Realize Your Dreams (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Most of us are torn between excitement and anguish when it comes to pursuing our dreams. For many of us, those childhood fantasies of being able to do or be anything have long since died. Settling into the routine of life has caused us to abandon our true path to happiness.

That is not to say that your current life isn't making you happy, but should you settle for just okay? Perhaps you took the safe route with your job – after all, you have a family to support, and you can't afford to chase after frivolous dreams. Your parents would not support you in pursuing the career that you were so passionate about, so you took a safe job that did nothing for you? Perhaps you've reached a point in your life when you need to re-evaluate your path and what truly makes you happy, but you're not sure where to start?

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Realizing one's dreams can be difficult for many people because both mindset and action can be difficult to implement. We've spent so much time not pursuing our dreams that when we step outside of our comfort zones, we see a world of fear, rejection, failure, and what ifs. If this describes you – if you want to pursue your passions and realize your dreams – a change in mindset and a good strategy can help. Follow these steps to get started and pursue those long-forgotten dreams.

1. Change Your Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

The mindset is most likely the most significant impediment to achieving one's dreams. Whatever mindset you have will determine whether or not you can achieve your goals. It determines how you think and behave, as well as your level of success. Many negative mindsets develop over time and stick with us due to fear or a lack of understanding. If you recognize any of these characteristics in yourself, it's time to change your mindset.

Believing that you will never be able to achieve your goal: The most common dream-killing mindset. Falsely believing that your dreams are unattainable is usually the result of low self-esteem and fear manifested as excuses. Recognize that YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM – you are no different from anyone else who has achieved success and had the courage to pursue their dreams in life.
Your dream is more about validation than true happiness: Going after a dream that is all about you – recognition, money, or even celebrity – is a no-no. This indicates that your focus is off and that you are most likely pursuing a dream that is attempting to heal deep-seated issues. Find something with a pure motivation and don't make it about others or your status.

It will not necessitate much effort or growth on your part: Realizing your dream can be an exciting prospect, but it is important to understand that it may require a significant amount of effort and growth on both the inside and the outside. Prepare to fight for what you want and put yourself out there – don't let fear get the best of you because most of the time fear is an unjustified emotion based on outdated ideas and experiences.
Only consider opportunities that are directly related to your dream: Sometimes opportunities present themselves that aren't exactly what we want or that we feel are beneath us and our dream. Saying no closes doors to exciting places that could lead you to realizing your dream. Prepare to adopt a mindset that encourages you to say yes to all opportunities and to stop limiting your potential.

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2. Determine What Your Dreams Are

Many of us have an idea that we want to do something different with our lives but aren't sure what it is. You may have found yourself unemployed and wanting to seize this opportunity to pursue your dream, but you're not sure what it is.

Ask yourself, “If you could choose any path and dream you wanted, what would it be?”

The key to answering this question is to relax and ask it to yourself without any pressure. Choose to trust your instincts and don't dismiss anything as silly or unattainable – this is a true insight into what would truly make you happy, and once your mindset is in order, you can begin to believe that this could happen for you.

When I asked myself this question, the only answer I could come up with was that I wanted to do something creative. Once that was in my head, I began to notice more and more instances in which writing was mentioned, and it planted the seed. I eventually realized that becoming a writer was something I wanted to do.

3. Address Your Limiting Beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are the thoughts and ideas that run through your mind that justify why you can't achieve your goals. They usually manifest as “but I don't have the financial security to just follow my dream,” “I'm too old now, there's no point,” or “I've never achieved much in my life before, so I don't see how this will work out.”

These are harmful and usually stem from fear and a lack of self-confidence. When these appear, try to figure out why they are there. Are they real, or are they the result of fear? Many people who achieve their goals took a leap of faith to overcome their limiting beliefs – feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Find examples in your life or in the lives of people you admire to show you that these limiting beliefs aren't true; the only thing standing in your way is your own mind.

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And, yes, I had ALL of these ideas when I first considered making a career out of writing, so you are not alone!

4. Don't Listen to Negativity or Counter-Opinions There will always be people who will not support your dream – unfortunately, this will be a lot more people than you wish

Understand, however, that people have their own ideas and thoughts based on their own fears and perspectives, and that this does not imply that they are correct. Accept that someone is being negative or unsupportive and refrain from discussing your plans with them. Find people who are excited for you, supportive, and believe in your ability to succeed – this will help push you toward your goal and help it become a reality.

I came across a lot of negative comments and opinions about how I'll struggle as a writer and how it's not financially secure – why would you want to choose that kind of life? But instead of listening to or reading negative things, I focused on what I wanted to do and solidified my reasons for doing so in my own mind.

5. Resist Social Pressures

In relation to the preceding point, many of us live our lives as a result of societal ideas, beliefs, and pressures. We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages about what we should do. The notion that you should have a secure job and be married with children is a global social pressure. We are led to believe that these things will bring us eternal happiness, but this is not always the case. Pursuing our dreams is frequently viewed as irresponsible, but who has the authority to say that to you? If you want to work as a writer instead of working at a reception desk, you should be able to do so regardless of what others think or say!

We frequently use the excuse of wanting to live a safe and comfortable life to dismiss our dreams. If you're unhappy and frustrated with your current situation – that it's being ruled by other people's expectations – it's time to take action.

According to society, changing careers in my 30s was not ideal. Instead, I should have settled down and made good money, even if it was in a boring job. But, at the end of the day, it's my life and your life – only you get to decide what happens in it and realize your dreams.

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6. Make a Plan for the Future

So you've cleared your mind, said no to social pressures and naysayers, and decided to take charge of your life, realizing you deserve to be happy! Now is the time to devise a strategy. Begin with small steps and research – find people who have done the same thing and look for potential ways to get the ball rolling.

I had no idea where to begin or if it was even possible when I realized I wanted to be a writer, but I didn't put any pressure on myself. I went online and found stories and ideas that confirmed in my mind that this was doable. I invested in a daily program that walked me through the steps of establishing myself as a freelancer and boosted my confidence.

It is critical to begin with small steps to help your mind wrap around the idea that this is possible. Small, attainable steps equal more confidence, which will propel you closer to realizing your dream.

Make a list of any potential problems and how you intend to deal with and overcome them. Having a good plan in place will alleviate your fears of the unknown and provide you with a sense of security.

7. Never Give Up!!

It won't always be easy (though with the right attitude and planning, it can be), so don't give up if you come across roadblocks, negative talk or opinions, or general fears that will arise from time to time (we are all human after all!).

I'm still on my path to becoming a writer, and I have no idea where it will lead me, but I know I'm on the right track and following my dream. At the end of the day, life is about finding your own happiness, so do what makes you happy.

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