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“Less is more” is one of those phrases for which I feel I require a road map. Instead, consider when more is more. When more is more. When words actually mean what they say. I'm going to hand this over to Mike Burns from The Other Side Of Complexity now because it's getting a little complicated:

So, does less equal more? It is contingent on who you ask and what you mean. When they hear that phrase, some people become enraged. It appears unrealistic, naive, and simply untrue to them. I understand. Unrealistic idealism can be discouraging. Personally, I enjoy the phrase. But that’s because of how I define it. Here are my thoughts on What We Mean When We Say “Less is More.”

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In general, I believe that “less is more.” But I'll be the first to admit that less isn't always more. There are times when it isn't applicable. That does not constitute hypocrisy. It simply represents a different perspective. It is not a consistent goal to strive for. Rather, it is a tool to be used to achieve a goal. And, on occasion, LESS isn't the best tool.

Here are a few examples of what we need more of:

More affection

The emotions and the actions. The proof and the emotion. There simply isn't enough. In this case, less is not more. Let us cultivate a more loving environment wherever we go by nurturing our hearts.

More time spent pursuing one's passions

We don't always get to do exactly what we want with our time. But life is too short to wallow in misery. We need to figure out what we're passionate about and go after it with whatever time and resources we have.

More time spent with friends and family

Play video games, watch movies, read books, prepare meals, write letters, dance, sing, create videos, talk, go for a walk, listen to music, drink coffee, and use Skype. Relationships are what will be important to us in the long run.

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More patience is required

We are not always correct. We want second chances even when we don't deserve them. So let us give others the same opportunity. We're all changing and learning. That is something we must comprehend. People around you are not “stupid.” They're simply concentrating on different areas than you. Take a breather. When you're tempted to become frustrated with someone else, remember the things you're still working on.

More esteem

Ours is not the only point of view. We need to be more cautious about how we criticize and demonize people who are “on the other side” of whatever issue we are debating. Take the time to listen to them. Listen to what they're saying. Try to understand their point of view on the matter. If we could show more respect for one another, instead of fighting, we might be able to make progress on the issues.

More artwork

Create something. You've got this. Paint, build, sew, draw, record, film, capture, write, or do something that allows you to express yourself. Create something from nothing. Make something out of nothing. More art is required.

More education is required

When we keep repeating the same information month after month and year after year, we become stale. When we are seeking new information and learning, our lives become more exciting. It's difficult when we lose our sense of awe and wonder at everything around us. Read a book, watch YouTube, and so on.

More sleep

Our resources are scarce. We sometimes get so caught up in driving that we forget to stop for gas. That never ends well. It can be difficult at times. If you're motivated to get things done, you might find yourself having to hit the reset button in this area quite frequently. When those times come, don't be afraid to go for it! We need to have “down time” to recharge.

You require more physical items

Sometimes we DO require more items. Having the right tools can make or break your project. I'm no carpenter or handyman, but I've done my fair share of home improvement projects. A simple tool can sometimes mean the difference between a quick, painless project and an all-day, frustrating bout of misery. Purchase it at that time. The RIGHT stuff actually makes things easier and allows you to devote more time to your interests.

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I realize we're just playing with words right now. “More rest” could have been rephrased as “Do less.” It is not the terminology that is significant. It means something to us.

The goal for me is to “Live Well.” I want to get rid of what isn't necessary so I can focus on what is. I don't want to be regarded as a snob.

Let us clear out the clutter in our lives so that we can do MORE of what we enjoy and want to do.

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