Things I Like About Myself (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It's past time for you to stop putting yourself down! Every one of us was put on this planet to share our knowledge with the rest of the world. Everyone we meet has a lot to learn from us, both directly and indirectly. You have worth, and you are worth it.

What are the top ten qualities that people admire in you? We're pretty sure the following will make the cut:

1. Your Bravery

Consider all of the difficulties you've faced. How do you think you got through the difficult times? It wasn't because you were scared and buried your face in the sand.

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And, while it was certainly not fun to go through, say, unemployment or even a family loss, consider how others looked up to you when you braved the stormy seas. Whether you realize it or not, you have most likely inspired many others to be more courageous, just like you.

Taking risks is part of being courageous. Think what you've done so far in life hasn't been risky? Remember when you boarded a plane to go on vacation to Thailand or other places where English isn't the first language? Many people would be terrified to do such a thing.

2. Your Vitality

You work harder and devote more time to those you care about. Don't even try to argue with that because you already know it's true! You're so full of energy that just being around you makes people feel more energized. It's just so electrifying the way you talk and walk!

3. Your Loving Capacity

Your family and friends are there for a reason. You obviously make them happy and appreciate their time. One of the many reasons why people love you is the care and attention you give to each and every one of your relationships. Do you still not believe it? Examine every email your friends and family have sent you. How many kudos do you notice? Do you have any handwritten cards or thank-you notes that people have sent you that you have kept? Clearly, the way you show love to others has had a greater impact than you anticipated.

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4. Your Interest

The way you devote yourself to your job or even your hobbies demonstrates to others how much passion you have. People enjoy being around you, so you're probably passionate about helping others. People can't help but admire the way you talk about your love, the latest charity event you attended, or even the oh-so-perfect photo you took of that sunrise last week.

5. You Have a Good Sense of Humor

Everyone enjoys a good belly laugh. Maybe you're the life of the party, cracking new and witty jokes at every turn. Or maybe you enjoy telling embarrassing stories about yourself to people who hang on your every word. That indicates that you have a great sense of humor. People like people who aren't too serious about themselves.

6. Your Ingenuity

People appreciate problem solvers. You enjoy resolving problems at work; this is an example of workplace creativity. Do you enjoy painting and photography? Artists are admired. So what if it doesn't make money? Picasso, keep doing what you're doing!

7. Your Positive Attitude

Nobody can put a positive spin on things like you. Whereas many people focus on the problems at hand, you focus on finding solutions. While some people complain about getting a cold meal, you are grateful that you can eat at such a lovely restaurant. Buddha, go forth and spread the love!

8. Your Appearances

Let's face it: you're a good-looking person. So why shouldn't people stop and stare now and then? You might even be the best-dressed person at work. GQ and Victoria's Secret models, step aside.

9. Your Laughter

You have a stunning smile, as if you weren't already stunning. Continue to be awesome…

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10. Your Listening Capabilities

People enjoy being heard. There must have been times when people came to you for advice or even a shoulder to cry on. Why do you think they keep coming back for more?

Only a unique individual like you is capable of mastering the skill of listening. You really look them in the eyes, stay in the present moment, and pause before responding.

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