Psychological Facts About Cheating (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Every man deceives himself. This appears to be a common assumption in our minds, particularly among women. Men are untrustworthy, easily tempted, and have commitment issues.

Do you associate your husband's frequent late arrivals and explanations of “I have to work” or catching your boyfriend looking at other girls' profiles with cheating?

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Men, yes, cheat, but not all of them. (Women cheat, too, and it's not always because they don't love their partners anymore.) So, why do men cheat? There are other reasons why people cheat on their loved ones.

The reasons why men cheat may surprise you

Before I go any further, you should know that relationships and emotional feelings are psychological drives. When the opposite sex is nearby, there is a constant vibration of hormones or chemical substances within the body, and it is often unfortunate that women around men aren't their loved ones. This, however, does not stop the chemical vibrations within the body. So, what comes next? They are enticed. Of course, if tempted beyond their capabilities, they may cheat.

While current research confirms a 25-75 percent estimate of married men cheating on their loved ones, it also reveals that not all men cheat. It also reveals hidden facts about the reasons why men commit infidelity. Most of these reasons may surprise you, and here are some psychological evidences to explain why men cheat.

1. Some men will actually cheat in order to save their marriages

Many people believe that most cheating men are dissatisfied with their marriages, but this is a myth. According to a Rutgers University study, nearly 56 percent of cheating men claim to be happy with their marriages and aren't looking for a way out of it, nor will they allow anything to threaten their marriages.

Because most men are having difficulty resolving their relationship issues, they believe that another woman will simply satisfy their sexual desire, so they go for it. They believe they can live happily with their wives, without yearning for anything that irritates her, but they simply ignore the real issue.

2. They are unruly, but they adore their wives

If you believe men cheat because they don't love their wives, you may be mistaken. Cheating has absolutely nothing to do with love. In fact, it all boils down to discipline. Sight and touch, not love, stimulate hormonal vibrations within the body. It takes discipline and self-control for a man to overcome his colleague's or female friend's alluring beauty, soft touch, and romantic voice. These, of course, must initiate the chemical substances within his body, making him want to advance just to satisfy this desire.

3. Because they are sexually active, the majority of them cheat

I'm sure you get what I'm saying. A common infidelity incident with my age-long friend Amanda reveals that sexually active men who receive compliments from their wives for their sexual strength believe that as long as they can satisfy their wives and act normal at home, it doesn't matter if they cheat, and it won't cause a problem with their marriages either.

“Despite all of the information about his cheating habit, I was waiting for a time when he would tell me he couldn't have a time with me or he was too tired to make love to me to confirm he was actually cheating, but that time was forever,” Amanda explained. If you're waiting for him to show you the signs, like Amanda, you might have to wait forever.

4. They don't want to be too demanding when it comes to sex

Tonny once told me, “Lily, sometimes I don't want my wife to think I'm overly demanding for sex, so I take a chance out.” What Tonny never told me was whether or not his wife complained about his sex habits. But that's what I guessed!

Most men do not want their wives to discover and exploit their flaws. They cheat because they don't want to be helpless when their wives take advantage of their flaws.

5. Overconfidence in a relationship can also lead to cheating

Have you ever told someone that you will not leave them no matter what? So, what came next? I'm guessing he's the one who cheated on you?

Jim was a childhood friend with whom I spent the majority of my time until we graduated from college. Every day, I prayed in secret to God to give him the courage to approach me and say the three golden words — I love you. Have you ever had feelings like this before? Have you been so tempted as a woman that the only thing preventing you from taking the initiative to confess your love for him is your feminine ego? Yes, that was me, and you can imagine my delight when he finally approached me and whispered, “Lily, I love you.” I felt butterflies all over my insides and couldn't keep my confession to myself. The feelings were so intense that I couldn't imagine a future without Jim. But my arrogance caused him to take away the love I had secretly prayed for. Even when I caught him cheating, it took him a long time to apologize because he felt helpless. I waited for him…I was just waiting for his apologies and to rush back into his arms.

But it was too late; we had both lost the love we had nurtured since childhood as a result of our arrogance.

When it comes to infidelity, it is a serious problem that can tear beautiful relationships apart in an instant, and once this betrayal of trust is discovered, it is difficult to rebuild. As a result, knowing when a man is cheating on you is critical.

So, how can I tell if a man is lying to me?

Understand the cheating phenomenon You must understand that showers of love and cheers do not indicate that he is not a cheat. When men cheat on you, it does not imply that they do not love you. They simply lack self-control and self-discipline.

Stop looking for signs or waiting for his misbehavior. Most cheating men go undetected because the reasons we believe they cheat are myths. Understanding the cheating phenomenon is one of the most certain ways to save your marriage. Cheating should be studied and understood rather than simply looking for signs or misbehavior. One major issue with detecting cheating men is that “you can hardly catch them when they already know you're looking for misbehavior and or faulty signs because they are smart.”

But what can I do to change this?

You must first overcome the belief that a cheating man does not love you.

Because he genuinely cares about you. Learn the psychology of cheating and strive to play your role as a woman by being friendly and accommodating.

Accept responsibility for your role in his cheating habit as soon as possible and make things right.

No one is beyond redemption, especially if you love them so much that you learn to forgive when they sincerely apologize for their wrongdoing.

Expect him to change, but not quickly

He will not become a saint overnight, and you have a significant role to play in rehabilitating him while keeping an eye out for changes along the way.

Finally, understand when to walk away

If he does not change despite your best efforts, it is time to move on because you deserve to be happy and loved.

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