Nothing Makes Me Happy (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you are thinking, “Nothing makes me happy any longer…” First, I'd like to pose a powerful question to you:

What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your life?

Imagine yourself in this moment and decide how you want to feel, what legacy you want to leave, and what memories you want to have.

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Are you exhausted from living a stressful life?

Putting off happiness and joy for weekends, vacations, and retirement. You pushed through each day in order to get to the next. You rushed through life, wishing for the future and failing to appreciate the precious moments in front of you. You waited for the money and worked a job you despised in exchange. When the right time came, you'd be secure and content. You postponed your trip because you couldn't take the time off.

Life was too hectic to make new memories with old friends. You forgot that pleasure was only for the present moment, and you never looked after your own needs. You put off your happiness for the future in each moment, and now the future has arrived, leaving you tired, regretful, and unfulfilled.


Are you feeling exhilarated, satisfied, excited, and joyful as a result of living life on YOUR terms?

You learned the art and mindset of happiness early on and made the decision to enjoy each of your moments rather than squandering this valuable time. You realized that the happiness mindset generates a spectacular energy that attracts positive emotions as well as events. You were surrounded by abundance, wealth, happiness, and excitement wherever you went. You chose to prioritize self-care in order to cultivate fulfillment in each of your moments, and you stopped putting your health and happiness on the back burner.

You were honest with yourself, gained clarity, and chose what was best for you. In exchange, you lived a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships, you left your mark on the world, and your energy is passed down to future generations.

  • How Would You Like to Be Remembered?
  • What Kind of Feeling Do You Want to Have at the End of Your Life?
  • Signs That You Might Be Unhappy
  • How to Use WOEFUL to Make Yourself Happy
  • Final Thoughts
  • Additional Resources on Happiness
  • How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

Every single one of us must make a decision at some point in our lives. We must decide in each moment whether we want exhaustion or exhilaration at the end of our lives.

We often forget how quickly each moment adds up until it's too late and we can't get it back. Time is a priceless entity, and each moment is one-of-a-kind – it will never be repeated.

Money, friendships, jobs, and materials can all be gained and lost, but you can never get a moment back. Each moment offers the opportunity to either enjoy, find the lesson, laugh, or be happy, or to whine, complain, feel frustrated, irritated, and unfulfilled.

We all have a say in how our lives unfold, and that voice is expressed through our reactions to the events and moments that occur in our lives. We can choose between exhaustion and exhilaration.

When we allow negativity to take over, we become weak and exhausted. When we choose the positive reaction, however, we are left with strength, energy, and knowledge of the best course of action.

What Kind of Feeling Do You Want to Have at the End of Your Life?

I've asked this question to many people over the years, and almost everyone admits that they want to feel excited and exhilarated – everyone wants to be happy.

In fact, there is an entire book published titled The Top Five Regrets of the Dying – A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing about the top regrets of the dying and how these individuals wished they had followed the happy path.

However, the majority of the people I've asked this question to have included this heinous word… BUT.

This word makes me cringe. As soon as I hear this word, I know that the person I'm speaking with has not mastered the happiness mindset and requires assistance.

But is an excuse for why this person isn't enjoying their life and why they can't choose happiness today. BUT it also means that they have chosen to postpone their happiness until later.

This excuse is their origin story, the bad things that have happened to them, what they don't have now, and all of the demands that are weighing them down.

We each have a story to tell, but we also have a choice.

I've yet to meet someone who doesn't have a story – someone who has walked through life unscathed. Isn't it true that a story isn't complete without conflict?

Some of the happiest people have the most horrific stories; however, they chose to feel excited and exhilarated at the end of their lives over anything else.

Their ultimate goal is happiness, and they choose it in every moment – no matter what the moment may bring.

Decide TODAY on your desired outcome – what do you want for your life? What do you hope to achieve tomorrow? How are you going to achieve the results you desire?

We all have greatness within us and the ability to choose happiness over negativity. The first step toward happiness is recognizing your warning signs – your reactions may be a sign that you aren't living your happiest life.

Signs That You Might Be Unhappy

Are you a WOEFUL person? This is an acronym for how unhappiness may appear and feel. These are your warning signs – a quick way to recognize that something is wrong:

  • The letter W stands for whiny.
  • O– Out of Hand
  • E stands for Expectations.
  • F is for Fear.
  • U– Unsatisfied
  • L– Constraints
  • Whiney

Do you complain, grumble, or criticize? You of course do! To some extent, everyone does this. This, however, should not be normal for you and should only serve as a warning sign.

Complaints are a good thing if we can use them to recognize that we are on the wrong track. When complaining becomes a habit for us, however, unhappiness quickly follows.

It means that we are continuing to engage in activities that are not beneficial to us, that we are surrounding ourselves with people who do not bring out the best in us, and that we are allowing negativity to control our reactions. Whatever you're complaining about needs to be acknowledged, evaluated, and changed.

Most of the time, we believe that the world must change for us in order for us to be happy – this is an unrealistic belief. We will never be able to change the people, things, or circumstances in our lives. We have no control over anything except ourselves. We can change what we do, when we do it, who we surround ourselves with, and how we react.

If you find yourself complaining about something, how can you change it or change your reaction to it? Be thankful for this warning sign the next time you complain. Determine the source of your dissatisfaction and devise a strategy to address it. Follow your smile rather than your complaint.


Do you have a sense of being out of control? Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsure, and/or confused? If you are experiencing any of these emotions, it is a warning sign that you need to gain clarity, focus, and alignment.

We've all had moments in our lives when we felt out of control, perhaps because we said yes one too many times, allowing our obligations to take control of our attention. When the to-do list takes over, we frequently lose sight of our end goal, which distances us from our outcome.

When you find yourself feeling these emotions and spiraling out of control, it may be time to regain focus and clarity. Ask yourself what your ultimate goal is, and then realign your focus, habits, and reactions to get you closer to it.

What activities are you pursuing that are bringing you closer to your objectives? What are the things that make you happy and make you excited? Who are the people who make you feel the most confident in yourself?

On the contrary, what are you doing that makes you feel bad? Are there people in your life who bring out the worst in you?

It is critical to recognize the emotion, acknowledge the warning signs, and make a change. Continued out-of-control behavior is a recipe for disaster, and unhappiness will accompany you on the journey.


Do you let your happiness be dictated by your expectations? Do you have the impression that you have a lot on your plate? Do you allow other people's thoughts to influence your own actions? Do you have the impression that someone else is making life decisions for you and that you are unhappy as a result?

First, consider who is setting the expectations in your life and whether these expectations are in line with your ultimate goal. It's common to confuse self-aligned expectations with the expectations you believe others have for you.

Live up to your convictions and take the path that brings you closer to your goals. It's easy to try to make others happy; however, this can leave us feeling unfulfilled and unsure of where we're supposed to go.

Make a list of the expectations that are important to you, and don't let other people's perspectives on the world cloud your judgment (unless of course they are similar to your own).


Do you put off tasks because you are afraid of what might happen? Do you have a fear of the unknown? Have you allowed failures to keep you from achieving your goals? Do you want more but allow the comfort of the familiar to keep you where you are?

Fear is a natural instinct that is necessary for survival, keeping us safe from potentially disastrous events. Our minds and bodies have an instinctive way of remembering close calls and past traumas and do their best to keep us out of trouble.

However, if we are not good evaluators, we may be allowing our minds to talk us out of opportunities for growth and staying in comfort for too long due to perceived fear.

When the fear emotions appear, when you feel like you're holding back or talking yourself out of doing something, ask yourself why. Why am I passing up this opportunity? Is this just an excuse to keep me in my rut? Is this decision in line with what I want to achieve?


Are you bored, disinterested, tired, or unsatisfied? Do you feel a void or emptiness inside at the end of the day?

When we experience these emotions, we are usually on autopilot and not growing. Determine which areas of your life are no longer exciting. These are the areas that are simply going through the motions with no effort.

Are you dissatisfied with your job, your home, your relationships, and/or your body? Determine which areas require attention.

Pay attention to when you feel a spark – that burst of energy that causes the endorphins that make you happy to be released. Follow that path and gather that energy as much as you can. Bring it into all aspects of your life.

When we follow our spark, a light inside of us ignites, and we are inspired and motivated. Who are the draining people in your life? Who are the people who give you energy – who make you feel like you just drank a cup of coffee? Those are the people you want to hang out with.

Choose an area of your life that is feeling drained and find a way to add light and spark to it. Feeling fulfilled in all aspects of our lives is critical to living a happy life.


Do you have a lot of limitations, boundaries, and restrictions? What are some of your limiting beliefs?

Assumptions and predictions based on previous failures and events are examples of limitations. Are you allowing these constraints to keep you from achieving your true desires? You lack sufficient time, money, or resources?

Begin by recognizing where you have set boundaries and questioning why you have built walls in these areas.

Could you start by tearing down your old mindset and asking questions to let your guard down? Boundaries are important for our protection, but are there any that are no longer necessary? Can we find support in our limiting areas to help us overcome our fears and grow?

How to Use WOEFUL to Make Yourself Happy

Identifying our emotions and reactions and aligning them with our end goal is the key to happiness. When you get really good at noticing your emotions and reactions, you can quickly change your attitude and circumstances to put yourself in a happy place.

To choose happiness on a moment-to-moment basis, we must gain control through identification and awareness. We can't use the excuse that “it's just the way it is.” If we take charge of our own lives, it can truly be the opposite.

Life can be what we want it to be if we begin to recognize our warning signs and take actionable steps to become happy – making decisions based on our ultimate goal.

HAPPY is an abbreviation for the steps to take to encourage the happy path – to shed the woes and build a better life for yourself with happiness at the center:

  • H is for Hunger.
  • Aspirations are abbreviated as A.
  • P – Point of View
  • The letter P stands for power.
  • Y – Yours
  • Hunger

First and foremost, what do you want to eat? What ignites a fire within you – what motivates you? Who motivates you?

We perform best when we are excited, motivated, and inspired.

People want to be surrounded by people who make them feel good. Positive energy generates more positivity. When you start aligning your actions and reactions with your end goal, you will be developing habits that will bring you joy for the rest of your life.

We give up on our dreams far too often because we seek comfort. We must keep our driving force in the forefront of our minds – what do you want to achieve at the end of your life? Do you want to be strong, enthusiastic, and happy, or weak, exhausted, and unhappy?

Stop pushing away what you truly desire. Bring it close to you, and you will live a happier, more focused life.


When you've identified your hunger and your dreams, you can start setting goals that will bring you closer to your dreams. Set goals for each day, and even each hour if necessary.

After you've made a list of what needs to be done, pull out your calendar and schedule time for your goals FIRST.

Stop letting your to-do list rule your life; instead, let happiness drive your schedule, and then make time for everything else. If you prioritize your happiness, everything else will fall into place and you will be in a better mood to complete the rest of your daily tasks.

Too often, we let everything and everyone run our lives, putting happiness off until later. I'm sure you're familiar with this concept if you're reading this.

Stop putting off your happiness and start planning how you want to look and feel at the end of your life today. That will help you put your experiences into perspective.


What is your current belief system, and how are your thoughts preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams?

Most people are poor at identifying their WOES, and as a result, they are unable to move forward in their lives.

We can often get the desired result if we have the ability to change our mindset and perception. When we make this change, we are able to move around circumstances that were previously immobile, and we are able to find a path to the desired solution.

Change your perception to achieve your desired outcome. Examine your belief system – are your thoughts your own or the thoughts of others? Are these thoughts assisting you in achieving your objectives, or are they impeding your progress? Make these identifications and then change your perception to achieve what you desire in life – happiness.

If you're having trouble changing your perception and developing a positive mindset, the following step-by-step guide to cultivating a positive mindset may be helpful:

How to Develop a Positive Attitude (A Step-By-Step Guide)


You have control over how you think, feel, and act. Take your time. Concentrate your thoughts on how you want to feel at the end of your life.

You already have the potential to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. You must give yourself power over your own life. Give up the belief that life happens to you and that circumstances control your life.

We can envision our future and create anything we want when we gain control and power over our own lives. What do you notice: exhaustion or energy?


It's YOUR life! This is not your parent's, your boss's, your child's, or your spouse's life. This is YOUR life, and you are the only one who understands what ignites your passion and brings you true joy. Nobody else can tell you how you should feel or what you should do with your life.

The only decision you must make is to take the happy path. The only way we can live in a better world is if each of us chooses to prioritize our true need, which is joy.

The decisions you make today and tomorrow shape your future and end product. Self-care is not selfish; it is necessary for living the best life possible for yourself and everyone you meet.

What kind of feelings do you want to have at the end of your life? Decide now and in every moment from now on. Are you exhilarated or exhausted?

Final Thoughts

Identifying your warning signs is the best way to get HAPPY. Recognize your reactions and monitor your feelings and emotions before taking action!

Make the decision to live a life that is centered on happiness. The life you want today and tomorrow should be one of enjoyment and exhilaration – it should be your ultimate goal.

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