Types of Guys (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Most women have a slew of Not The Ones before they find The One. Although some of these guys are entertaining, you just have a feeling they aren't Mr. Right. But no woman's dating life is complete unless she has at least a few of these boyfriends to look back on and laugh about when she's old and gray.

1. The Charming Man

This guy is extremely attractive. When you walk into a party with him, women's heads turn. It gives you a great ego boost until you overhear people asking why he's with you. And you never considered yourself to be unattractive before! That's relativity in action. In addition, he places an undue emphasis on going to the gym. Oh well, next time.

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2. The Nice Guy

This guy has heard of bands, beers, and even countries you've never heard of. He knows everything that's trendy, and you can tell what shoes guys will be wearing next year by what he's wearing right now. To be honest, dating him is a little exhausting. You'll need to buy a new wardrobe and reconsider your musical tastes. As a result, you proceed.

3. The Aspiring Individual

This one is a favorite of your mother's. He interns at an investment bank before becoming an analyst. Otherwise, he's in academia and on track to complete his PhD before the age of 27. In any case, you hardly ever see him. I'm sorry, Mom.

4. The Brilliant Individual

This guy reads three books a day and still has time to discuss the latest independent film. He excels at both work and leisure, but his leisure consists primarily of reading books and being the smartest Reddit commenter. When you start fantasizing about The Hot Guy again, you leave.

5. The Man Who Has Always Admired You

This is the guy you've had a crush on since fifth grade. You've always been friends, and one day you caved and kissed him. Now he's obsessed with you, but you're still on the fence about him. We know you'd fall head over heels for him if this were a romantic comedy, but it isn't. So you gently let him go and flee.

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6. The Participant

You met this guy at a party and saw him at two more that month. When you started dating, you realized it wasn't fate at all; he just goes to every single party within a 20-mile radius. He's also always squandered. When you start stalking The Brilliant Guy on Reddit, you leave.

7. The Man Who Looks Good on Paper

This one has piqued your mother's interest as well. You meet him online or through a mutual friend. He went to a good school, has a good job, and is attractive and athletic. You don't feel a spark on the first date, but you feel silly just calling it quits because he appears to be a great guy to everyone else. After a few weeks, you have to admit to yourself that you aren't really into him. You try to be gentle with your mother.

8th. A Guy in a Band

This guy appears to be really cool, especially when he writes a song about you. When you consider that he is 26 years old and considers his primary job to be playing guitar in his friend's garage, he appears less awesome. Also, another girl claimed that song was about her. He secretly rejoices when you call it quits because it inspires him to write a breakup song.

9. The Older Man

It's refreshing to be with someone who knows where to go for good food… in Italy. He's also a fantastic kisser and extremely intelligent. But he always seems to be on a different wavelength, and he texts in full sentences. It begins to feel a little like texting with your father, so you must bid farewell.

10. The One

The One appears on the scene not a second too soon. You know you're in love with him right away because he's smart, handsome, warm, honest, and kind, but you don't tell him for a few months. After that, he says he knew you were The One for him right away as well. Love, oh love.

Please keep in mind that some people have multiple “The Ones.” But, for the purposes of this article, we won't get into that. And if you end things with one of The Ones, date someone else from the list to get your groove back before going out looking for The Next One.

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