Loving an Empath (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Let me count the ways you can love an empath: fiercely, honestly, and with everything you've got.

We don't take love lightly, so expect to be blown away when we choose to open our hearts to you. It's intense, powerful, messy, and at times difficult to handle, but it's real. Empaths are incapable of loving in any other way.

I should also explain what exactly an Empath is. An Empath is someone who is extremely sensitive to the energy/moods/emotions of other people, situations, and their surroundings, to the point of adopting those emotions as their own. They also have some psychic abilities, such as “knowing” things without having proof. Their emotions run deep, making them somewhat mysterious and complex, but what lies beneath the surface is a world all its own.

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You will see vulnerability, honesty, hurt, pain, dreams, happiness, and love when you look into the eyes of an Empath who has opened up their heart to you. Not everyone is cut out to love one, with emotions flying, thoughts racing, and ideas flowing nonstop. It can be difficult, but to make things a little easier, I've come up with 15 (yes, 15!) ways to love us.

Most can be applied to anyone, but some are tailored specifically to the highly sensitive Empaths in your life!

1. We can't change, so don't expect us to

Nothing will drive an Empath away faster than attempting to change our sensitivity and emphatic abilities. YES, we are unlike the majority of people you know, but so what? We're sensitive people. We have a sixth sense. We are easily stimulated. We sob. We find beauty in everything. We are sensitive to the suffering of others. Don't try to persuade us to change. It will not work, and we will immediately close ourselves off to you.

2. We will be harmed if we are imprisoned

We need to be able to fly freely, like birds, to wherever our emotions take us. There will be highs and lows, as well as twisting and turning in the middle. Caging us is akin to chopping off our wings. If you try to control us, we will lose the light that guides us. If this happens, we will shut down and the love we have to give will be buried deep within us. The damage is difficult to repair, but it can be avoided by not attempting to confine us.

3. Alone time is non-negotiable

Empaths require re-energizing in their own space. It will look different for each person, but chances are they need some alone time. It can be exhausting to constantly feel the energy of those around us; please don't be upset or annoyed when we need to refuel on our own. It doesn't mean we don't care about you or want to be around you. It means we need to clear our minds and refuel our batteries. I promise that we will return happier than before.

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4. Take our advice seriously

Empaths are extremely inventive people. There is always a new idea that comes to them, so pay attention to them. You should take them seriously. Believe in them, no matter how crazy the idea sounds. Empaths, more than anyone else, have the potential to truly change the world. Pay attention when they pour their hearts out to you. Because something quite amazing is about to be created somewhere between their excitement, passion, and jumbled words.

5. Being supportive allows us to open up

We are aware that we are unique; this is nothing new to us. We are aware that the way we see life does not make sense to many people who are not sympathetic. We also know that there is a whole world out there trying to change us. Support us if you want to love us. Go out on a limb and put your trust in us. This actually makes us feel safe enough to be more open about our identities.

6. Our intuition is usually correct

We actually know what we're talking about, contrary to popular belief. Remember how sympathetic we are? We are aware of everything. So, trust us when we have a good feeling about something. Trust us when we have a bad feeling about something. Trust us when we pursue a dream because it speaks to our hearts. Trust us when we suspect someone is lying. I understand that for a non-empathetic person, this is a lot of “blind faith” in someone, but trust me, trusting the Empath in your life will show her that you believe in what she's saying.

7. Be truthful; deception destroys us

Most people believe that sugar-coating things is the best way to deal with Empaths. I will tell you unequivocally that being honest is the ONLY way to go. We will take a long time to recover from the betrayal we feel as a result of being lied to after we have opened our hearts and souls to you. It has the potential to, and almost certainly will, ruin your relationship. Just be truthful. A couple of days of crying is preferable to permanently losing an Empath.

8. Do not compete with our love for our animals

MOST, not all, Empaths have a strong connection to animals and have one or two (or seven) furry friends that they adore. When I say they are connected, what I really mean is that they would go to any length for them. Some days, you'll feel as if you're second to them. You kinda do if you want the honest truth. They can't help themselves. The love they have for their pets is not the same as the love they have for you, and it should not be compared. Don't even try. I guarantee you that if you can accept and appreciate your wife's deep love for her dog, she will love you more.

9. We rely on you to make us laugh

Some days, we need someone to snap us out of our trance and remind us what it's like to laugh until our stomachs hurt. To have fun like a child. To be more present in the moment and less serious all of the time. We need someone to hit the pause button for a moment and tell us it's okay to have fun.

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10. Recognize that there are some things we will never give up

There are some things in this world that speak so clearly and directly to our hearts that it feels as if they are a part of us. It's almost as if we wouldn't be ourselves without it, as dramatic as that may sound. It could be music, painting, photography, volunteering with a non-profit, or feeding the homeless. It's all about love and passion. Empaths are some of the most passionate people on the planet. We lose ourselves when we lose our passion. Please don't ask or expect us to give up on something that has improved our hearts.

11. Our hearts break on a daily basis

Being an empath is exhausting. Some days, all it takes is someone saying something “wrong” to me, seeing an image of something terrible, or hearing a story about someone I don't know who has gone through the unthinkable, and I'm crying like a baby. Our hearts are easily broken. Being an Empath can be devastating at times, so let us cry on those occasions. No questions or advice are required; simply accept that our hearts are heavy from this world and that we need to cry it out.

12. Recognize that we love fervently

It's no surprise that when you're deeply connected to almost everything, you love fiercely. We truly feel “at home” in our surroundings! So when we love someone, we feel one with them, and our love is strong. It has a lot of power. It has the ability to heal, but it can also be dangerous in the wrong hands. In the right hands, it has the potential to change your life forever. And in a good way.

13. Recognize our ability to sense our surroundings

It's one thing to make fun of our sensitivity. Another is judging, ridiculing, and belittling who we truly are. When you're in a relationship with an Empath, acting as if “this” is something we'll “get over” is a recipe for disaster. Please accept us. We adore you. We have a unique ability to perceive and feel the world in new ways. Please don't pass judgment on us.

14. Don't blame us for your insecurity

To truly love an Empathetic woman, a man must be secure. That is the honest truth from God. Unfortunately, casting your insecurity on her may work to bring her down. She can't turn off her ability to feel what other people are feeling. But I know she'll hide the best of herself from you if you do that. She will temporarily clip her own wings, and you will suffer as a result. The most beautiful and amazing aspects of her appear when she is in motion.

15. If it becomes too much for you, please leave gracefully

Maybe you met her at the wrong time, or maybe it wasn't meant to be forever, or maybe this is all too much for you right now. In any case, show her how much you care by leaving gracefully. Do not confine her, put her down, or make her feel insecure about herself. Love her by departing with dignity and honesty. She will appreciate and thank you for it.


You are fortunate if you have the opportunity to love an Empath even once in your life. It will not always be easy, but it will always be worthwhile.

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