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I have no qualms about admitting that I am a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode that always stands out in my mind is when Wesley Crusher had just missed out on admission to Star Fleet Academy. Captain Picard consoles him by telling him that what he learns from his mistakes is the true measure of a man.

There are numerous examples of real-life historical figures who exhibited mental toughness. Teddy Roosevelt is one that stands out. His actions and words reveal the true character he possessed.

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Teddy Roosevelt is a historical figure. Picard, Captain. Examples of inner strength and fortitude in fiction and nonfiction. However, many people do not consider themselves to be mentally strong. We are often our harshest critics and are unaware of our own strengths. Here are 25 signs that you have steely nerves:

1. You are not easily irritated or yell

Even in the face of the most severe stressors, you choose to remain calm and try to handle situations as smoothly as possible. You have the impression that by raising your voice, you are lowering yourself.

2. You welcome feedback

You are not afraid to express your opinion, nor are you afraid to accept other people's opinions or feedback, whether negative or positive. You prefer to welcome it so that you can learn.

3. You offer apologies when necessary

You recognize when you've made a mistake and apologize without fear of losing face. You understand that by apologizing, you will appear to be the more mature individual.

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4. You are willing to make changes in order to improve

You are adaptable to change because you are mentally strong. You are aware that change is beneficial to your current situation.

5. You don't limit your thoughts to just the surface

Things aren't just as they are. Before reaching a conclusion, you conduct extensive research and reading.

6. You avoid placing expectations on others

When you go the extra mile for someone, you don't expect anything in return. You've always been a selfless person.

7. You understand how to set boundaries in order to keep things in perspective

You don't allow others to go beyond the boundaries you've established, and you communicate those boundaries politely but firmly.

8. You are willing to accept assistance

You are well aware of your weaknesses and are not afraid to seek assistance from others. You understand that you are only learning by doing so.

9. You are not dependent on anyone

You're not the type to rely on others emotionally or simply to get things done. You are maintaining a healthy relationship both personally and professionally by doing so.

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10. You go with your gut instincts

You believe in gaining experiences, as a result of which you learn to trust your instincts to guide your decision-making.

11. You've forgiven yourself

It's difficult to move on if you don't let go, as you've discovered over the years. So you forgive yourself when you make a mistake and let the past go rather than dwelling on it.

12. You are aware of your limitations

You've set certain boundaries for yourself, and you've accepted them because you know they're part of who you are.

13. You recognize that conflict can bring about a solution to a problem

You are aware that holding grudges has never been a solution to a problem, nor has it resulted in anything positive. Instead, you come up with a solution.

14. You don't procrastinate

You prefer to complete the current task before moving on to the next. Although procrastination sounds appealing, it only adds to the amount of work that needs to be done.

15. You take criticism with a grain of salt

You almost never make assumptions without first fully understanding the situation. You try to avoid believing the negative things you've been told as much as possible.


16. You are in charge of financial matters

In general, you are a wise individual. You not only make wise decisions, but you also avoid wasting money.

17. You are aware that perseverance pays off

You have a strong will that will not allow you to give up on things you truly desire. You keep going until you know success is right around the corner.

18. You can work your way around any problem

You keep trying and don't give up until you've reached your goal. Giving up isn't your thing; however, looking for alternatives is.

19. You are constantly looking for ways to better yourself

Because you accepted the fact that no one is perfect a long time ago, you frequently believe that you can do better and that there is always room for improvement.

20. You take steps to maintain your health

If you aren't healthy, you aren't wealthy or wise — and that is your motto. So you try to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe as healthily as possible.

21. You branch out of your comfort zone and try new things

It's not that you get bored easily, but staying put gives you no exposure and no opportunity to learn. You step outside of your comfort zone to experience change and fun.

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22. You do not blame extrinsic factors for your circumstances

You consider everything, and you realize that blaming something outside of your control is pointless and silly.

23. You make good use of your time

Going around wasting your time is an absolute no-no for you. So you decide to use that time productively so that others can benefit as well.

24. You let others take the initiative

You know how things are done, so you sit back and relax, allowing others to take the lead while you enjoy yourself. You do, however, try to provide them with your full support if they require it.

25. During a crisis, you maintain your composure and clarity of thought

When something is done with a peaceful and calm mind, it produces a good result. So, even in a crisis, you do your best to remain calm.

Life is full of obstacles that must be overcome. The ability to deal with these challenges necessitates some mental toughness. The types of stress that people face on a daily basis can vary. Things happen, from missing a credit card payment to dealing with a family member's death. Everyone handles problems in their own unique way.

Some may wonder if they have any mental toughness at all. Some people have ice in their veins, while others are ready to run at the drop of a hat. Train yourself to be a mentally strong person if you believe you lack it. Learn about people whose deeds you admire.

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Examine those who overcame adversity to effect change. Learn how to apply that to bring about positive change in your own life.

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