Stop Taking Selfies (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Like many millennials, I spend the majority of my time on social media. As a serial selfie taker, my only excuse is that I'm coming out of a particularly awkward ten-year puberty phase. It can, however, be difficult to distinguish between celebrating your self-confidence and becoming obsessed with how others perceive you. There is nothing wrong with documenting your life today, but when you stop relying on others to validate your selfies, the following incredible things will occur.

Your self-esteem will improve

Sure, seeing a great picture of yourself is a short-term boost to your self-esteem, but it is only temporary. Regardless of your body type, a truly positive self image stems from valuing yourself for more than your appearance – something that photographs rarely capture.

You'll Be a Better Listener

Too much social media is associated with a desire to dominate others, as one sees themselves as superior to others. One way this disregard for others manifests itself is through unilateral listening. This means that someone only listens to others to refute or criticize what they are saying. Obviously, this is an unhealthy way of relating to others.

Your Mental Condition Will Improve

Because excessive social media use has recently been linked to some mental illnesses, it is critical to balance our interest in online media with reality in the offline world. According to some studies, an obsession with selfies on social media may play a role in the development of problems such as depression, narcissistic personality disorder, and body dysmorphia, among others.

In Relationships, You Will Be More Selfless

Similarly, an obsession with posting selfies can be detrimental to some relationships in the long run. Excessive social media use is associated with an increase in narcissism, which can lead to selfish behavior in relationships. Keep in mind that our outward appearances are only skin deep. Good looks are fleeting, and a good friend or significant other must have a personality to match. No relationship can be healthy if one person is too focused on themselves to care about the other.

You Will Have More Self-Esteem

Similarly, relying on others' positive reactions to your appearance to make you feel worthy is a slippery slope. Because your self-worth should be independent of other people's opinions of you, it doesn't really matter whether or not others find your pictures attractive. To be a complete and happy person, the only person who must value you as you are you. You run the risk of redefining your self-worth based on how others perceive you if you place too much value on others' opinions of your selfies.

You'll Feel More Secure

Self-esteem is another area that should not be influenced by how others perceive you. If your self-esteem is based on positive comments and likes on your selfies, it only takes one negative or snarky remark to cause you to crumble. Each of us is truly unique, with a lot to offer, and no one should let others' sarcasm or negativity affect how they perceive their own personality and potential.

You Will Have A More Positive Attitude

Allowing yourself to be unconcerned about how others perceive you can be beneficial to your attitude. Again, we give others the power to control our mood and perceptions by being overly concerned with how others comment or react to our selfies. Being more thoughtful about what we post, or taking a break from posting selfies, can help you regain control of your attitude, confidence, and mood.

You'll Have A Genuine Definition Of Beauty

Posting too many selfies not only overemphasizes other people's perceptions of us, but caring only about your appearance can negatively skew your definition of beauty. It's great to look confident in photos, but if you start emphasizing your appearance over other qualities, you run the risk of becoming overly superficial. Selfies are a good addition to your social media presence if you clearly value other aspects of yourself as well. Try to strike a balance between the importance of looking good online and your involvement in intelligent content, global events, scientific and technological advancements, and concern for others in your social circles.

Negativity will irritate you less

Furthermore, becoming more narcissistic can make you more prone to rage. Whereas negative comments used to have little effect on you, relying on the attention of others to define ourselves means that criticism is much more painful. Avoiding the tendency to overreact to negativity is critical to maintaining a positive self-image.

You'll be more present in the moment

Taking more than three selfies per day is classified as an actual disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Whether you agree with this classification or not, one thing is certain: taking pictures of yourself up to three times per day will undoubtedly interfere with your ability to live life in the moment. Remember that putting down your phone and appreciating the moment for what it is can be a liberating and transformative experience.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with sharing your self-assurance and body positivity with the world, but keep in mind that who you are is much more than what is visible. Regardless of how engaging social media is, the opinions of others about your selfies should not have a significant impact on how you live your life. Everyone admires someone who is selfless and caring, and these characteristics are usually most noticeable in people who have a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Growing as a person and developing a positive self-image are separate from the attention we receive from others. Seeking balance in your social media presence may appear difficult at first, but it is a rewarding approach to these new and exciting ways of communicating.

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