No Contact to Get Her Back (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is not something anyone would wish on another. It's difficult to bear, even though it's often the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, sometimes a couple must divorce in order to repair their relationship. The No Contact Rule comes into play at this point.

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The No Contact Rule has been around for a long time; the name itself explains what it is.

In case you missed it, the No Contract Rule requires you to refrain from contacting your ex for a specified period of time. Although this rule can be used to keep a breakup going, the focus of this post is on how to use it to get back with your ex.

To begin, you should be aware that this rule may not apply to everyone. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if this rule will work for you before you try it, such as quizzes.

Why should you avoid your ex if you want to win him or her back?

Some ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends do not want to be bothered after a breakup. If you believe that now is the best time to try to reconnect with him or her, you may be mistaken. In fact, you might even push your ex away.

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You must give it time. Even for yourself, time is required because you do not want to rush and make a mistake that will worsen the situation.

Furthermore, ignoring your ex isn't necessarily a bad thing. Try it and you'll realize how much you'll be missed. Sometimes two people in a relationship need just a little time apart to work out their problems.

How long should the No Contact Rule be followed?

There have been numerous articles written about the amount of time required to accomplish this. But, in my opinion, you should be able to tell when the length of time has been reached by the results you're getting from it.

What exactly do I mean by that? Assume you're following the No Contact Rule to the letter, not calling or texting your ex. And then you get a text from him or her saying, “Honey, I'm sorry for everything that has happened, I'm ready to prove to you that I'm a changed person.”

Many people in this situation would welcome this person back into their lives in the hopes of seeing a positive change. The amount of time you spend adhering to the No Contact Rule should not be an issue for you here. What matters is that your ex has admitted that he or she was wrong and is attempting to change for the better. Isn't that what you wanted all along? I believe it is.

If, on the other hand, you receive a text from your ex that is disrespectful or abusive towards you while you are following the No Contact Rule, you should not respond. Setting a number of days in the hope of reversing the situation is critical at this point.

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The 21-Day Rule of No Contact

Some experts recommend three distinct time frames to choose from, which are as follows. Depending on your situation, the 21-day no-contact rule is the shortest. However, if you believe you will need to refrain from contacting your ex for a longer period of time, you can use either the 30 Day Rule or the 45 Day Rule.

Although this rule is difficult to follow and achieve success, those who set aside their emotions and focus on their goal usually exceed their expectations. To be honest, it will be a challenging journey. If I told you otherwise, I'd be lying to you. The good news is that many people have done it successfully in the past. As a result, if you play your cards right, you, too, can succeed.

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