Turning 25 (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

It seems like only yesterday that I was blowing out the candles on my 21st birthday. My awkward adolescent years are long gone. I'll be a quarter-century old in a few months. The big 2–5 has arrived, and I am no longer in my twenties. The depressing thing is that everyone I know (including Google!) tells me how terrifying it is to turn 25.

I, for one, beg to differ. In fact, I'm sure a lot of amazing things happened for all of us between finishing high school, going to college, and today.

As frightening as it may sound, reaching the age of 25 can be a very positive experience. Forget what everyone says; turning 25 is not frightening. One thing is certain: you don't turn 25 every day, so make the most of it! Whether you're turning 25 this year or next, here are 25 of the most positive things you should be aware of by now.

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1. You should understand how to choose your friends wisely and that it is impossible to keep all of them

We've met a lot of people since the day we were born until now. Some of them stick with us through good and bad times, while others only come around when they need something from us. It is impossible to keep everyone; the chemistry may fade or you may outgrow each other. That's fine. Keep the genuine ones for life, and you'll have some amazing friendships—even if you can only count the number of genuine friends on one hand.

2. You should be aware that your parents are no longer as cool as they were ten years ago

You probably used to fight and argue with your parents as much as I did when I was a kid. The relationship we form with our parents in our early twenties is no longer the same. Respect that they are getting older and treasure every moment you have with them while they are still here because they will not be here forever.

3. You should be aware that staying in is just as enjoyable as going out

Gone are the days when we fantasized about going out every weekend, getting high and wasted, and possibly ending up in an unknown location the next morning. Turning 25 means you've had your fill of that type of fun, and it's now time to unwind and unwind with a glass of wine without anyone thinking you're uncool.

4. You should be aware that 23 has been completed

Let's face it: 23 may be the worst age for all of us. Despite finishing college, we weren't mature enough to consider what we wanted to do, and we were equally sick of going out and staying home. I have to admit that my 23rd year was not pleasant. It was the year when everything went wrong. What's the good news? It was two years ago, and the worst is behind us. Here's to many more exciting years ahead!

5. You should understand the significance of saying no

You don't have to say yes to everything, and being 25 means you've figured that out. Say no to Friday night drinks if you're tired after a long week at work and all you want to do is curl up in bed with a good book. Life can be more fulfilling if you do things for yourself rather than what others expect of you, and you're old enough to realize that.

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6. You should know how to decorate and personalize your home

Your crib today may not be your forever home, but you should feel mature enough to make your apartment a home rather than just a house. Spend some time decorating it with your favorite things, such as diamonds and rubies. Place a photograph of you and your sister on the table next to the television. Put a little of your personality into it. Just because you're a graduate student in a student lodge doesn't mean you can't feel at home.

7. You should be aware that flossing is not something to be taken lightly

You are well aware of the significance of flossing. You also understand that you will not be able to maintain your youth indefinitely. Physical self-care can reap numerous health benefits in the future. Knee and back pain are real, and if we don't start taking care of them now, we'll probably be sorry when we're 30. Get up and start exercising and eating well. You know you have to do it.

8. You should understand that it is acceptable to be selfish

To a certain extent, especially when your happiness is at stake. Today, instead of being sad and irritated, you should be doing things that make you happy and content. Throw peer pressure out the window and start doing something good for yourself.

9. You should understand how wonderful it is to leave home and travel the world

When you reach the age of 25, you have most likely had the opportunity to travel outside of your home country or region. You probably already know how amazing it feels to step outside of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in another culture. This experience has broadened your horizons in ways that you could not have imagined when you were younger, and you should be proud of it.

10. You should know that getting dressed up and attending fabulous weddings is a lot of fun

Weddings are popping up everywhere, and you'll most likely hear about one every weekend. Even if you're still single, attending weddings of those close to your heart is a heartwarming experience. Last year, one of my best friends, whom I've known since I was 12, married. Her wedding party? Seven of our other friends, all of whom we've known since middle school. Celebrate the love and be grateful that you don't have any babies running around.

11. You should be aware that money can be a serious problem if it is not handled properly

Money is one of those things that isn't taught in school, and the only way to learn how to manage it is through practice. Turning 25 means we've figured out how to deal with it, possibly better than we did in our early twenties, and that's something to be proud of.

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12. You should be aware that treating yourself once in a while after a long period of hard work is a wonderful thing

Nothing beats making money for us, especially when we know it's money we've worked hard for. It feels good to spend money on an expensive coat or a round-the-world trip because you earned it fairly and squarely.

13. You should understand what it means to drink responsibly, not just for yourself, but also for others

Turning 25 means you've reached your limit and are wise enough to stick with it. Gone are the days when you would drink as if it were the last night of your life. You should also understand that drinking responsibly affects not only you, but also those around you, which you probably didn't realize when you were 21.

14. You should be aware that car rental companies adore you

Car rental, car insurance, car sharing—all it's about the car. We've all experienced the agony of renting a car in our early twenties. Rental restrictions, enhanced driver protection, increased excess, and, wait for it, a young driver surcharge? Gone forever!

15. You should understand that it's okay to want a relationship, but you should also understand that it takes effort

Do you feel left out when your best friend gets married? It's natural to want someone to love and accept us the way we want to be loved and accepted. However, turning 25 means that we understand that being in a relationship is more than just a feeling. It takes effort—a lot of effort—and you know that love will not come knocking on your door on a Sunday. You must go out and search for it.

16. You should be aware that it is also acceptable to be single

If you're 25 and still single, stop crying your eyes out. You're still fantastic. Consider this: you get to meet new people. You are free to go out and experience life without consulting anyone. You also get a large bed to yourself. It's critical to get to know yourself before enlisting the help of others. That is an experience in and of itself, so get out there—the entire world awaits you.

17. You should understand how painful heartbreaks are and what to do about them

It doesn't have to be about a relationship or the day you broke up with your ex and it took you 365 days to recover from it. It could be the loss of a friend or someone close to you. It could be that you lose a lot of money or that your insurance company denies your claim. Whatever it is, we should all have experienced heartbreak in some way—and it is painful. The good news is that turning 25 means we've gained enough experience to learn from our mistakes. If something like that happens again, we'll know what to do, even if it means lying in bed all day to recover.

18. You should be aware that being kind is a requirement, and burying your pride is a sign of maturity

Wisdom comes with age. You've probably had your fair share of Mean Girls moments by the time you're 25. Wishing for someone to be hit by a bus is cruel, but I'm sure we've all wished for it in our early twenties. We've grown wise enough to shrug off and walk away from a potential fight because we know it'll be a waste of time. We're also wise enough to know that being kind is a great quality to have, and we practice it, sometimes not because they deserve it, but because we do.

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19. You should understand that life is too short to be concerned all of the time

For some of you, turning 25 can be a terrifying experience. You find yourself wondering, a few weeks before your birthday, “Where have all the years gone?” Let me just say that time has passed, and whether we like it or not, we can't turn it back. So, instead of worrying, start loving and appreciating future moments, because life is too short for frivolous things like this.

20. You should be aware that confidence is appealing

It's also sexier than any piece of clothing you own. Stand tall, keep your chin up, and gaze straight ahead. Your personality is as bright as the sun.

21. You should be aware that even strangers can have an impact on your life

Being in the real world entails meeting people when you least expect it. Use this opportunity, maturity, and experience to get to know them and form long-lasting relationships. You never know who will make a difference in your life.

22. You should understand that it is acceptable to not know everything

There is a benefit to not knowing everything: you get to learn. And learning never comes to an end. In fact, despite the fact that we are turning 25, the truth is that we don't know much and have a lot more to learn. Keep your eyes open, listen, and try to learn something new every day.

23. You should be aware that you should NEVER take anything for granted

Every day, we hear about death and loss. If you love someone, express your true feelings to them. Similarly, if you truly enjoy your job, give it your all. Nothing lasts forever, and you never know when it's too late to change your mind, so never take anything for granted. Now go tell your mother how much you appreciate her and everything she's done!

24. You should understand that rejection is the only thing that can make you stronger in life

If you're turning 25, it's likely that you've been rejected at least once in your life. It hurts, especially if it's someone you truly care about or a job you've wanted for a long time, but every rejection makes you a better person. Don't think about it too much.

25. You should know that being a quarter-century old isn't so bad

Yes, you are about to turn 25 (or may have already done so), but being a quarter-century old isn't all that bad. You've laid the groundwork; now build the walls of your life and paint them in your favorite colors. You're 25 years older, but the learning and experiences don't stop there. Appreciate what you have, make memories, live in the moment, and let the number go. After all, life isn't all that bad.

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