Taking Yourself Too Seriously (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It's difficult to take yourself seriously in a world where some celebrities literally make millions of dollars a year simply by living their lives in such a way that they provide frequent fodder for tabloid magazines. But who says you have to take yourself too seriously?

I believe that many of us get in our own way by taking ourselves too seriously at times. Perhaps you take your job title too seriously, or perhaps you take your hobbies too seriously. I believe that most of us are guilty of this in some way.

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When you take yourself too seriously, it can be difficult to make progress. Assume you're a manager who spends all of your time micromanaging. When are you going to finish your own work?

Are you working 70 hours a week and blaming others for it, when you could be working 40-50 hours a week if you stopped taking yourself so seriously and micromanaging people who may be perfectly capable of doing their jobs without your micromanagement? Sometimes we just get in our own way, and I believe that many of those times stem from taking ourselves too seriously.

The Internet is teeming with people who take themselves far too seriously. Just take a look around. You don't have to look far to find people arguing on someone's Facebook wall or in the comments section of a blog, for example. And this brings us to the number one issue for someone who takes himself or herself too seriously:

You are not open to advice, different points of view, or opposing viewpoints

That might be fine if you're the world's leading authority on the subject you're so passionate about, or even if you're just a well-known expert or author on the subject. Let's pretend, for the sake of argument, that you aren't.

Shouldn't you then be willing to listen to the advice of those who are? What makes you think you know more than they do? Shouldn't you be willing to listen to, acknowledge, and respect the opinions and perspectives of others?

Of course you should, but it's difficult to do when you're taking yourself so seriously that you're arguing with someone in the comments section of a YouTube video. Let's not even get started on your Twitter feud with the guy who said Avatar is a bad movie last week.

Consider the conversations you hear on a daily basis. A person is discussing how delicious a new recipe they tried last night was when in walks Mrs. Know-It-All, who immediately dismisses that recipe and offers one that is “much better,” which she (of course) claims she created (one simple Google search will probably prove that to be a fallacy).

Or the mild-mannered man enthusiastically telling a coworker that he bowled 147 the night before, when suddenly Mr. Quasi-Alpha Male of the office interrupts the conversation to announce that he bowled 300 two nights in a row last summer (a story that everyone in the office has now heard at least a dozen times, and naturally, there are no witnesses).

Everyone knows who he is. He's the 40-something with a beer gut the size of Texas who will bet you his mobile home and his '89 Ford Mustang that he's still the best athlete in town (no offense, Mr. Quasi-Alpha Male – you have a special place in, er…our hearts).

On the one hand, it can be difficult to be passionate about something without becoming one of the villainous characters in the preceding examples. Take a look at how those people come across. Do you truly aspire to be like them?

If not, I strongly advise you to take a close look at yourself and identify any areas where you may be taking yourself too seriously. When you isolate those areas, learn to relax about them so you don't come across as Mrs. Know-It-All or Mr. Quasi-Alpha Male the next time one of those topics comes up.

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