Self Punishment Ideas (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We are all aware that we require goals in our lives. Getting them done, on the other hand, is difficult. And beating yourself up because you didn't achieve another goal isn't going to get you anywhere.

You must learn how to stack the deck in your favor and how to remove willpower from the equation. When you know how to use rewards and punishments correctly, it will appear as if reaching your goals is an unavoidable outcome.

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1. Reward yourself when you succeed

When attempting to achieve a goal, you should aim to treat yourself once a week.

You can probably divide your big goal into smaller milestones. You should try to achieve one milestone per week. Milestones are useful because they break down the goal and let you know when you're on the right track. You should reward yourself whenever you achieve a goal.

The treat you give yourself does not have to be extravagant. However, it should be something you enjoy and look forward to. It is critical that your weekly treat does not derail your progress toward your goal. If you're trying to lose weight, setting a weekly goal of a tub of ice cream, for example, may not be a good idea.

Having a weekly reward will give you a new burst of motivation every week. As a result of the treat, you'll feel revitalized, and the small milestones will make progress appear easier.

2. Inform everyone of your plans

Nobody wants to fail in front of others. When it comes to achieving our goals, public humiliation can be one of the most motivating factors ever.

Mention to someone that you're pursuing a big goal. Try to find someone who will give you a hard time if you fail. Someone who will make a comment or two when you fail and will inform the rest of the world.

This may appear to be a bad idea, but it can be extremely beneficial. You don't want this person disseminating bad news. It will feel even better when you achieve your goal and can demonstrate to them that you were capable of doing so. Choose the right person, and you'll be surprised at how motivated you'll feel.

3. Make a wager

Losing money is something that we all despise. You can use this psychological quirk to your advantage by placing a large bet with someone based on your goal.

A large bet frequently varies depending on who you are and what your salary is. However, for most people, 2% of their annual salary appears to be sufficient. Set a deadline for yourself and then get to work.

Make certain that both you and the other person involved in the bet understand the terms. Ascertain that each of you has reached an agreement on how you will measure this goal's achievement.

4. Design your own set of consequences

If you fail to meet a weekly goal, you may want to subject yourself to something that you despise. This may require a little more effort than everything else mentioned so far, but it can still be beneficial.

For some people, a cold shower may be the appropriate form of punishment for failing to meet a goal. Others may decide that if they fail to meet a goal, they must buy a gift for their least favorite person in the world. You could even think about donating to a charity that you despise.

5. Enlist the help of a friend

When it comes to achieving a goal, the assistance of a friend can be extremely beneficial. You should try to persuade a good friend to reward you when you achieve a goal.

This works for a variety of reasons. To begin with, you do not want to disappoint your friend, so you will go to any length to achieve your goal. Second, you'll work hard because you want the aforementioned reward when you achieve a goal. You'll also have someone to talk to when things get difficult.

This technique can be a real lifesaver if you have a great friend who cares enough to keep their word.

Are you a new person?

Reaching your goals can be difficult, especially if you rely solely on willpower.

However, you now know of 5 ways to reward and punish yourself in order to achieve your goals. With these strategies, you should never have to worry about failing because of a lack of willpower.

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