What You Should Do about It If People Who Don’t Understand Sarcasm

Some people choose to be sarcastic because beating someone up will almost certainly result in arrest in today's society. Some argue that being sarcastic is an emotional tool for shielding one's feelings. Others argue that it is a way to insult the world's idiots and get away with it.

If you don't understand sarcasm, you should get with the program and start using your brain. Several studies have recently come to the conclusion that sarcastic people are smarter than you think. So we've compiled a list of ten compelling reasons why sarcastic people are actually quite intelligent.

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1. They are able to see right through you

Dr. Shaman-Tsoory, a psychologist at the University of Haifa, believes that “understanding other people's states of mind and emotions is related to our ability to understand sarcasm.” Yes, they are able to see right through you and your smoke and mirrors.

If they respond to your “I was late because…” story with a sarcastic remark, they probably don't believe you. They can easily read you and know exactly what to say to elicit the desired emotion. It's the closest thing to a mind-reading superpower there is. You've been warned.

2. They have better brains

In a Smithsonian article, Richard Chin explained that understanding sarcasm requires the human brain to work harder. That is, people who use sarcasm frequently work their brains a little bit harder than you. So that friend who comes up with quick quips to snap back at you is a jerk, but a sharp jerk.

3. They are excellent problem solvers

Sarcasm also helps them with their creative problem solving skills, according to the same article. Yes, you should add them to your zombie apocalypse team. They will most likely save your life.

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4. They have the necessary social skills for today's society

According to John Haiman, a linguist at Macalaster College, sarcasm is the primary language in today's society. Sarcastic people are usually the ones who keep the conversation going rather than the ones who stand awkwardly in the back pretending to laugh at everyone else's jokes.

5. They have thick skin as well as great minds

Sarcastic people are wise enough not to take everything personally. This means they don't cry when you make fun of each other for being tipsy after a few beers. They can throw as well as take punches. They rarely play the victim in a situation because, let's face it, no one likes a victim.

6.They have better brains

The inability to detect sarcasm, according to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and neuropsychologist Katherine Rankin, can be an early warning sign of brain damage. A study discovered that people with Fronto-Temporal Dementia had difficulty picking up on sarcasm.

7. They educate their friends and significant others

Sarcastic people have an effect on the brains of those around them because of their constant mode of communication. To comprehend irony, our brains must go through three stages. If you're around them while watching TV, driving, or shopping, you'll have to use your brain a little more to understand what they're thinking.

They are doing you a favor, so be sure to express your gratitude.

8. They are not arrested while seeking vengeance

They are masters of emotional warfare. If you've ever had an argument with a sarcastic person, you probably have a sewed-up scar on your heart from something they said. It's not as bad as being arrested for aggravated assault, but it lasts much longer. As in, indefinitely.

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9. They can deliver a mild insult while still making you laugh

When you think about it, statements like, “I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian, but I can make an exception for you” can sound really nice. Did they just insult your way of life and expect you to say thank you?

They can make someone laugh out loud at a remark and then watch as they realize it was an insult. You should try it if you haven't already.

10. They have friends who genuinely care about them

They know their friends are truly their friends because who would willingly deal with such constant sarcasm every day? They're probably all sarcastic at the same time, snickering at the gentle insult they just delivered to one another on a silver platter. It is a fun hobby for them, similar to baseball.

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