Pride Vs Arrogance (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You know how good it feels when your customer approves a project you and your entire team worked so hard on after weeks or even months? You are extremely proud of the work you have completed together. All of these wonderful feelings, however, can be quickly ruined if there is only one guy on your team who is full of arrogance and tells your customer what a fantastic job he did.

Pride and arrogance are two distinct emotional states separated only by a thin line. Here's how to tell the difference (and avoid entering the field of arrogance):

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1. People who are proud are always confident, whereas people who are arrogant are insecure

People who are self-assured know what they are doing. They are usually masters of their trade and take pride in doing things correctly. They don't want to mess around, and they despise time wasters.

Arrogant people frequently use their arrogance to conceal their sloppiness and inability to complete the task at hand. They know deep down that they are not capable of doing what they are doing. They are filled with apprehension.

It has been scientifically proven that arrogant people are prone to embarrassment.

2. Proud people use appropriate language, whereas arrogant people use harsh language

People who are proud always speak wisely, and there are two main reasons for this:

a) They always speak from personal experience.
b) They work on themselves on a regular basis, controlling their thoughts.

They understand that their pride stems from those two things, so it is natural for them to speak positively and inspire others.

Arrogance stems from an inability to control one's mind. As a result, if an arrogant person wishes to make an impression on others, he will almost certainly use strong language, including swearing.

3. Proud people believe that all people deserve to be treated equally, whereas arrogant people believe that they are better than others

A psychological study conducted by the University of Amsterdam and Ohio State University on children aged 7 to 11 revealed that children who were told by their parents that they are better than others developed a strong narcissistic personality.

Prideful people have high self-esteem but believe they are just as good as others.

4. People who are proud are like owls, while people who are arrogant are like scared dogs

When is a dog likely to bite? It bites when it is afraid of someone in order to protect itself. And this is the same situation in which some people use their arrogance: when they are afraid of losing something.

With their inner peace, proud people have the attitude of owls. They understand how to control their emotions, so they appear to be in complete control of the situation they are in.

5. Proud people see hard work as the path to success, whereas arrogant people only seek opportunities

According to studies, proud people are achievement-oriented and see their hard work as the key to their success. They place a high value on their own abilities while remaining open to receiving advice from others.

Arrogant people, on the other hand, see success as pure luck and are constantly on the lookout for the next best opportunity.

6. Proud people always praise their team, whereas arrogant people want to take credit for everything

Because proud people understand that power is found in collaboration, they always compliment all of their coworkers. They understand that by doing so, they gain nothing but empower those around them.

Arrogant people are only concerned with their own success. When they work in a group, they are the first on stage to accept the prize after the task is completed.

7. Proud people know themselves well

Whereas arrogant people do not. Psychological studies show that people with pride have genuine self-esteem as a result of knowing themselves well. T
hey understand what they are capable of and how to manage their emotions.

Arrogance is simply a lack of knowledge.

8. Proud people consider other people's opinions wisely, whereas arrogant people can't stand any criticism

If people with pride discover they are mistaken, they will readily admit their error and work to correct it, whereas arrogant people will go to any length to prove they are correct.

9. Proud people have no need to impress anyone, whereas arrogant people are constantly striving to do so

Have you ever been in a group of people and noticed a man or a woman who didn't say much but exuded a lot of energy? And when you started talking with them, you didn't want to leave because you were drawn in by their wonderful personality? People who are proud are not starved for other people's attention; rather, they attract it simply by being present.

Arrogant people work hard to impress others, so they are usually the most vocal members of the group. They have no boundaries when it comes to achieving their goal: if there is an opportunity to make a joke about someone, they will not hesitate to do so.

10. Proud people can thrive in any organization, whereas arrogant people thrive only in hierarchical systems

People who are proud of themselves respect others, which allows them to work with a wide range of people. They are not concerned that someone will take their place because they are confident in their abilities.

Arrogant people, on the other hand, require a secure environment in which to work. And where is the ideal environment for arrogance to thrive? In any hierarchical system with well-defined roles. Your boss can only yell at you because of his position (if you are unfortunate enough to have an arrogant boss).

Be proud of yourself, and strive to be the best version of yourself at all times. However, never cross the line into arrogance by believing that someone else is less important than you simply because he is performing a'seemingly' less important task.

You can be a very proud person if you give your all to whatever you do!

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