Think Less Do More (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Everyone wants to give advice, but no one wants to do the work. How much further ahead do you think you'd be if you cut the time you spend deliberating in half and spent that time actively pursuing what you want?

Answer honestly, but don't agonize over it (because nobody ever said, “Stressing over all that stuff in the past sure made me feel better!”

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If you accept it, your challenge is to do less thinking and more doing. Are you interested? If that's the case, take a look at these 15 ways to develop the action habit.

1. Begin with an End Goal in Mind

Let go of your preconceived notions. Forget what “society,” your friends, or your family expect of you. What do you hope to achieve in life? What do you want people to remember you for? Be true to yourself and don't worry about what others think.

Your life is entirely yours and yours alone. It may be useful to imagine what success would look like in a year or two. Begin with that and work backwards to create action steps that will get you from A to B.

2. The Race Is Won by the Slow and Steady

As much as you may wish for something to be quick and easy, life simply does not work that way.

If you go into this adventure with your guns blazing, you'll almost certainly find yourself in a state of insurmountable overwhelm. If you want this, you should start working on your patience muscles because you'll need them (trust me).

How to Be Patient and Take Control of Your Life

3. Divide Your Big Goal Into Smaller Goals

What is extremely discouraging? Goals that are so lofty that success feels like a mirage in the desert, because no matter how far you progress, you can't help but feel like you haven't made any visible progress.

Don't try to lose 50 pounds; instead, focus on the first 5. If you want to write a play that rivals Shakespeare's tragedies, start with a focus on the first act.

If you divide your goal into smaller chunks, you will be less likely to become overwhelmed.

4. Rejoice in Every Minor Victory

Baby goals are beneficial to your self-esteem because they provide a steady stream of positive feedback, making you feel happy, encouraged, and productive. I don't know about you, but I think performing 20 touchdown dances would be more entertaining than just one.

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Inspiration comes and goes. The temptation to quit will become overwhelming, but remember why you want to achieve your goal in the first place to stay on track. The daily grind can cause us to lose sight of our priorities.

6. Study with the Best and Brightest

You are not alone, believe it or not. I'm willing to bet that people in this world are doing or have done exactly what you're thinking of doing. Learn what worked for them by reading their books and blogs (and save yourself some trouble). Why reinvent the wheel when a quick remodel will suffice?

7. Stay True to Yourself

Look for outside inspiration to point you in the right direction, but don't become a clone of someone else. The stench of phoniness is so strong that it cannot be concealed (and nobody likes a rip-off).

8. Be Willing to Make Sacrifices

Which is more important: success or fun? This is not to say that you cannot have both, but action takers strive for a healthy balance of the two. Close your door to concentrate on your work. Too many roommates to handle? Take your notebook or laptop to a coffee shop or a park bench. If you're working on honing your hustle, decline the occasional invitation to a bar or restaurant.

9. Beware of Time Bandits

When you're on the internet, time seems to fly by. Have you ever logged on to Facebook, Pinterest, or Reddit and told yourself you'd only be there for a “little while,” only to find out it was 2 or 3 hours later?

Also, turn off your phone. Those five-minute Facebook jaunts can quickly add up. For example, if you check Facebook 5 times per day for 5 minutes per log-in on 5 days per week, you will burn 2 hours per week.

10. Efficiency is your best friend

Are you short on time? Cook in large quantities. Choose the least busy day of the week, gather your groceries, and prepare 5-7 days' worth of meals in one sitting.

Spaghetti with lean beef, grilled chicken salad, and stir fry with white rice, tuna, corn, peas, and carrots (try it with a squeeze of lemon: you won't be sorry).

11. Form an Accountability Group

The best friends are those who do not dismiss you but also do not allow you to settle for anything less than your best. Make connections with people in your field by attending networking events such as your local Chamber of Commerce or joining online support groups such as LinkedIn.

Here are some pointers: How to Form New Habits with the Help of an Accountability Partner

12. Recognize When to Walk Away

Who says you have to work yourself to the point of unconsciousness? Working past the point of exhaustion is ineffective. Not only will your work after this point be subpar, but you also run the risk of associating your work with misery.

The best work is created in an atmosphere of love and happiness. If you're not feeling it, go for a walk with the dog, catch up with some friends, go on a vacation, or do something (anything!) else.

13. There's Always Time for Laughter

Yes, if you want to be successful, you must make sacrifices. No, this does not preclude you from having fun on occasion. Life isn't supposed to be all work and no play. Your hard work will not be lost during your escape; on the contrary, you will return with renewed zeal and ambition.

14. Evolve as Much as Possible

Stubbornly clinging to dead-wrong past beliefs will sink your chances of success faster than you can say “dummkopf.” Prepare for failure, but don't worry about it (it's just a learning experience).

Prepare yourself for the realization that you do not have everything figured out (a fact that life will rub in your face over and over again). Does that sound bad? It truly isn't. Evolution can only happen through trial and error.

Continue to improve, and your chances of success will improve with each failure.

15. Get Up and Do Something

What follows is the action habit that will put an end to all action habits:

All the self-help books in the world won't help you if you don't take action.
Every time you read a book or an article like this, apply something from it right away (no matter how big or small). How are you going to put this into practice today?

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