Make Someone Smile (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

I enjoy brightening people's days, and I know I'm not alone. Although we are constantly concerned with our own problems, bills, or how others perceive us, making someone else smile or brightening their day through a simple act of kindness can completely change your mood as well. Which is preferable? These kind, positive actions aren't difficult to perform, and they don't take up a lot of time in our hectic lives.

Here are 15 quick and easy ways to make others happy.

1. Tell a dad joke or make a terrible pun

Okay, I understand that not everyone is as witty, clever, or quick on their feet as I am. However, a simple joke or witty commentary will suffice. Humor is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make someone smile (crazy, right?!).

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Some people may think you're corny or cheesy, but they're laughing on the inside as well. Furthermore, your simple act of bravery and willingness to be vulnerable enough to tell a joke will be rewarded with a smile, making others feel better.

2. Pay genuine compliments

Compliments are frequently misinterpreted as creepy come-ons for one reason: they are not genuine. If you truly like the way a girl's hair or a guy's smile looks, they'll know just by the way you say it. If you truly mean it, this simple sentence, which only takes about 15 seconds to say, can make someone's entire week.

3. Make contact with someone you miss

Unfortunately, I see a lot of people using the excuse, “Well, they haven't talked to me in X years either, and the phone works both ways, donchaknow?”

That's a terrible thing to say. If you want to spend time with a close friend or relative, contact them and see how they're doing. Make the first move to make contact. Genuine gestures, once again, go a long way in this situation. Even a small amount Hey, I miss you and hope you're doing well in life text will hit them right in the feels four food.

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4. Even people who are on a diet or who exercise frequently enjoy pizza and burritos, but not together. Or perhaps

Additional points if you make something from scratch. Even if the cookies are burned, it's still very cool of you to do that, and the recipient will appreciate it (and probably laugh it off with you).

5. Send flowers to your mother or a loved one “just because.”

This is self-explanatory, but random gifts and treats are much more appreciated when they are given unexpectedly.

Birthdays, Mother's Day, and other Hallmark holidays can be identified from a mile away, with the expectation of a gift. Although all forms of gift giving are appreciated, random gifts are always the best.

6. Express your admiration for someone

These are heavy and meaningful words, but some of their meaning is often lost because we only hear them from our parents or family members. Telling a close friend or significant other that you are proud of them after they have accomplished something significant carries a lot of weight.

In fact, try flipping the switch and telling your parents you're proud of them for something they've accomplished. There will come a time in your life when you will realize that they are not only superheroes, but also real people.

Bonus points if you publicly praise them.

7. Create and deliver a handwritten letter or note

A pen pal recently made an excellent point about our current culture. In our highly communicative, fast-paced lives, we frequently have six to ten conversations going on at the same time.

The intimacy of letter writing has sadly diminished as a result of social media, email, text messaging, and Tinder. In fact, he vanished. However, when you think about it, there aren't many things on the planet that are more complimentary. The fact that you sat down for 15-20 minutes straight to carefully craft a message to one person, and only one person, is like a hundred specific compliments wrapped in an envelope and stamped with love.

8. Pay close attention

Again, there are many distractions in the world around us, some of which are justified. Life is insanely beautiful! There are numerous things to look at, see, do, and experience. However, being fully attentive when someone is speaking is one of the kindest and most touching things you can do for them. I'm almost certain they'll return the favor when you're ready to talk, and they'll never forget how much you care.

9. Express your regret by saying, “I'm sorry.”

We've all done something wrong, but it's never, ever too late to make things right. The ship rarely sails, but our egos convince us that it did. It doesn't matter if the incident occurred days, weeks, months, or even years ago; owning up to something you did that hurt another person will get you a million miles in a heartbeat.

10. Leave a large tip

People seem to believe, and tip, as if the check they pay at the end of the meal is what the waiter, waitress, or bartender pockets. Now, I'm not saying that everyone tips poorly or that all service is excellent, but giving a great tip, especially when the service is commensurate with the pay, will make that person's shift infinitely better.

11. Inform the mailman what's going on

He brings your mail every day, dude. He's always there, whether it's in the sleet, snow, squelching hot sun, or any other inclement weather pattern in between. That level of dependability and timeliness merits at the very least a proper introduction. Or, at the very least, a head bob and a smile.

12. Recognize when someone is down and encourage them

The world is inherently negative, and it is extremely difficult to get ourselves out of funks on our own. I recall several occasions when friends recognized that I was down and did something they knew would help me get out of it.

But it doesn't have to be with your friends only. People can be fairly easily read. Is that an elderly gentleman with his head bowed on the bus? How difficult is it to turn around and say, “Hey, you okay?” We're all scared, worried, and depressed at times, believe it or not.

But we're all in this “mess” together. Kindness always has a full circle effect.

13. Express gratitude

It is commonly stated that successful people begin their days by giving thanks for one or more things they have. Even when you're striving for more or trying to make a better life for yourself, it's always a good idea to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

How can a rose grow on its own in the middle of New York City? Astounding. This also applies to others. Is someone holding the door open for you? Thank you, ma'am. On Fridays, the barista at the coffee shop you frequent buys your coffee? Yes, sir! Thanks! Does your waitress fill your water glass without your asking? You've probably figured it out by now. If you keep your eyes peeled for them, you can easily spot instances of graciousness.

14. Make yourself available even if you don't want to

Don't ever tell someone you don't want to be there for them. That is not only incredibly disrespectful, but also extremely hurtful.

Instead, I encourage you to be willing to forego your plans in order to be there for someone. This could be a text message conversation, a phone conversation, or a late-night trip to Baskin Robbins following a bad breakup or job loss. When you have other things going on, you will be called upon to be there for someone. Be there to brighten their day.

15. Every day, smile at everyone you see

I purposefully left this one until last for two reasons: 1.) It's the simplest and can be applied to anyone you pass by during the day (I'm looking at you, city dwellers), and 2.) It's so simple. Actually, I'd like to challenge everyone. Look up from your phone for 5 minutes next time you're on your lunch break at work or walking around the busy mall on a Saturday, make eye contact with someone passing by, and smile warmly. Again, sincerity, rather than creepiness, is the key here.

But if you do it from the heart, you'll be amazed at what happens.

Positivity is analogous to tossing a stone into a calm lake. It will send ripples of kindness and happiness in every direction once you drop it in (via a simple action).

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