Tired of Social Media (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Are you sick of social media? It's easy to see why. While social media can be an excellent tool for connecting with others, it can also be extremely overwhelming. According to this infographic on Entrepreneur.com, “every day, the average social network user receives 285 pieces of content, including 54,000 words and 443 minutes of video.” Forbes published an article describing a study that found a link between excessive Facebook use, social comparison, and depressive symptoms.

If you're stressed about social media but still enjoy connecting with others online, work on your mindset. When others write about their incredible accomplishments, choose to read about them for inspiration rather than to compare yourself to them. When you log into your social media accounts, decide how long you'll stay online, post or search for something inspirational, and then log out. If you've had a bad day, avoid scrolling through your Facebook news feed excessively; seeing the wonderful things that happened to hundreds of your Facebook friends that day may make you feel even worse.

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If, after limiting your time on social media, you still feel tired of it and want to take a break from being constantly connected with others online, here are 5 habits you can practice.

1. Use snail mail to send messages

It may take a few more minutes to write a letter than it does to “like” someone's Facebook status, but handwritten notes are far more meaningful and heartwarming. This week, I challenge you to give up one hour of social media time to mail a few cards to friends or family members. You can find a card to buy for almost any occasion.

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Create your own card if you really want to be creative. Make a personalized card with colored pencils, stencils, or stamps. Your inner artist is just waiting to be released, and you will brighten the day of the recipient.

2. Appreciate the peace and quiet

Having regular personal quiet time is an excellent way to reduce stress. Close your eyes for a few moments and relax. You can do so by meditating, praying, or keeping a gratitude journal. You can also simply relax and enjoy the peace and serenity that surrounds you.

You might discover that spending time alone and being quiet helps you be more creative. After all, many people get their best ideas in the shower, as this article explains. Whether or not you feel more creative when you are quiet, taking time out of your busy day to be quiet can be very beneficial.

3. In-person meeting

Social media is amazing because it allows us to connect with people all over the world in real time. However, no matter how large your online community is, connecting on the internet is not the same as meeting in person. Take a break from social media and meet people in person. You can meet up for a workout, coffee, or late-night snacks and a beer. The important thing is to actually meet and enjoy your time together.

4. Recreate yourself

When you disconnect from social media, you will no longer be bombarded with information about other people's lives and opinions. Your time and mind will be free to pursue new interests. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to rediscover your life's passion and motivation. As a result, taking a break from social media allows you to focus on what is truly important to you.

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5. Spend time in nature

Unplugging from the internet has numerous advantages. Look up and out at the beautiful world around you. Don't let your cell phone limit you. This is the point at which you will realize you are truly living in the moment.

Experiencing feelings of awe in nature can greatly improve your life. A fascinating study on awe was conducted by Paul Piff, an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior. He discovered that experiencing brief moments of awe in nature makes people feel less entitled and narcissistic. According to Piff's research, feeling awe encourages altruism and makes people feel more connected to humanity. Spend some time admiring nature's beauty, even if it's just looking up at the night sky. The world is vast and beautiful, and you can enjoy everything it has to offer if you take a break from social media and look around.

I encourage you to unplug and try one of the above ideas the next time you're tired of social media. I'd love to hear how things go!

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