What are the Signs of Maturity in Someone’s Personality

Everyone grows up at some point in their lives. Maturity does not come with age; rather, it is the result of experiences. Here are some indicators that you are much more mature than you think.

1. You've discovered that the only drama in your life is on television

Let us face the facts. The world is full of toxic, dramatic, and negative people. You've finally realized you don't have time for that and have removed them from your life. The only drama in your life right now is what you're watching on TV while doing your laundry.

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2. You're not afraid of change

You finally understand and accept that not everything is set in stone. Unless it's your wedding, minor changes usually don't bother you as much as they used to. If your life takes a different path, you are no longer in a downward spiral of doom because it was most likely your choice.

We've all had second thoughts about who we want to be, what we want to do, how we want to look, and where we want to live. “Life is not about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself,” someone once said. You've accepted that there is no set path for your life.

3. You've realized that living happily ever after is a lot of work

You've probably realized by now that happily ever after isn't the end of the story. It is the beginning, and maintaining a happy relationship is difficult. You've accepted it as more than just singing a few songs and trying on a glass slipper in search of the love of your life.

You've accepted the fact that there are people out there who are fake, mean, dishonest, and stinky. More importantly, you are no longer completely hopeless with the end of each relationship. You see it as a learning experience and a reminder of what doesn't work for you.

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4. You've accepted that the world does not revolve around you

You've finally realized that you don't have control over the world. Each and every person on this planet has their own life to live. They are unlikely to drop what they are doing to assist you, just as you are unlikely to do so for anyone else.

Sure, there are family members and best friends, but these days you are more considerate when asking for favors.

5. Your parents do not force you to apologize. You say it all by yourself and mean it

You realize at this point in your life that you have been wrong at least six million times. Okay, perhaps not so much. When you are, you understand when to apologize and admit your error. You make amends with the person you have offended and move on. If you're anything like me, apologizing is a huge step, so be proud of yourself.

6. You choose to focus on the positive aspects of life

When something bad happens to you in life, you usually try to see the bright side of things. You've realized it's pointless to wallow in your own misery because it doesn't solve anything. You've learned to look at every bad thing that happens as an opportunity to learn.

7. You've noticed that family has taken precedence over friends

Previously, your friends were the most important aspect of your life. Family came in second, and spending time with them was exhausting. You now have a close circle of friends and many acquaintances, but on weekends, you prefer to spend time with your mother. At times, you actually prefer the company of your family over that of your friends.

8. You have filtered the majority of your thoughts before they leave your mouth

You realized that in most social situations, you need to filter your thoughts. In fact, you should be awarded a trophy for the number of thoughts you kept in your head.

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9. You don't mind being alone

It is therapeutic for you to be alone. It does not imply that you are an outcast or that you despise people. It simply means that you do not require the company of another person to keep you occupied or happy.

10. You've caught yourself giving your mother's advice

We've all done it: rolled our eyes during a lecture from Mom. Now you're giving your friend the same lecture over a cup of coffee in the afternoon. You despise admitting it, but what she said is true, and you've finally accepted it.

11. Your job is important to you, even if it is temporary

You are a responsible person who takes your job seriously. It doesn't matter if it's something you've worked your entire life for or something you're doing to pay your way through classes; you always do your best. When it comes to moving forward in your career, each and every boss is an important voice on your resume, so you take the time to do things correctly and efficiently.

12. You expect the best in life because you have worked so hard to achieve it

Everything you expect should leave you completely satisfied because you put in 110 percent of your effort. You've learned the hard way that nothing comes easy; you have to work hard for what you want.

13. You schedule time for yourself to do nothing

You realize you can't completely exhaust yourself, because what good is a life you've worked so hard for if you can't enjoy it? You've scheduled time to read a chapter of a book, nap, or watch an episode of your favorite show. It is not being lazy; rather, it is recognizing when you require time to reset and relax.

14. You don't feel the need to get drunk on weekends in order to have fun

Weekends don't have to be filled with drunken adventures, a room full of sweaty dancing people, or songs about the bass. You're content with a glass of wine and some good friends, or a couple beers in a relaxed pub. You can have fun regardless of whether you're “turning down” for “what” or for Netflix.

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15. Materialistic things make you happy, but they do not define what it means to be happy

Even if the special occasion splurge makes you happy, it is the little things in life that truly make you happy. You realize that the small moments spent with the people you care about are the source of your happiness.

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