Sisters Relationships (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Oh, sisters! They can be your best friend, confidant, nemesis, and everything in between! Sisterhood is a complex blend of shared history and independence; it is a relationship that evolves and shifts over time. While each group of sisters has their own story, here are six ways the relationship between sisters frequently changes over time.

1. They are first-time acquaintances

Sisters learn how to interact with other girls from one another. Whether you shared a room or had your own, your sister knew more about you as a child than anyone else on the planet. You could pretend to be cool or sophisticated at school, but she knew if you kept candy under your bed or spent your nights mooning over the boy who sat in front of you in homeroom. Sisters teach you how to share, be compassionate, and make amends after a disagreement.

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2. They are competitors

Sisters compete with one another at some point in their lives. When a second girl joins a family, the first is thrust into the role of “big sister,” with all the expectations that entails. They may resent this new bundle of joy and dislike being a role model and helper to their younger sister. Later on, rivalries between sisters may be motivated by boys. My sister was three years my senior in school. I recall liking a boy who ate lunch at my table and how all he could talk about was how amazing my sister was. I was less than amused and more than eager for her to graduate and attend college! Sisters may compete for their parents' attention by improving their grades and becoming more popular. Later in life, they may compete for career success or to see who is a better mother or has the best children.

3. They are criminal associates

Remember when you and your sister would go out in the yard in search of adventure during the summer? The innocent and fun hose fight turned into big trouble when you ended up soaking the clothes Mom had hung out to dry! Because they know each other so well, sisters make the best partners in crime – or just mischievous fun. An exchanged glance evolves into a complex scheme to deceive a brother, father, or the family dog. I'm sure your sister was right there with you when you were having a good time as a kid!

4. They irritate each other

Sisters have an uncanny ability to find and push each other's buttons. They know exactly what to say to bring you down or up, depending on their mood, and you do as well!

5. They grow up alongside each other

Sisters have an unbreakable bond. Older sisters teach younger sisters how to act in front of boys, how to use makeup, how to do their hair, and other skills. Younger sisters frequently get to do things before their older siblings as rules and expectations become more relaxed (often due to exhaustion on the part of the parents)! Sisters share both joys and sorrows. They help each other through each stage of life, from childhood to adolescence to being a young and then an aging woman.

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6. they have each other's backs

No matter how strained a sister's relationship is, family loyalty will kick in if you dare to say anything negative about a girl's sister! It's the “I can bad mouth her because she's my sister, but you can't!” mentality. Sisters look out for one another and are there for one another in times of need. That need could be lipstick for a night out on the town or a shoulder to cry on after a bad breakup. Sisters, no matter how big or small, are always there for one another.

It's an honor to have and be a sister. It is a relationship and a bond that should be worked on so that it can withstand the test of time. Sisters become the person you can go to if you want to talk about that bad haircut you had when you were 10 years old or how unreasonable the curfew was in your childhood home. They will congratulate you on your accomplishments, as well as lift you up and assist you in overcoming adversity. You can both laugh and cry together. If you have a sister – or a few – reach out to them and tell them how lucky they are to have YOU as a sister!

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