Step Siblings (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You could never have imagined sharing your life with a step-sibling when your parents first remarried. You can't imagine your life without them now. Here are a few things that only people with step-siblings will understand:

1. You understand what it's like to not have shared the same childhood

Because you did not share a childhood, having a new sibling means you have a lot of catching up to do. Photos and home videos are extremely beneficial. It's surprising, but after a while, you get to know each other's backstories so well that you frequently forget you didn't grow up under the same roof.

2. You understand how difficult it is to constantly explain your blended family to everyone

It can be difficult to introduce your new family. You despise having to explain that your parents remarried and that you now have step-siblings, because they feel like your biological family to you. It becomes even more difficult if both parents remarry. It frequently entails drawing diagrams and making use of nearby objects to describe your current family situation.

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3. At your house, you have to deal with a constantly changing number of people

Because all of the children alternate between different sets of parents, the number of people in your home is constantly changing. You have three siblings when you live with your mother, but only you and your sister when you live with your father. It can be perplexing to constantly switch family dynamics, but on the plus side, it keeps life interesting.

4. You finally get to have the older/younger sibling you've always desired

You've always wished for an older sister to steal clothes from and ask all your boy questions to. Your wish was granted when your mother remarried and you gained a wise older sister whom you would not trade for anything.

5. Your vacation is a little more complicated

The holidays will never be easy, but when are they ever? Dividing your time between two families can be stressful, but on the bright side, you get twice the presents and twice the holiday feasts.

6. During your parents' fights, you form alliances with them

Fights between your mother and father are unavoidable, and it is difficult for stepchildren not to side with their own parent. Your mother is accustomed to doing things one way, but your stepfather does not always agree. Even if you don't completely agree with her, you feel compelled to defend her.

7. Your birth order is rendered null and void

For as long as you can remember, you've been the oldest sister to your younger brother. Until your father remarried. It's taken you a long time to accept that you're the middle child.

8. Your chores have become significantly more difficult

Chores are never easy to assign, but determining who does what in a blended family can be a chore in and of itself. On top of that, there is the task of combining two different families' ideas about how chores should be completed.

9. You're probably aware that evil step-sisters (and brothers) only exist in fairy tales

Step-siblings get a bad rap, and it's all because of Cinderella. The reality is that your new siblings are a whole new support system that will always have your back.

10. You are aware that it takes some time to adjust to sharing your mother or father

One of the most difficult aspects of having a blended family is learning to share your own mother or father with your new step-siblings. It gets easier over time as you grow closer, and you couldn't imagine anyone else as your family.

Step-siblings can complicate family dynamics, but you know that there is no one you would rather have as sisters and brothers. After all, you know that family is defined by those you cannot live without, not by blood.

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