Spiritual Maturity (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Whether we want to or not, we all physically mature. Spiritual maturity, on the other hand, is not guaranteed. While the term “spiritual maturity” is most commonly associated with Christianity, the principles of spiritual maturity can be found in all religious and wisdom traditions. Spiritual maturity can be defined as follows:

The gradual development of healthy and life-giving ways of relating to oneself, others, and the environment.

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Most of us want to learn how to relate to ourselves and others in such a way that we can all experience connection, peace, and long-lasting joy. Spiritual maturity does not happen by accident. It requires intention, time, and effort to reap the benefits.

Are you unsure about what it takes to be spiritually mature? Here are some indicators that you are on the right track.

1. Your life is governed by a set of fundamental principles and values

We frequently go through life without questioning the beliefs, values, and assumptions that guide our actions. Spiritually immature people live their lives unaware of the spiritual forces that influence them. The spiritually mature chooses to develop life habits that are consistent with values such as love, compassion, empathy, selfless giving, dignified living, and so on. They stay away from anything that promotes negative values. They seek to live out these values in all aspects of life through self-awareness.

2. You are quick to forgive and slow to hold grudges

Nelson Mandela once said that harboring resentment is akin to drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Spiritually mature people take this seriously because they are not interested in taking their own or others' lives (literally and metaphorically). They learn how to safely let go of the poison of resentment in order to forgive those who have wronged them. They recover faster and move on with their lives in order to free themselves and others from the bonds of unforgiveness.

3. You have a strong concern for the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed

All of the great spiritual traditions advocate for caring for the less fortunate. It is very easy to tune out the voices of the weak as we go about our daily lives. The spiritually mature person is constantly aware of the poor's needs and is inspired to act on their behalf. They understand that in order for a society to be healthy, it must care for its weakest members.

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4. You keep your childlike sense of awe

As we mature into responsible adults, too many of us lose our ability to be amazed by life. Spiritually mature people see wonder and beauty in everything they do and see. Familiarity is not a spiritually mature person's friend. Whereas others see monotonous routines, they see new things. Every moment is regarded as a gift, one that must not be squandered through negativity or ungratefulness.

5. You are aware of the dangers of excess, but you have a positive attitude toward abundance

These two things may appear to be at odds, but upon closer inspection, you will see that they are not. We see a healthy balance with the environment among spiritual traditions. Spiritual masters throughout history have warned of the dangers of overindulging in material and spiritual pleasures. They take only what they require and do not hoard. They also give joyfully because they have an abundance mindset. They give from their hearts rather than their pockets, believing that there will always be enough.

6. You postpone pleasure

Every day, we are bombarded with subtle and not-so-subtle messages claiming that instant gratification is an inalienable right, that it leads to happiness, and that it helps you forget about your problems.

Spiritually mature people understand that anything worthwhile necessitates doing something you would rather not do now in order to achieve a desired result later. This is what delayed gratification is all about. Several studies have found a link between delayed gratification and success in a variety of areas of life.

This principle has an additional layer for the spiritually mature. They can see that sometimes we don't get what we want because the timing isn't right or because what we want isn't good for us in the long run. They understand that not all pleasurable things, even those that appear to be harmless, must be pursued.

7. You are overjoyed

Being stressed out, reserved, and even unhappy are all too often viewed as status symbols. The hidden message is: “If you're stressed out and busy, you must be important.” If you don't have any problems, you either don't have any responsibilities or you're lazy.”

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There is another layer to our collective aversion to joy. In her book Daring Greatly, Brené Brown refers to it as foreboding joy, or “the paradoxical dread that clamps down on momentary joyfulness.” The phrase “waiting for the other shoe to drop” is commonly used to describe it.

We are afraid to celebrate joy in our lives because we are afraid it will be taken away or because we believe we are unworthy of our joy. According to Brown, foreboding joy is our way of reducing our vulnerability to disappointment. When someone is in a state of “perpetual disappointment,” how can they be disappointed?

Spiritually mature people understand that in order to combat foreboding joy, gratitude must also be present (as demonstrated by Brown's research). Consistent joy comes from practicing gratitude, not from naivety or a lack of problems. The spiritually mature are never unhappy, but they are always joyful.

8. You take personal responsibility

You are more likely to engage in self-reflection as a regular practice if you are spiritually mature. This enables you to examine your actions in light of your values and, in many cases, hidden motivations. When things go wrong, you'll be less likely to blame other people or circumstances.

9. You are trustworthy

A spiritually mature individual understands that their word is everything. They are rarely quick to take on new commitments, but instead take their time to consider whether it is consistent with their values and whether they have the time and energy to devote to something new.

10. You're content with what can't be changed

Spiritually immature people worry themselves to death about things they can't change. Spiritually mature people learn to let go of what they cannot control in order to focus on what they can influence.

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Another truth about the spiritually mature is that they never arrive. They understand that in order to live up to their highest ideals, they must work every day. They also understand that the joy is in the journey.

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