Opposite Personalities (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We've all heard the expression “opposites attract.” It's another matter whether we believe it or not. While it is not a natural law, it is undeniably true that people with seemingly opposing personalities can work well together in a relationship for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, dating someone who is exactly like you would most likely become tedious after a while!

1. You balance each other out

The goal of being in a relationship is to find your soul mate. While some people are content to be single, the majority of us strive to find the person who completes us. This will not happen if you find someone who is identical to you; it will only fill one half of the relationship. The best relationships, like two sides of the same coin, are made up of two individuals who, despite their differences, are not complete without the other by their side.

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2. You support one another

If you're truly in love with someone, you've probably been inspired by them in some way, and they've likely inspired you in return. Of course, the way you've inspired each other is likely to differ. Perhaps you have inspired them to work harder for the things they desire in life, while they have inspired you not to work so hard that you miss out on more important things. You both encourage each other to live life to the fullest in whatever way you do it.

3. You make up for each other's flaws

You've heard of the “power couple,” haven't you? The only reason many relationships appear this way is because both halves work extremely well together. When one person falls behind, the other is always there to pick up the slack. They might not be much on their own, and they might not get very far in life. But, when they work together, they can take on the entire world and emerge victorious (just ask Beyonce and Jay-Z).

4. You see greatness in people who are not like you

Unless you're incredibly self-deprecating, you probably think a lot of yourself. Whether you realize it or not, you probably have the impression that if everyone saw the world the way you do, there would be fewer problems plaguing society.

Falling in love with someone whose worldview differs from yours will expose you to new perspectives and allow you to see things in a new light. Although you will most likely maintain your beliefs, being with someone who opposes you teaches you to respect other people's points of view and to reconsider your own.

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5. You have more experience

Let us take a break from the more serious points in this article to recognize that, simply put, being with someone who is not like you allows you to see and experience much more of the world. Maybe you don't like the same movies or music as your significant other, but you'll give them a shot at some point–which could change your mind.

I'm not a fan of Top 40 radio, but because my wife is, I've learned to enjoy singing along to silly pop songs while driving to the supermarket. I know she would never have watched The Usual Suspects or Se7en if it hadn't been for me, but after we finished them, she looked at me and said, “Wow…that was really good.” Being with someone who has different interests allows you to do things outside of your comfort zone that you would never do on your own.

6. You are at ease being yourself

Speaking of being out of your comfort zone, being with someone who is the polar opposite of you allows you to be more comfortable with yourself. You get validation from the situations I've mentioned, such as when they agree with you on something you didn't think they'd agree on (whether it's a movie or a political viewpoint). You can also rest assured that there are some issues on which you will never agree. As I previously stated, you are two sides of the same coin; you may not always agree, but you know you wouldn't be complete without your better half.

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