What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

As part of our regular We Ask, You Answer feature, we asked you in January what advice you'd give your younger self.

There was a lot of good advice—and a lot of catharses, it seemed—and we've compiled some of the best tidbits for you here.

1. Don't be concerned about the future.

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2. Pursue your passion, even if it is not financially rewarding. If you are good at what you do and enjoy your profession, the money will come.

3. Now is the time to form good habits for life in all areas; it may take some effort to form them, but it will be worth the effort and missed television.

4. Pay attention, listen more carefully, and remember! Many people have been there and done that, and they can save you a lot of trouble if you listen.

5. There are some narcissistic jerks and bitter people in the world who will ruin your life and are so entrenched in their own version of reality that they will never change. If you have the misfortune to come into contact with such a person, don't stay any longer than absolutely necessary.

6. If you have an idea that inspires you, act on it right away! The best ideas are frequently the first to fade from memory or to be put on indefinite hold.

7. Pay more attention to adult advice. Alternatively, disregard adult advice.

8. Keep playing, laughing, and having fun; don't take yourself too seriously!

9. When deciding on a college major, don't just consider the classes or subjects you enjoy the most. Take management classes, not just marketing classes, if you want to advance in your career.

10. Instead of going out to eat, put your money in a high-interest account! Money management gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want to live in the future.

11. Aside from saving, learn to manage money now so you don't make stupid mistakes or develop bad habits later.

12. Don't worry about your relationships. If something works, it stays that way; if it doesn't, it doesn't.

13. Be more self-assured! Be more impulsive.

14. Express your feelings for your parents and grandparents. You don't know when they'll die.

15. There is so much you don't know, but you have such a wonderful opportunity to learn more. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

16. Never stop inquiring about how the world works. Make the question “Why?” your favorite.

17. Attend a public university. It is not worth the extra money to attend a private college.

18. Learn how to keep your health at its peak while you still have it. Start eating healthy and exercising when you're young so you don't spend half your life worrying about weight, blood pressure, heart attacks, and other weight-related issues.

19. Don't be afraid to ask people for what you want, even if the worst-case scenario is that they say no.

20. Move on and kiss the girl!

21. Try not to be stressed all of the time. It will eventually take a toll on you in a variety of ways.

22. Enjoy yourself while you can. Go on a night out with your friends. A plethora of opportunities will present themselves to you.

23. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself every now and then. People will respect you for that.

24. Don't just save money on takeout. Save 10% of your take-home pay and don't touch it until you're retired.

25. Be prepared for changes in your life. Recognize that the relationship you thought you had will end. Don't let what's going on paralyze you with fear.

26. Be cautious when making life-altering decisions when you are young. Consider having children seriously because they will drastically alter your life.

27. Extend yourself even if you know where you're going. Learn something completely unrelated to your area of interest. Visit a location you would not normally visit. A flexible mind and attitude will take you far and allow you to deal with life's uncertainties.

28. Turn your life into a passion. Don't allow your job to define you. Create a website, publicize yourself, volunteer, and teach.

29. You're not going to die next week (probably). Make a decision about what you want to do with your life. You don't want to be 37, broke, unemployed, and still living in your mother's bedroom.

30. Do not postpone being happy. Don't be that person who says, “I'll be happy when…” Happiness can only be found in the present moment. Today is the day. Try to find happiness in the journey of life rather than the destination. It's nothing more than a wooden box.

31. Experiment with all kinds of crazy things. Take chances. They are completely worth it!

32. Have faith in yourself in whatever you do. You have untapped potential, and you will achieve everything you have imagined. Nobody has the right to tell you that you can't achieve great things in your life. Don't let them use your dreams to justify their mediocre lives.

33. Expand your skill set. Learn a new language. Study a martial art. Learn about web design. Learn to play the piano.

34. The best piece of advice anyone could give was to take a piece of paper. The January 1998 lottery numbers are…

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