Serial Dater Psychology (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

A relationship between two people who are compatible can undoubtedly provide both partners with great and lasting happiness. A stable, healthy relationship improves life, which is usually a lonely place where friends and even lovers are constantly lost and replaced.

That, however, is extremely rare

Even marriages, which are supposed to be stable relationships by definition, are being shattered by high rates of divorce. According to the CDC, for every 6.9 people who married between 2000 and 2014, 3.2 filed for divorce. Almost half of those who vowed eternal love and support for one another were unable to stay together.

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Serial daters have become more common in today's dating environment

As a result, speed and online dating have reached all-time highs, with online and mobile sites and apps making meeting people easier than ever. The modern dating environment has spawned its ultimate user and beneficiary – the serial dater – with such a great “offer” and corresponding “demand.”

The serial dater is a relatively new breed. The speed dater is a natural expert of dating sites and applications such as Tinder or PlentyofFish, and will come home from a date and log into their account without hesitation. This is due to deeper psychological motivations rather than a desire for true love.

In reality, speed daters are not superficial or morally ambiguous people. They make a conscious decision to enjoy the benefits of bachelorhood while keeping a foot in the door of romantic engagement. It's their attempt to keep the best of both worlds. If they are successful, this way of life leaves a trail of heartbroken and disappointed lovers behind each serial dater.

Humanity's understanding of love, which is ostensibly a pure and natural emotion, has evolved over time. However, it is the modern world and its pervasive high-speed nature that has permeated even the most inaccessible corners of ourselves, altering our romantic expectations and desires. Serial daters may believe they have cracked the code and beaten the system, but this only leaves the rest of us scrambling to make ends meet and hoping not to get too hurt.

There are two kinds of serial daters

The Pragmatic is the first type of serial dater.
He or she understands that the excitement of a new relationship makes you feel empowered and on top of the world. As a result, they are constantly looking for that feeling in every new and fleeting relationship while maintaining their overall preference for single life. The Pragmatic has almost given up on true love, content with these extreme but fleeting moments of joy.

The Semi-Romantic serial dater is the second type

People in this category believe in the existence of true love and soul mates and see nothing wrong with participating in the dating game. Instead, they see the modern dating market as a chance to “play the numbers.” The more people they meet and date, the more likely it is that they will meet The One.

A serial dater avoids any potentially dangerous connections at all costs

Serial daters are social beings par excellence. He or she will make an immediate impression on the opposite gender as the focal point of the group or party. As a result, the serial dater will always have at least one person to flirt with.

The fact that you are not included in his or her life is a tell-tale sign that you are that person. You may see each other every couple of days for a few hours, during which you will feel as if you are the center of the world, but you are not allowed deeper access into their lives.

Serial daters will do everything they can to avoid getting to know you or you getting to know them. This allows them to remain emotionally detached from their current partners while quickly switching from one lover to another. Serious conversations about your relationship are also something speed daters should avoid at all costs. Instead, once the relationship has passed the “honeymoon” stage, they value social approval, sex, or material gains over feelings.

If you realize you're dating a serial dater, please leave them alone

When you realize you've chosen a serial dater from the perpetually crowded dating market, the most obvious course of action is to gradually distance yourself from him or her.

Serial daters will go to great lengths for a new romantic conquest, but once the battle is won and the castle is conquered, their interest fades quickly. Strong relationships, on the other hand, are defined by constant strains from both partners to make it work. If your partner does not exhibit such behavior, he or she may not be the one.

If you come across a speed dater and recognize him or her, resist the urge to engage with him or her. Nod and laugh, but keep moving. Life is too short for serial daters to commit to a potentially disappointing sincere relationship, and it is also too short for others to share in their seemingly erratic romantic life.

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