Rules for Happiness (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Happiness, they say, is a mental state

Great wealth, a mansion, a swanky boat, and a flashy car will not necessarily make you happy, nor will a life free of work. Indeed, many of the suggested paths to happiness that we are fed by the powers that be are leading us to premature deaths and bouts of depression.

The fundamental rules of happiness are quite simple, and here are ten simple rules that you must learn in order to be happy.

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1. Flip the Happiness Switch to the ‘On' position

We are all born with an on/off switch for happiness. Remember when you were younger and you'd race home from school with a joyful heart simply because school was out?

When you think back to what made you happy as a child, it was probably the small mini-experiences that made your heart race, rather than the big wondrous experiences we crave as we get older.

Find that small happiness switch within yourself and keep it turned on to your own level of happiness at all times.

2. Recognize that happiness is a journey rather than a destination

We've all been given a magical book called the Book of Life. It has three parts: beginning, middle, and end.

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Make a point of focusing on fulfillment and having fun with your story's journey. Live each page and savor each word, but remember to live each day as if it were your last.

3. Discover How to Deal with Frustration

Remember that having complete control over your life is not an option, and we all get frustrated for various reasons about various things. A basic rule of happiness is to be able to increase your tolerance for frustration, which requires letting go of control. Excessive control suffocates happiness and feeds frustration.

4. Be present in the moment and live in the moment

It is pointless to wait for tomorrow in the hope that it will bring you more of what makes you happy. You only have today, right now, and you must find ways to be happy in this moment. Enjoy your family, live your dreams, and let your imagination run wild because this is your journey.

If you think winning the lottery will make you happy, you're probably on the wrong track.

5. Recognize Your Life's Purpose

When you are aligned with your mission, you are more likely to be content and happy. If you are unsure of your life's values and purpose, take a good hard look at what you stand for as well as what truly makes your heart sing.

6. Establish Achievable Goals and Pursue Them Reasonably

Goals are the essence of optimism, and they motivate you to get out of bed each morning. Happy people strive for short-, medium-, and long-term goals, but they do not pursue them at the expense of their well-being.

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Make sure you have goals, but make sure you incorporate them into your life in a balanced manner.

7. Behold the awe-inspiring beauty of the simplest of things

Take time out every day to appreciate the little things in life. Many millionaires have discovered that money isn't everything, and chasing life's big pleasures rather than the small ones is futile in the pursuit of happiness because you're just as likely missing tiny sparkling diamonds strewn across your life's path.

8. Give, Give, Give!

“Give and you shall receive,” but how about skipping the receiving part and just giving, giving, and giving some more? Giving of yourself, your time, or a portion of your money will almost always result in large amounts of happiness – it's a universal law.

9. Never, ever sacrifice family for success

Consider this for a moment… You live in a large house, possibly the house of your dreams, with a fancy car in the garage and enough money in the bank to take a five-star vacation. Wow, you've made it… or have you? Great wealth almost always necessitates sacrifice, usually in the form of large chunks of your time. You may have had to relegate your loved ones to second best, you may have had a failed relationship, you may have missed your children's childhood years, or you may have been too busy to celebrate birthdays and remember anniversaries. At the end of the day, having all of life's luxuries is pointless if you have no one with whom to share them.

10. Don't Let the Past Influence Your Future

Your past is no longer relevant. It has occurred. The water has flown beneath the bridge and out of sight, leaving fresh water in its wake. You have no control over events that have already occurred, and happy people are aware of this. Spend less time worrying about the past and more time focusing on what you can change or accomplish right now.

My 6/10 Rule of Happiness
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