Losing a Friend (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

IMG 3604 – friendship People often feel sad and lonely as they notice their circle of friends shrinking as they get older. It is, however, completely normal to lose friends as you get older.

When you reach the age of 30, you can no longer simply “hang out” with your friends on a daily basis. I mean, you now have responsibilities; you're wiser and have a better idea of what you want out of life.

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Here's why it's normal to lose friends as you get older, and why you shouldn't be too depressed about it

1. You must prioritize your family, career, and other responsibilities

As you get older, you become more involved in building your business, career, or taking care of your family, and you simply can't see as many of your friends as you used to. That is entirely normal and to be expected. It would be a tragedy if you neglected these important aspects of your life in order to spend days on friends' couches and local bar stools.

Of course, it stinks when adulthood‘s rigors wash away friendships, but it happens. Fortunately, you can always pick up the phone and call a close friend you haven't spoken with in a long time.

2. You realize that some friendships are no longer worth the effort

It takes a lot of effort to keep friendships alive. It consumes your time and even resources. While some friendships you cherish and want to keep for as long as possible, others simply aren't worth investing in any longer. It's not that the friendships you're no longer interested in are bad; it's just that you're older now and have outgrown them.

Friendships from when you were young, rebellious, and a less-than-perfect version of yourself, for example, are often best left in the past. On the surface, it may appear that losing these old friendships is a bad thing, but it isn't. It demonstrates that you are progressing. If you aren't losing some of your old friendships, you might not be maturing.

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3. You relocate to a far-flung location

One day, a close friend calls to tell you that she's received a job offer from a well-paying company; the only catch is that it's overseas. And she's already taken it. Another few months pass, and another close friend relocates from the city to a state hundreds of miles away. And then there's another, and another, and another. Only two close friends remain at the end.

Then you call your two remaining friends and tell them you're getting married, buying a house upcountry, or whatever, and planning to leave town soon. You realize that socializing with these friends will become too difficult. As a result, your friendship gradually deteriorates. It stinks, but it happens. You must accept it and move on, or you will never grow.

4. You begin to enjoy new things

We change as we get older. Our friends change, as do the things that bind us together. For example, you may have an old friend whom you admired because he was simple and modest, but who has since become wealthy and developed a taste for the lavish. You notice it's more difficult to spend time with him now that you can't afford the same restaurants, travel arrangements, and other entertainments. As a result, you gradually drift apart.

In such cases, there is frequently no malice or definitive parting of ways. It just happens gradually, which is good because it allows you to let go and make room for new friends with similar interests, values, and possibly even station.

5. You realize that some of your friends are toxic

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” Jim Rohn famously said. He was correct. Some of your friends may have problematic mindsets that only become apparent as they mature. We've all got friends who have a skewed view of women or men, for example. They always manage to make you do or say things you swore you'd never do again, like drink. Their crazy lifestyle is troublesome for you, and they always seem to drag you into it when you're around them.

Even though you genuinely care about them, you recognize that they are no longer fit to be around. So you stay away from them. That is a wise decision because it prevents you from getting involved in something you will later regret.

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6. You prioritize a small group of close friends

When you're older, you've had time to evaluate, sieve, and settle for true friends who you know will stick with you no matter what, no matter how things change. True friends appreciate you for who you are, not what you have. And you feel the same way about them.

These are the types of friends you value now and are willing to go to great lengths for. You like their company, and they like yours. Your conversations are fantastic, and it's a pleasure to pay each other visits to pick each other's brains.

It's difficult to find true friends like these, so you might have two, three, or four if you're lucky – but never an entire gang. And you like it that way because it takes less effort to keep one true friend than ten on-and-off buddies.

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