Put My Phone Down (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Take a look around you. If you're in any type of social setting, chances are you'll notice that the majority of the people you see are on their phones.

Everyone is on their phones these days, no matter where you look. Whether at work, a restaurant, a baseball game, or even stuck in traffic!

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We've become immune to the social norms of our pre-cellphone lives. These were the good old days, before we were glued to our “smart” phones. It feels like a lifetime has passed. We are now enslaved to our small pocket-sized devices, which is robbing us of a lot of joy in our lives.

I know how difficult it can be to put down your phone, but I urge you to give it a shot. When I get over my addiction to texting, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Googling random things on my phone, I notice a lot of good things happening.

Here are eight things that usually happen when I put my phone down.

1. I'm Getting More Productive

I actually get a lot of work done when I'm not wasting time looking at random pictures, videos, statuses, updates, and blurbs about nothing. As an entrepreneur, I try to juggle a lot of balls at once and do as much as possible.

There's always something productive I could be doing, whether it's writing a blog like this, networking online, running my podcast, or working on my next project. However, I always seem to get caught up in fiddling with my phone, and as a result, I get less work done. When I put the phone down (far away from me), however, my output skyrockets!

2. I'm Getting More Social

When I'm with a friend, I often have a little rule about phones: “Don't use them!” When you're with someone, especially on a date or in another situation where you're trying to get to know them better, using your phone is possibly the biggest insult you can make to the interaction. It completely removes the social aspect and connection from the attempt to connect!

I don't usually do this, but every now and then I'll break my own rule and read an email or a text for a minute or two. When I realize what I'm doing, I apologize to whoever I'm with and put down my phone. When I do this, I become much more social and engaging.

3. I Have Less Stress

When I put my phone down, it seems to release some of the stress and anxiety that had been building up within me. I no longer worry about responding to someone who has just emailed me, I no longer worry about texting someone, and I don't worry about being rude when I'm with a friend.

As useful as cell phones are, they are also the source of much stress. When you put them down, you'll realize the same thing.

4. I live in the present moment

Living in the moment goes hand in hand with being less stressed. When you put your phone away, you can take in more of the world and see things more clearly. You don't consider the future, such as what your response will be, what you should say in an email, how to phrase a text, what you should post, and so on. Instead, you live in the present, in the beautiful moment!

5. I Don't Live In A Virtual World; I Live In Reality

As amazing as technology is, it does have some drawbacks. Living your life through a screen is one of those drawbacks. This is a virtual simulation, not the real world in which you are supposed to live. We are not machines; we are humans! Technology is wonderful, but it can only imitate certain things. It cannot provide you with the genuine article!

When I put down my phone, I get the real thing. I get all of life, with all of its amazing quirks, flaws, beauties, wonders, tastes, smells, textures, and everything else! I'd rather have real sex than porn any day of the week. I'd rather go somewhere than look at a picture. I'd rather have a real friendship than a Facebook friendship! All of these things occur when I put down my phone and return to reality!

6. My Relationships With Others Are Better

When the phone is turned off, my relationships with others improve. As I previously stated, I try to follow my rule of not talking on the phone when I'm with a friend. It simply detracts from the interaction and can be considered disrespectful if someone feels slighted or ignored.

When the phone goes out, so does the level of communication. Friends, family, and my girlfriend all enjoy interacting with me when my phone is out of reach. Surprisingly, our relationships have improved as a result of this.

7. I Have a Stronger Sense of Self-Efficacy

I feel more empowered when I am free of my phone's enslavement. I feel like I'm reclaiming control of my life and actively deciding how I want to live. When I let every distraction from my Android take over my attention, I feel less in control. However, when I regain control of my attention and actively choose to ignore the distractions, I feel fantastic!

8. I'm Happier Now

I'm much happier with how I handle my phone proclivities these days. I think I know when to use my phone and when to put it away. My ability to put down my phone has benefited my social, mental, and occupational lives. Every time my phone goes off, I feel happier and more content.

I understand how difficult it is. I understand how difficult it is. But try not using your phone today and see what happens. When you truly experience life, you'll probably realize that it's a lot more enjoyable!

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