Older Sister (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

When you are the younger child in a family, you must listen not only to your parents, but also to your older siblings. When they were younger, a younger sister will frequently complain about being treated like a baby or being bossed around by her much older sister, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows for big sis either. There are a lot of things that your older sister never really complained about or felt the need to tell you about because she knew you'd understand when you got older.

1. She spent years as a single child, living under stricter rules. When your parents adopted her, they didn't know what they were doing and were overly protective, so your sister ended up living under very strict rules. They'd already learned to be a little more lenient by the time you arrived. Your sister essentially paved the way for you, and she wished you appreciated that fact a little more.

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2. She was held to higher standards because she was the older one. Not only did she have to bear the brunt of your parents' attention before you arrived, but she was also held accountable later on, because she was the older one who should have known better. She'd take a bullet for you every now and then, and while it was frustrating, it helped her grow into a more mature and responsible person, and having a successful older sibling can be beneficial to you as well.

3. She'd often find herself trying to be a good role model because, because your older sister was forced to act a lot more maturely than other kids her age, she'd end up thinking about her choices and actions because she knew you looked up to her. Although she may have wanted to be a little irresponsible and have fun, she had to exercise self-control and try to set a good example at times.

4. She made things easier for you by sharing her hard-earned wisdom. When she went through difficult times, fought with her parents, and struggled in school, she had to figure it all out for herself. She had to take a few hard falls in order to get back up stronger, but she was more than willing to share all the little tips, tricks, and pearls of wisdom she had learned the hard way. The advice may have appeared nagging at times, but she simply didn't want you to go through what she did.

5. She knew you'd make some of the same mistakes she did, but she couldn't talk you out of it. While she did her best to give you some pointers and guidelines, some things you just have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. There were times when she saw you make mistakes and knew you wouldn't listen, but she was still there to console you afterward.

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6. She also gave your parents advice and assisted them in dealing with you. Of course, having a few stern talks with your parents and being punished is unavoidable, but what you didn't realize when you were younger was that your older sister gave your parents some insight into how you felt and assisted them in determining the best way to approach you in that situation. She acted as a mediator when necessary, and she even sided with you when you were clearly in the wrong.

7. When you were old enough to start dating, it both excited and terrified her. When you have a much older sister, you are always the baby in the family, but as you grow older, you can speak to each other as friends as well. It is usually around the time you begin dating. She gives you advice on how to deal with the perplexing mess that is the teenage girl's psyche, as well as makeup and what to expect from boys.

Talking about sex with your parents is an odd experience, but your older sister can provide some much-needed guidance without making you feel too awkward. On the one hand, your sister was relieved that she would be able to share such experiences with you, but on the other hand, she was concerned that you would have your heart broken.

8. When she critiqued or teased you, it was to help you become a better person. However, your older sister could appear mean at times, as if she didn't care about your problems or just wanted to tease you for fun. However, it was frequently used to motivate you to do better or toughen up – wanting to prove someone wrong or “show them” is the best source of motivation. When things get a little out of hand, it's easy to make a sincere apology and make up, so tough love becomes a common strategy.

9. She had to be a teacher, caretaker, and bodyguard all at the same time, and she didn't always know what she was doing. An older sister will defend you, help you deal with bullies, feed you, help you with your homework, and teach you valuable skills. The thing is, she didn't get any formal training, and she didn't always know what she was doing. That didn't stop her from doing everything she could to keep you safe and assist you with whatever you needed. A boyfriend of your older sister is also a great influence and can have “the talk” with your new boyfriend.

10. She was aware that she would be the first person to be called in an emergency and was prepared for anything. An older sister must be prepared for literally anything. Driving you home drunk from a party, assisting you in sobriety, and cleaning up the mess so your parents don't find out? Check. Are you going shopping? Check. Borrowing money so you can go to a concert you've been looking forward to? Check. Your sister used to get herself into all kinds of trouble, so she understands that she needs to be prepared to assist you with similar issues, as well as some that she has never encountered before. When you come to her in a panic, it comes as no surprise to her, but she will make sure you understand how much of a favor she is doing for you.

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These are just a few of the things that a much older sister experienced but never really wanted to talk about. At the end of the day, she loves you like no one else on the planet, and while she did help shape you into the person you are today, she is also aware that you have had a significant positive impact on her life.

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