Make Positive Change (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Making a positive change is likely to feature in the things you'll need to do to feel happy and successful again, whether you're facing redundancy or the loss of a loved one, stuck in a rut or unable to stay motivated.

However, it is sometimes easier said than done.

In this article, I will discuss how I assisted my clients in changing their lives, as well as tips for you to make a positive change for a more fulfilling life.

From losing control to exuding joy

They sat across from me and didn't just appear dejected; they appeared as if the world had collapsed on them and the effort of living was likely to stop their heart. Everything felt and appeared to be wrong. How could they possibly move on from that?

This client came to me because they felt they had lost control of their lives, and no matter what they did, how they acted, or who they spent time with, everything seemed to go wrong. How do you make changes when that is the way life is?

What's the point of bothering? This is exactly how the client felt when he asked himself, “What's the point?” The point of change is that, while it can be difficult to get started, let alone maintain the changes you've made.

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Change is something we can learn to do on our own in order to live the life we want and feel the way we want. When we feel good, we feel stronger and more capable, as if we can take on anything.

After 6 months, this client doesn't just smile when they walk in; they exude sunshine and happiness. It's almost as if a different person is standing in front of me. And they've not only gained a smile and shed their “the world hates me” demeanor; they've “magically” discovered they're earning more money and attracting opportunities that didn't seem imaginable, let alone possible, six months ago.

What transpired? How did they accomplish this? No, we did not resurrect anyone or assist them in winning the lottery.

I'd like to share the tools and techniques we used with you. Before I do so, let's take a look at why we need to change.

Why Do You Need to Make a Positive Change?

The need for change, like many other things in life, does not occur overnight. It takes a Eureka moment, a coach, or an accident for us to look in the mirror and realize that something needs to change.

We don't wake up one day feeling super stressed and like we're climbing a sand mountain in heels with our hands tied behind our backs. These things gradually encroach on us until we begin to suffer as a result. The need for change is frequently overlooked in favor of the results.

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Signs That You Need to Make a Change

Here are some indicators that you need to make a change in your life:

  • Can't sleep or can't stay awake.
  • I'm unable to concentrate on a book.
  • You waste too much time on social media scrolling through content you've already seen.
  • You are unable to concentrate on your work or studies.
  • Lack of interest in additional learning or hobbies.
  • I've developed a strange rash, as well as random pains or headaches.
  • You ate too much or you lost your appetite.
  • I'm staying away from friends and family.
  • Constant snapping or moaning

All of the typical “I need to make some changes in my life” outcomes. Worse, all of the aforementioned harm your health, career, relationships, earning potential, happiness, contentment, and life in general.

Advantages of Making a Positive Change

Have you ever noticed someone who appears to be perpetually happy and in a good mood? They may not be the person with the largest bank account, but they exude genuine happiness. They are very likely to be a person who is in touch with what they require in order to be like that.

To really get you excited about change and its potential to transform your life, here are some of the outcomes I've seen with clients through change:

Increased earnings:

  • Stop worrying about what other people think of them.
  • Stop attempting to please everyone and prioritize themselves at the top of the priority list.
  • More assurance
  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • New friendships
  • New professions
  • Overcome long-held fears, such as the fear of public speaking
  • They stood firm for what they believed in
  • Overcome your shyness
  • Better at selling
  • Business expansion
  • Overcome your fear of heights

To say the list is extensive is an understatement, but I have coached thousands of people and truly believe in what I share here.

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Let's take a look at how you can bring about positive change in your life.

How to Prepare Yourself for Change

Feel the Agony

One of the reasons we don't make positive changes in our lives is that we lack a strong enough desire to do so. Before you do anything else, feel the pain of how things are right now for you to the point where you physically want to squirm in your seat.

When I do this for clients, I apply it thickly. For example, when a client told me that they want financial freedom, they mentioned their excessive use of credit cards. I took a note and a credit card and tossed them in the air, joking, “Fly free my pretties, fly free!” The client was embarrassed (as you would be if you were throwing money around a desk), but when the credit card landed on their notepad, they flicked it away.

I asked if they thought the credit card was dangerous in any way. And they were able to feel the full extent of the pain that the credit card was causing in their lives and the lives of their families. We could see together that the credit card represented all of the emotions and negative feelings that they despised in their lives. When they left, they made a point of saying that they were going to leave a credit card on the side of their house to serve as a powerful reminder of why things needed to change.

Imagine every aspect of the pain that makes you unhappy, as well as every other negative emotion that lurks in your mind.

Enjoy the Feeling

Consider the opposite emotions after you've felt the pain and realized why you want to get away from it.

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What does financial freedom look like for you? How does it make you feel? You could focus on the car and home you will own, but in my experience, that is more difficult to visualize powerfully than emotions are. You see, when you get good at this, you can change your emotions and feelings in less than a second because you understand why you need to and the consequences of not doing so. As a result, if you can truly feel the emotions, you will be able to stay on track when implementing a new change plan.

For most clients, I find that this exercise is best done at the end of the day, just before going to bed:

  • It relieves you of your stress about everything that is going on in your life.
  • You are ending your day with a burst of good feelings.
  • You provide your mind with clear ideas for what to work on.

I truly believe that making space in our minds allows us to find answers we've been looking for. It's almost as if you're asking a massive computer to create the formula for success, and your job is to recharge your mind and body while the computer works. That may sound ridiculous, but I've seen amazing things happen for clients who asked the question, figured out what they wanted, and then went to Sleepland.

Feel the pleasure of achieving your goals on a level that makes you grin. Do you remember how excited and happy you were as a child on Christmas Eve? The amount of energy that felt like it was about to burst from you? That is how it should feel to enjoy the pleasure of change. There's no need to figure out why, how, where, or with whom. Simply consider how you want to feel.

Feel the Panic

We can't move forward unless we acknowledge that change can be frightening. My book Fight the Fear – How to Beat Your Negative Mindset and Win in Life assists people in dealing with 12 of the top fears that impact success, whether it's the fear that you can't really change, or that you'll never have the confidence to say or do that, or the fear that you set the wrong goals or are constantly concerned with what other people think.

Many fears lurk in the shadows, obstructing our efforts to change. You can decide to do something about your fear if you feel it and understand how it affects you. Fear is the result of a lack of confidence, and confidence is gained through action. The irony is (and what prevents positive change) that we are afraid to do something different and thus remain stuck in place with the results we get.

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Here are five ideas to help you overcome your fear:

Understand Why You Are Awesome

We often have plenty of evidence that we rock, but we are unlikely to pay attention to it when we are fearful of change. I refer to this as the head-to-heart disparity.

Appreciating why you are awesome and all that you have accomplished allows you to ignore the heart's loud “you can't do it” attitude and hear the facts that the head holds on to.

Count on Someone

Whether they do it on purpose out of love or spite, or because they are unaware of the damage they are causing to your confidence and thus reinforcing fear, the wrong people will keep you fearful and stuck.

There are numerous reasons for this, including the fact that they do not want you to fail and be sad, that they do not want you to be different, that they do not want you to look better than them, and so on.

It is not your job to persuade them to change their minds; rather, it is your job to find the right people to assist you. They don't have to say anything about what you want to accomplish; they just have to be the upbeat, “can-do” people who will keep you on track.

Failure in Love

Failure is beneficial to us. When it doesn't feel like it, it can feel like we were not only the last in the running race at our school's sports day, but the biggest loser on the planet. Do not allow this to happen.

Accept that failure teaches you. You now have powerful information to help you move forward by understanding what went wrong. One failure does not equal a life of incompetence.

Recognize and Accept That Fear Can Be Resolved in Two Ways
Some fears I can resolve in an hour for a client because it is a matter of dealing with their mindset; others take a little longer because the client must also learn new skills.

Fears that stymie change can be overcome with the right skill set and mindset. What qualifications do you require?

Take Initiative

Fear despises action. It's very satisfying to do nothing, to divert your attention away from the fear, and to feel stuck and out of control. That makes fear happy.

Fear despises it when you make a plan. When you make a plan, it does not always work out. Fear will try to be a loud voice in your head that says, “ha ha, I told you that wasn't going to work.” Don't worry about it! It doesn't matter much what action you take at first; what matters is that you take action.

Remember to ask yourself, “How am I going to silence fear when it tries to keep me here?”

Three Simple Steps to Begin Making a Positive Difference

Finally, here are the steps I would take to effect change:

1. Understand Your Potential Fears and Obstacles

List them – I always do this in a mindmap. It can be either visual or a list. Understanding your natural style can help you achieve other goals in the future.

2. Disobey the Rules

When we say we want to change, we often feel it's a good idea to look at what others are doing. You should only get your ideas from within yourself. One of the reasons why change is so difficult is that we try to do it like everyone else. They are not you, and you are not them.

Learn about your values, loves, and beliefs, and how they fit into your change strategy. If you find yourself comparing yourself to your friends, peers, and family, you are not working in the most powerful way possible, which is your way.

3. Put Your Thoughts to the Test

Thoughts can infiltrate your mind, and before you know it, you are the one jeopardizing your chances of success. What thoughts do you have about this change?

For example, I had a client tell me that they thought our plan of action would be difficult to implement. When questioned about this, the client admitted that everything they had accomplished had just “fallen into their lap” and that they were “allergic to hard work.” How likely were they to succeed if they expected it to be difficult?

Take care in how you word your change and actions. Instead of saying, “this is going to be hard work,” say, “this is the next stage in my life, and I'm excited to get started.” (And, yes, it worked for this client!)

Final Thoughts

Personal and professional development is a multibillion-dollar industry. This is because, while we may know what needs to happen, we frequently want a magic pill or something that will make it happen instantly. Anything worthwhile in life necessitates effort, a shift in perspective, and the passage of time. So, if you don't make room to think about it, how will you make room to actually do it?

Change is powerful and natural, but it does necessitate some effort on your part. Nothing in nature ever stays the same. If you stick to this plan, you will be able to develop an understanding of yourself, a plan of action, and the desired results.

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