Shameless People (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you've ever had to deal with a completely shameless person in your life, you understand how difficult it can be. They walk over, run through, embarrass, and shame those around them without blinking. So, how do you handle such a person? Here are eight clever ways to deal with it.

1. Maintain your composure

Shameless people are known to engage in boisterous behavior in order to gain attention. By refusing to participate in their drama, you deprive them of power and take the wind out of their sails. But if you fall into the trap of whatever disaster they're attempting to create, you'll be the one who is embarrassed. By refusing to participate, you isolate yourself from the consequences as well as the emotional turmoil.

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2. Avoid putting them down

According to a Psychology Today article, shameless people are usually filled with deep shame, and their “I don't care” attitude is how they cope with it. That means that if you shame them further, they are more likely to act out in a more severe manner. So, go back to step one and keep your cool. You don't want to set off a chain of events aimed at you.

3. Get some rest

This may appear to have nothing to do with dealing with shameless people, but not getting enough sleep makes everything and everyone more difficult to deal with. Sleep refreshes your brain by shuffling and discarding memories while you sleep (dreams), allowing you to wake up refreshed and clear-headed. When you are tired, your memory, self-control, and attention span suffer, and sleep deprivation raises hormones that cause stress even in the absence of an aggravator. So, if you are confronted with an obnoxious over-sharer or an inappropriately dressed coworker, you will be far more irritated than if you had slept well.

4. Don't let them forget what they've done

I'm all for people being forgiven for stupid things they've done, because harboring toxic feelings inside is a recipe for disaster. However, forgiving does not imply forgetting. If you forget that they have no qualms about yelling loudly inappropriate phrases in public, you'll be the one with egg on your face when everyone in the nice restaurant you're eating lunch at stares in shock. It is possible to achieve peace without making friends. People do not change as frequently as we would like to believe.

5. Define your boundaries

It's fine to tell people what you consider acceptable and what you will not tolerate. If you have a coworker who makes sexual comments or is a little too “hands on” for you, it's perfectly fine to tell them not to treat you that way. Make sure to be specific, articulate, and clear. You don't want any leeway for interpretation. “I'm not comfortable with any kind of physical touch, or with you referring to my body in any way.” When you establish clear boundaries, you will be better able to take action against the shameless person if they cross the line.

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6. Distinguish the facts from the drama

Shameless people are frequently chronic liars who boldly and authoritatively spew lie after lie in order to draw attention to themselves. Nobody wants to confront or embarrass them, so they get away with it. This can be aggravating and even perplexing at times. However, the more absurd it is, the easier it will be to sort through it all to find the facts. When you ignore the extraneous drama and focus solely on the hard facts, you diminish the power of the lies and discourage this type of behavior. It demonstrates to them that they will receive attention for being truthful, and as a result, they will want to steer more in that direction. Even if they don't, it will make you feel more in command.

7. Maintain your alertness

Being caught off guard can lead you right into the clutches of a shameless individual. You're angry and arguing before you realize what's going on, when you could have kept your cool. You can't stop someone from pushing your buttons if you aren't expecting it. You can remove yourself from the situation if you are alert and take a moment to regroup. While you're alone, devise a strategy for dealing with the situation and attack it head on. You'll be able to alleviate some of the frustration and anger that can arise when the problem is all you can see if you focus on the solution rather than the problem.

8. Maintain a strong support network

Some shameless people are more work than any one person can handle alone, and having a strong support system of rational people can help you maintain a clear perspective. When someone rants loudly at you about their biased thinking all day, it can start to feel like you're the crazy one, but if you have rational friends or coworkers, they'll set the record straight. They might even be able to laugh about it with you, which will relieve some of the stress.

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