What to Talk About on a First Date (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

That first date has arrived! You've been hoping for this for a long time. The date has been set, and it is quickly approaching. You already know where you're going and have your outfit planned. Things appear to be coming together nicely. Then your thoughts turn to what you're going to talk about on the date. Oh, no.

A first date is an important occasion. While it's a good idea to take the approach that if things are going to click, they will do so naturally, it can be difficult to get to that point. You don't want to overthink it because that will lead to analysis paralysis. That being said, it's a good idea to arrive with at least a semblance of a plan for what to discuss.

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In this article, we will look at the proper way to approach a first date as well as 19 interesting topics to discuss on a first date. That way, when the big day arrives, you'll be ready.

When you are well-prepared, you are more confident and things run more smoothly. Let's get started!

Getting that first date It is not easy to get that first date. I recall that when I was younger, I didn't have a lot of first dates. When I dated someone, it was usually because we were in the same crowd. We'd hang out with each other on occasion, and if we liked each other, we'd eventually start dating. There wasn't much of the formality associated with asking someone out on a first date.

Technology has clearly progressed and brought some dating tools with it. Sites like Match.com, Tinder, and a slew of others are popular. While it is certainly easier to see who is available, it does not always make the actual first date less intimidating.

I have a few friends who have dipped their toes into the post-divorce dating pool. To say it's intimidating is an understatement.

My friend joined Match.com several years ago and told me it was like having a part-time job. She discussed how she had to create her profile, set her parameters, and basically set everything up for the first time.

Setting up the account and her profile seemed to be the easiest part. The difficult part was sorting through the messages, winks, and so on. She claimed to spend more than two hours a day managing the dating website. All of this before she agreed to go on that first date. That is difficult to do while working full-time and raising children.

My male friend has been divorced for over 6 years. He hasn't given up on dating, but he doesn't put any effort into it. He claims to have been on enough first dates to last a lifetime. He explained that it takes a lot of effort for two busy adults to find the time and energy to go on dates.

The point is that finding that first date is not easy these days. When the opportunity for a first date presents itself, it is critical to be prepared.

The proper approach On a first date, the proper approach is critical. Of course, you want things to go well, but there is a lot to learn and discover about the other person.

A couple of things to remember as your first date approaches: first and foremost, don't overthink it.

I'm certainly guilty of overthinking things and resulting in analysis paralysis. When you overthink something, you tend to scrutinize every detail and obsess over things you shouldn't.

You become less natural and more uptight as a result of this. Remember that spending all of your time inside your own head is not the best place to be.

Second, don't forget to have fun.

It takes some of the pressure off of a date when you approach it with a more fun attitude. Tell yourself that this is an exciting adventure that you will enjoy.

If you are too concerned with appearing perfect, you will forget to relax and have fun.

It's okay if you don't like the person after the first date; you've learned what you don't like. And it's just as important to figure out what you like as it is to figure out what you don't like.

Finally, being prepared will allow you to have a better time on your date.

I'm not suggesting that you study like it's a test. What I mean is that if you feel at least semi-confident going into the date, you will most likely have a better time.

We feel more at ease when we are confident. We have more fun when we are relaxed. As a result, we'll have interesting topics to discuss on our first date.

I'm going to start with 10 fun topics to talk about on a first date, and then you can look at the other 9 you might want to bring up.

Admit that you're a little nervous. Do this at the beginning of the date. The other person will almost certainly admit to being nervous as well. This will relieve some of the tension and result in a mutual laugh.

Where did you grow up or where do you currently reside? It's fascinating to learn where someone was born and where they feel at home. Often, these are not the same thing. It also helps you understand where someone has been throughout their life.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Some people prefer beaches, while others prefer mountains. Others enjoy visiting a large city every year, while others enjoy backpacking in their favorite woods.

What items are on your bucket list? Some people have active bucket lists that they try to cross off every few years. Others do not have a formal bucket list, only a few ideas of what they would like to do. It's great to find out what other people want to do; it can sometimes spark new ideas for you as well!

What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done? For some, this entails delivering a speech in front of hundreds of people. The bravest among us may have jumped out of a plane and been terrified the first time, only to discover that they love it.

A go-to beverage. This does not have to be alcoholic beverages or beer. Nowadays, there are a lot of coffee connoisseurs. I personally know two people at work who are tea experts.

What causes you to laugh. This is a personal favorite of mine. Nothing beats hearing someone you know laugh in a way that you know makes them happy. It could be a specific movie (in my case, something along the lines of ‘Tommy Boy,' it could be watching videos of cats being scared and jumping in the air, or it could be a baby laughing. We all have things that make us laugh out loud.

What do you like to do when you're not working? Many people will say exercise, which is fantastic. It's a good thing to live a healthy lifestyle. Other things are usually present in addition to that. Personally, I enjoy attending concerts as much as my schedule allows. Concerts allow me to live vicariously through my former drummer.

Who are the members of your tribe? Some people are extremely close to their families, whether they are children or siblings. Others don't feel very connected to their family and have formed their own. Having a strong social network is extremely beneficial.

Do you enjoy cooking, and if so, what are your favorite dishes to prepare? I enjoy grilling, and I know a lot of other guys who do as well. I'm also quite adept with a crock pot, and I've recently begun experimenting with baked casserole dishes. I enjoy meal prepping and have received numerous compliments on my paleo frittata. Please let me know if you want the recipe.

Do you keep in touch with your childhood pals? This is an excellent question and a fascinating subject. Personally, I have four friends from my youth who I keep in touch with and consider to be very good friends. I've made a few male friends over the years who have no idea what their childhood pals are up to, let alone talk to them. Sometimes life gets in the way. If someone maintains contact with childhood friends, you may be able to gain insight into their life.

What were you like when you were a kid? What a wonderful way to learn more about someone's youth. Were they the class clown or the class bully? Perhaps they were extremely shy until they reached high school. Personally, I was an art nerd throughout high school and remained relatively withdrawn until my senior year. For some reason I'll never understand, a popular girl took a liking to me, and before I knew it, I was hanging out with the cool kids. So there you have it.

What is your favorite film? The majority of people I know enjoy watching movies or Netflix shows. Not everyone, but the majority of people. It's also simple to discuss movies or television shows.

What would be your dream job if you could have it? Some people have their dream job, but let's be honest: most people don't. Even if someone enjoys their job, there is always something that could be improved.

What is your least favorite housework task? Chores are an unavoidable part of life for the majority of us. They consume a portion of our time on weekends or after work. I'm fine with mowing and don't mind cleaning bathrooms, but I despise vacuuming. It never hurts to plan ahead of time if things are going well.

What are your favorite things to splurge on? There are people who enjoy shopping for clothes, others who have extensive music collections, and still others who take a fantastic trip once a year. This gives you an insight into what the other person truly enjoys.

How do you spend your vacation? Of course, many of us will spend our holidays with our families. Which family members will reveal who your date enjoys spending time with. Perhaps they spend some holidays with their families, or they are the children of divorced parents who alternate family vacations.

What subject do you know a lot about? I refer to myself as the “college of musical knowledge” because I can name the title, artist, and approximate year of release of most songs I hear on the radio. What subject do you know a lot about?
Describe your ideal day. Laying on the beach is some people's idea of a perfect day. Others may be binge-watching a Netflix show. For me, it's going out on a sunny Saturday with friends and family, followed by a BBQ on my deck and relaxing as the sun sets.
There you have it: 19 interesting topics to discuss on a first date.

5 Things to Avoid on a First Date Let's take a look at a few things to avoid on a first date.

Politics – I believe this one goes without saying. If the dates stay the same, this is a topic best left for later. Discussing politics on a first date is a no-no. Religion – To be honest, religion isn't far behind politics. This is a topic that can spark many heated debates. For the time being, ignore it.
Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend – Yes, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Nobody wants to hear you complain about your ex, and it's not going to get you any brownie points on a first date.
Money – This is another area that can be touchy. You don't want anyone to think you're bragging about how much money you make, and it's not a good idea to start by talking about how you had to borrow $50 from your mother for this date.
Sex – Please, no. On a first date, no way. If everything goes well, there will be plenty of time for this later.
Your must-have list – This is a first date, not a session with your therapist. The person across the table doesn't want to hear that you're looking for a guy or girl who is either a doctor or a lawyer, loves cats, visits his/her parents every weekend, and has a secret interest in gardening. Nobody wants to perform a self-assessment test on their first date.
To summarize, there are 19 fun topics to discuss on a first date, as well as a few you should definitely avoid.

Getting a first date is difficult enough. When you decide to go on a first date, make sure you go about it correctly. It's about having fun rather than stressing over and overthinking everything.

It will help you feel more confident if you have some topics to discuss on the first date. When you're confident, you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself more.

Take a look at this list of 19 topics to talk about on your next first date and remember a few to bring up. You'll be glad you did it later. Now go have some fun!

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