28 Tips on How to Entertain Yourself during a Long Day

Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in our homes, unsure of how to spend our time. Perhaps we believe we have too many options to even begin to narrow them down, or perhaps we believe we have too few due to a lack of time or resources.

The truth is that there are numerous ways to entertain ourselves at home for free or on a limited budget. Having fun does not always necessitate spending a lot of money. Here is a list of creative ideas for having a good time without leaving your house.

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  1. Watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or another service
  2. Get a new book and read it. Finding a new book is half the fun of reading it. eReaders are a great way to browse hundreds of contemporary titles as well as free classics like Tales of the Brothers Grimm.
  3. Read an old book again.
  4. Watch animal videos on YouTube
  5. Exercising (it's free and good for you).
  6. Look to Pinterest for do-it-yourself and inspired upcycling ideas.
  7. Get up and dance to your favorite music. In Risky Business, Tom Cruise did it.
  8. Leave feedback on your Amazon purchases. It's strangely addictive and beneficial to your fellow buyers.
  9. Create a poem. Look up how to write haikus, limericks, ballads, and other types of poetry on the internet.
  10. If you're artistic, draw something
  11. Take some photos of your surroundings or the world outside your window with a standalone camera or the one built into your phone.
  12. Face Time or Skype with someone you don't normally see
  13. Create an Instagram or Twitter account for your pet.
  14. Make a new cocktail recipe using ingredients you have on hand.
  15. Make some sugar cookies.
  16. Make your own nut butter from almonds, peanuts, or walnuts. Be inventive!
  17. Make your own pesto by combining a fresh green (basil, spinach, arugula, etc.), olive oil, your favorite nut, fresh parmesan, and salt and pepper.
  18. Make a collage out of magazines and newspapers you have lying around the house. Frame and hang it for low-cost, do-it-yourself wall art.
  19. Play an instrument if you know how to play one.
  20. Go online and do some window shopping. It's similar to window shopping at the mall, but the multiple checkout steps discourage you from buying anything.
  21. Make a sock puppet out of an old sock and household items
  22. Make and drink a cup of coffee or tea. Take your time savoring the beverage and picking out flavor notes.
  23. Run diagnostic, cleanup, and maintenance tasks on your computer, such as installing an antivirus program and ensuring your computer is completely up to date.
  24. Collect unwanted clothing and nonperishable food items for donation. This concept serves two functions: You are helping those in need while also decluttering your home.
  25. Take online quizzes at sites such as Buzzfeed.com.
  26. Explore the app store on your phone or tablet and take advantage of free apps.
  27. Create a blog using a service like blogger.com or wordpress.com.
  28. Organize a disorganized area of your home, such as your closet or junk drawers. It's cathartic and sometimes enjoyable to go through your belongings and reduce them to only those you need and use.

This is an excellent starting point. It takes a lot of creativity to entertain yourself at times. When you're bored, look around your space for something you haven't used in a while or something that needs to be organized, and then get to work. And, with a plethora of free and low-cost entertainment options available on the internet, there are virtually limitless ways to entertain yourself at home.

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