Opposites Attract Examples (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It's always been a mystery why opposites attract. Despite this, we are told that having a lot in common strengthens relationships and makes life easier in general. Is this, however, the case?

Ongoing research on both sides of the debate begs the question: can opposites attract and be happy with each other in a relationship? Here are a few facts that will demonstrate that you and your lover can be completely different while still being completely in love.

You broaden each other's horizons

By nature, most of us are obstinate. When you have a strong belief or opinion about something, it is extremely difficult to change your mind. If you truly love the other person, you will set aside your pride and listen to their point of view, no matter how strongly you disagree. Choosing to love someone who holds opposing views encourages you to see the world in a new light. Respecting and openly listening to your partner's worldview and opinions will lay the groundwork for a mutually respectful relationship, which is essential for a happy relationship.

You'll learn to put yourself in each other's shoes

There is no better way to put this adage into practice than to spend time with someone who is very different from you. In terms of relationships, this will expose you to a new way of thinking and doing things. When you recognize that you and your partner have these differences, you will develop a greater level of patience for both your lover and other people in your life.

They will motivate you to be your best

If you have too many similarities, you may start to worry or stress when your partner acts out of character in response to those similarities. Unfortunately, this encourages partners to try to control one another because they aren't meeting expectations. When there are more differences than similarities, you are encouraged to do the opposite because you expect them to act differently than you. Your lover will be able to be an unfiltered, honest version of themselves as a result of the resulting acceptance.

You will learn and adapt practices that you have always wished you had

The greatest fallacy of humanity is believing that what we have is permanent. Nobody remains the same over time, whether in a relationship or otherwise. When you're in a relationship, chances are your partner has a trait or characteristic that you wish you possessed. Perhaps you'd like to learn and practice your lover's opposite habit. There is no better way to adopt new habits than to imitate someone you admire. They will frequently be more patient with you than you will be with yourself.

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You'll learn to enjoy the unexpected

Knowing what to expect breeds boredom. When you're dating a carbon copy of yourself, you're more likely to expect a certain outcome. On the other hand, when you're dating your “antonym,” as it were, you learn to expect the unexpected, or to forego expectations entirely. Arguments and bickering occur when expectations in relationships are not met. Expecting the unexpected or having no expectations will add unpredictability to your life and spice to your relationship.

You develop greater tolerance for your lover as well as for others

To reiterate a previous point, expectations can easily lead to disappointment. Dating someone who is diametrically opposed to you is a never-ending test of patience. This patience will not always be easy, especially early in the relationship and when dealing with highly sensitive topics. Tolerance and patience, on the other hand, develop quickly when you spend a significant amount of time with someone who is different. You learn to appreciate and appreciate their differences, which leads to greater tolerance, compassion, and love in and out of your relationship.

You will be perfect for each other

You shouldn't need another person to feel whole. You, and only you, are all that is required to feel fulfilled. However, the adage “(s)he completes me” is most applicable to those who share multiple differences. He is a homebody, while she is eccentric. He isn't the best driver, and she's never had an accident. He is emotionally intelligent, but he has a terrible ability to read people. She's a fantastic cook who burns water while making ramen. The list of opposites and complements goes on and on.

We may not understand why opposites attract, but opposites who date each other can have extremely fulfilling relationships. Because a successful relationship isn't about dating the same person over and over, but about learning to love what makes you unique.

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