My Life Is a Mess (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Your house is a shambles, but not nearly as bad as your life. Your partner isn't talking to you, your work life appears out of control, your social relationships aren't going as planned, and you feel as if something is missing in your life…

We all have times in our lives when everything seems out of control. It's difficult to know where to begin once you've arrived at that point.

  • If you're reading this, you're probably at this point.
  • The bad news is that it will be difficult. The good news is that you will survive it.
  • This article will teach you three steps to fix it and turn things around.

Step 1: Recognize the Situation

  • It's easy to say that you need to reclaim control of your life, but how do you do it?
  • Most people would not be able to deal with this problem for more than a minute if there was only one correct answer.
  • The truth is that there isn't one. There is no quick fix, but there are methods for dealing with it.

First, you must admit that you have a problem. If you convince yourself that everything is fine, there is nothing to fix. You will lose if you do not prioritize dealing with your problems.

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Even if your life is a shambles, you can get through the day. Because maybe your house isn't a shambles. From the outside, everything appears to be in order. Despite our problems, we can still go to work and pick up the kids from school, but you'll gradually become more anxious and depressed, until it all comes crashing down on you at once.

As a result, the first step is to take your problems seriously and actively decide to turn things around. You may not be at a breaking point yet, but if you continue to ignore the mess, you will be.

Step 2: Recognize what is out of control and let it go

When your life appears to be a shambles, it is often the result of a slew of things going wrong around us. It can be as simple as a cluttered kitchen or as complex as personal relationships that aren't working out or bills that are piling up.

Begin by determining where everything appears to be going wrong at the moment. Sit down and make a list of everything that has been bothering you.

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Spending time on a list like that may appear basic and stupid, because with everything else you should be doing, making a list about it only adds to the pressure.

However, by writing it down, you will be able to get a clear picture of your chaotic life. Sometimes we need to see the problems written down on paper in our own words. My boyfriend is constantly cheating on me. Every month, I go way over my budget. My coworker dislikes me.

Once you've done this, you'll realize that a lot of what appears to be causing havoc in your life is beyond your control. Highlight everything on the list that you can't control and then let it go.

It's perfectly normal (and acceptable) to have a lot of these out-of-control things on the list, as well as problems that aren't even problems. Humans require problems, but we must also be able to solve them.

Mark Manson explains it this way:

“Problems are an unavoidable part of life. When you buy a gym membership to solve your health problem, you create new problems, such as having to get up early to make it to the gym on time, sweating like a meth-head for thirty minutes on an elliptical, and then getting showered and changed for work so you don't stink up the entire office. When you solve the problem of not spending enough time with your partner by designating Wednesday night as “date night,” you create new problems, such as deciding what to do every Wednesday that you both won't hate, making sure you have enough money for nice dinners, rediscovering the chemistry and spark you two feel you've lost…”

Problems are unavoidable in every human life, but stop causing problems you can't solve.

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We get caught up in trivial matters, such as our partner liking someone else's picture on social media. It's much easier to vent our bottled-up rage on someone over a picture than it is to say you're not happy anymore and that you should have broken up six months ago.

step 2: So, to summarize

Identify all of the things that are dragging you down that you have no control over. It's fine to have problems. They are a part of human existence, but if you want to move forward and fix your life, you must only concentrate on the problems that can be solved.

Step 3: Don't Get Sidetracked by Distractions and Fantasies

When your life begins to feel jumbled, it's often because we've been moving at a rapid pace but still feel like we're standing still. You believed that if you just kept going for another week, month, or even year, you would eventually arrive “there.”

You're not sure where, but you promised yourself that you'd recognize this happy place once you arrived.

Then you wake up one day to find that all of your problems haven't gone away. The magical solution you thought would save you from all the bad things in your life was just a story.

We tell ourselves that if we just find our true love, we can overcome problems like having too many bills, or that it doesn't matter if you're alone and unhappy as long as you get the promotion at work.

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We like to idealize a few good things in life that we've seen in movies: the perfect job, the perfect partner… Then we tell ourselves that instead of focusing on the minor issues in our lives, we should concentrate on resolving them.

It is naive to believe that one good thing in life can make all the bad things go away. It's all a fantasy.

Even if you do get that one good thing you've been putting so much pressure on yourself to get, it will backfire and make you feel even more sad because you'll realize that all the other things in your life did matter as well.

Instead of looking for a quick fix or chasing a fantasy, embrace the pain. In his book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson expressed his dissatisfaction with today's society.

“I believe we are currently dealing with a psychological epidemic in which people have lost sight of the fact that it is okay for things to go wrong from time to time.”

While it is important not to waste time worrying about all of the problems we cannot solve, it is equally important to worry about the things we can.

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Maybe you can run away from your problems for a while, getting caught up in a new relationship that makes you forget you broke up with your family, or a new promotion that makes you forget you wanted to do something else with your life. Unfortunately, your ongoing problems will resurface, and they will be much more severe.

The final step is to keep your attention on the problems that can be fixed. You have control over the problems in front of you. Accept them. Take care of them. One step at a time.

Don't get caught up in distractions. They may make you feel better for a moment, but they will only make things worse in the long run.

It doesn't mean you can't fall in love or celebrate good news at work while dealing with your issues. However, instead of pushing your pain and problems to the side, remember to deal with them.

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