventually come to an end and every couple has to deal with such changes. After the “Honeymoon phase”, many couples tend to fade and only the successful ones can still find happiness in the ups and downs of daily life.

In a long-distance relationship, this moment can be especially frustrating. But if you and your partner find yourselves still loving the little things about each other, things might stay this way for a long while. Chatting and talking on the phone about nothing and everything or loving the moments you both are together is the best sign that the relationship is bound to go a long way.

3. You Are Always Curious About Each Other

When you are so far away from your partner, it’s only natural to be curious about what they are doing or how they are doing. When was the last time you asked for the details of their job or how they are doing? If sharing the small details of the day is a rare occurrence for you guys, I’d say that’s a positive sign for your relationship.

When you are curious about your loved ones, it means you wish to learn a lot more about them. If both of you still find each other fascinating, it certainly doesn’t sound like either of you might be getting tired of each other any time soon.

4. You Fall In Love with Them Over and Over Again

Can you remember the feeling you had when you first started dating your loved one? Most would describe it as an indescribable desire to get to know everything about the other and make them happy. When you are staying miles and miles away from each other, there’s less chance for moments you spend together.

But even when you are away, you might still remember that special feeling and bring in similar behaviors from those times into your relationship. If you can relate to this, that’s a sign your relationship is going to last.

5. You Guys Fight Fair and Are willing to Compromise

In every human relationship, there will be many conflicts. But conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing. There are more chances of you staying with someone for a longer time if you find yourselves fighting from time to time. In a long-distance relationship, a short bout of jealousy, irritation, or disagreement may happen.

But if you want your relationship to succeed, both of you should learn how to fight fair. If you guys respect each other’s opinions after a fight and know how to makeup, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship. Furthermore, such moments can lead to an interesting constructive conversation about your relationship.

6. Both of You Encourage and Appreciate each other’s Growth

In a long-distance relationship, there is a lot more time to focus on yourself and your personal growth. Both individuals in the relationship can find enough time to grow and change over time. You must let them change and grow into the person they wish to be.

Over a lifetime, a person will acquire new interests, viewpoints, passions, and needs. With more time for yourselves, you and your partner are more susceptible to this. So in those moments, if you find that both you and your partner can rely and depend on each other for encouragement and appreciation, this is a great sign the relationship can last a lifetime.

7. Both of You Respect Each Other’s Opinions

In a relationship, sometimes one person is more assertive and makes most decisions. But just because the other person is a bit passive, that doesn’t mean your partner won’t listen to your opinions at all.

Many long-distance relationships can fail because of total disregard for one person’s opinions. With time, the relationship becomes a burden and just falls apart.

If both of you respect and encourage your partner’s opinions and decisions, this can mean both of you value each other. As long as you guys have respect for each other’s opinions, the relationship might be able to weather any strong storm it faces.

What Are the Red Flags in a Long Distance Relationship?

All relationships come with their own set of challenges. But specifically, long-distance relationships have some unique difficulties both parties have to face constantly. For once, there needs to be a perfect balance between two individuals and their different schedules. The long-distance in between can be a short-time fixture or a permanent one.

Whichever it is, sometimes we need to figure out staying together with your partner over miles of distance apart might be worth it. Let’s look at some signs that you guys have just drifted apart and the long distancing might not work anymore:

1. Lack of Communication

Unlike other relationships, the key to a long-distance relationship is communication. There’s more communication than ever through texting, phone calls, or video chats. All these help keep your partner constantly present in your life. There might not be any quality time you guys spend together, but you make up for it through communication.

So when all that you wanted to talk about has finished and there’s nothing you want to share anymore, that might be a sign your relationship has reached an end. In a long-distance relationship, no communication for days can be weird. So anything longer than 5 days can be a negative sign.

2. There’s No Desire to See Each Other

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s easy to forget how expensive and tiring flying over a couple of states can be.

The excitement and anticipation to meet each other finally is the best part of such relationships. But if the desire to meet each other has died down, it’s finally time to let go of each other.

3. Making Empty Promises

The long-distance between partners can inevitably take a heavy toll on the relationship. Things like jealousy and mistrust may come up without any reason from your partner.

Such behavior can be frustrating. But what can be worse than that is when your partner promises to change their behavior but the promise is short-lived. When both of you start to overlook each other and the promises you make to each other, the relationship has already gone downhill.

4. You Are Together for the Wrong Reasons

Take some time and ask yourself why you are still in a relationship? If the answer is because both of you are head over heels for each other and want the relationship to work out, then you are on the right track.

But if you are just afraid to leave each other because you are afraid to be alone or of the other person’s opinions, then maybe this is not healthy for either of you. It is only healthy that you think of yourself first.

5. The Relationship Feels Frustrating

There are many reasons to be in a relationship with another person. A major reason is finding happiness with each other and growing up together.

But when the relationship ends up taking your happiness away, it’s no longer worth staying together. If it just brings you pain and anguish, it’s better to stay alone.


Long distance relationships are quite common nowadays thanks to how connected people are over the internet. But the negative aspects of such a relationship are often highlighted a bit more than the positives. Even though successful long distance relationships aren’t that uncommon.

But, I hope after reading this article, any worrisome thoughts you had have been washed away. Thanks for reading till the end and best of luck with your relationship.