Selfish Friends (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you enjoy torturing yourself, surround yourself with selfish people. In fact, if you enjoy wasting time and are looking for the greatest source of social demotivation and remorse, stick with selfish friends. Having them is akin to pouring love and emotional investment into a black hole and expecting it to return the favor.

Stay away from these people if you want to have a great social life. The most difficult aspect of them is that they know how to disguise themselves as nice and interesting people. This article will teach you how to recognize them before you invest in friendships that will hurt and disappoint you. Here are six tell-tale signs that you're dealing with a self-centered jerk…

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#1 – They Believe They Are Deserving of Special Treatment

The self-centered friend, the one you don't want to get involved with, believes he or she is unique. They believe they are entitled to preferential treatment and will request favors, large and small, even if you are only getting to know them.

#2 – You Are A Detail To Him

When you do him a favor, he rarely says thank you, and if he does, it doesn't sound genuine. Try to ask him for a favor, and you'll see him brush it off and never follow through. He or she may give you an evasive response such as “ok, I'll call you later about this,” but this never occurs. They sometimes act as if you never asked for anything.

#3 – Dubious Plans

Because he believes he is too special to apologise, the selfish person can cancel a meeting with you at the last minute, making up excuses and rarely saying “I'm sorry.” When you suggest meeting with him, he carefully considers all of his other options, and if he has nothing “better” to do, he'll meet with you. He usually calls when he's bored and has nothing else planned.

The selfish person decides where he wants to go and then finds others to accompany him. That's fine, but he'll suggest it to a lot of people, and it appears that it doesn't matter to him who joins him. In other words, he hangs out with you because he doesn't want to be alone, not because he likes you.

#4: You've Never Met His Friends

The selfish person mentions his other friends but never introduces you to any of them and always arrives alone. He gives the impression of knowing a lot of people, but when you listen to the stories he tells, you realize it's all a ruse. He's always hanging out with people he barely knows, and he rarely hangs out with close friends, but he's always bragging about his relationships with powerful people, and it never stops.

If you want to laugh, ask him if he could introduce you to so and so: he'll make the most ridiculous excuses why it can't happen “now,” but maybe “later.” It never happens, but it's amusing to see him try to avoid your request.

#5 – You're Boring to Him

He never takes the time to learn what makes you unique or interesting. Conversation, to him, is simply a means of gaining more power. He appears to be listening, but he's really just waiting for you to stop talking so he can reclaim control of the conversation. For instance, when you say things like “Oh! Hey, you know what I just read in USA Today,… etc,” he says things like “Of course!” or “I know that, but here's what's really interesting…” With sentences like that, he simply dismisses whatever you say as banal and common knowledge.

This will occur even if you discuss a brand new scientific discovery. If you want to put them to the test, tell them about a new scientific study and give him the results backwards. If he says, “I know…”, you've got a sucker on your hands.

#6 – He Is Hiding His “Black Hole” Personality

The selfish person understands that if he immediately acts like himself, he will never make friends. Instead, he begins by behaving in a very polite and cordial manner. At first, he is eager to get to know you and pays close attention to you. Then he gradually withdraws and only appears when he needs something.

He usually brings a lot of conversation to the table and is always ready to say something. He does this to give the impression of an open-minded, interesting, and interested personality, but you can tell he isn't really interested in any of those subjects; he just uses them as a cover for an empty take-everything-I-can personality. It's like a black hole: you can't expect love from someone who can only take.

BONUS-TIP – His Most Dangerous Trick

The most dangerous trick in the selfish person's arsenal is the mental confusion he attempts to instill in you. He tries to make you doubt your worth as a friend. He wants you to believe you're not cool enough and that you should try harder. This is a small dose of phony rejection from the selfish person.

My advice to you is to never fall for something like this. When you notice selfish behavior, move on to find a giving person; someone who is willing to invest some of their time in making new friends. Remove the suckers; they cause more harm than good.

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