Reason to Be Single (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Whoever said being single stinks didn't know what they were talking about. Being single is wonderful, which is why the majority of the population in the United States is currently single.

Being in a relationship can be reassuring and appealing, and it can teach you a lot about love. However, it can also be a constraint. Being single, on the other hand, opens up a whole new world of freedom that you had no idea existed. Instead of being concerned about the fact that you are still single, focus on the positive aspects of your life situation.

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Here are 25 reasons why being single is awesome when all your friends are married.

1. You are free to flirt as much as you want

Flirting can become one of your most treasured pastimes if you practice enough.

2. There are endless possibilities when it comes to going out

We've all had that friend who got into a relationship and then disappeared.

When you're committed, going out isn't as much fun. Going out is a whole different story when you're single! And it almost always has a happy ending.

3. The only person with whom you must communicate is your mother

Even my mother isn't as concerned about what I'm doing as some of my ex-girlfriends are.

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4. You can still take advantage of the wonders of dating apps

TINDER is a single word.

5. You are never required to delete your browsing history

This frees up time for more important activities, such as binge-watching Game of Thrones.

6. You are welcome to take up the entire bed any night of the week

My bed sheets are what I miss the most when I'm in a relationship.

Let's face it: partners hog the bed, and when you call them on it, they always come up with some lame excuse like, “I was trying to snuggle.” I don't want to cuddle with you, lady! I'd like to reclaim my bed.

7. You can't argue with someone you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend with

Isn't it the best feeling when you're out having a good time, drinking beer and hitting on anyone who walks by and you look over to see a couple fighting? My single friends, that's sweet success.

8. You can watch Beyonce's visual album Lemonade without worrying about being cheated on

I believe it is safe to say that we have all seen Beyonce's most recent claim to fame. We've seen it, talked about it, and most likely tweeted about it. Nobody in a relationship appears to feel safe, according to the final consensus. I'm screwed if the Queen Bee is cheated on!

9. You are not required to plan a wedding

Weddings are only fun when all you have to do is show up. I've been to a lot of weddings, and I'm convinced that the person having the most fun is never the bride or groom.

It's the single guests who are mingling with people they've never met before (and will almost certainly never see again) and ordering drinks from an open bar. It's no surprise that one in every four Millennials has decided against marriage.

10. You don't have to worry about divorce if you're not thinking about marriage

That is all there is to it.

11. On any given day, you can be whoever you want

You can't pretend to be someone you're not when you're in a relationship. You'll be caught right away.

12. You don't have to worry about whether or not you're with the right person

If you're anything like me, every person you've ever dated has become a source of anxiety for you.

If you're anything like me, your response to a friend who asks if he's with the right girl is always, “If you have to ask, dump her.”

13. You are never required to do anything you do not want to do

This includes going shopping, watching a movie starring Liam Hemsworth, or having sex with the same person repeatedly.

14. You are not required to smell other people's farts

Unless, of course, you have friends like mine. Let me repeat that. You are not obligated to smell someone else's farts and then sleep with them.

15. You are not required to share your meals

Yes, I will finish all of my fries. Thank you kindly.

16. You are not required to socialize with your girlfriend or boyfriend's annoying friends

You only need to hang out with your own friends' annoyances in the form of annoying girlfriends or boyfriends. I'll take this option over the others any day.

17. After work, you are free to watch whatever you want

There will be no more Real Housewives of whatever city. There will be no more sports games that you are uninterested in. Score!

18. You know you haven't made up your mind

What could be worse than being alone? You settle for someone awful because you don't want to be alone.

19. You have the opportunity to improve yourself

The times in my life when I was single were the times when I grew and accomplished the most on a personal level. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I know people who have been in dead-end, long-term relationships for a long time and have completely lost their drive and forgotten their passions. Being single allows you to devote more time to pursuing your own goals.

20. You have the ability to be completely selfish

While your friends complain about having to do this or that for their significant others, you are free to do whatever you want.

21. You are free to experiment

You get to choose whether you want to be sexual or scientific.

22. You have the ability to travel

When you're single, it's easier to get the experience of traveling by yourself. You don't need to call your girlfriend to tell her where you'll be next month. You don't have to worry about your boyfriend being offended because you didn't invite him, or about him asking you what you're doing at every turn of the road.

23. You save money, which is number

Dating is costly. Vacations are expensive. Love comes at a cost.

24. Life is more exciting


25. You're still excited about finding the one

Sure, everyone around you has found, or believes they have found, the one. But the hunt isn't over for you, and that's exciting.

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